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Life Sensitive versus Ego Sensitive. Sadhguru

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as you practice more yoga and you become more awake and more aware how do you remain so you're not affected by even more things become more beautiful they also become more painful because you're so much more sensitive to things so how do you kind of remain unaffected? see sensitivity does not bring pain there are two kinds of sensitivities in the world generally with the people you are either life sensitive or you're ego sensitive if you're ego sensitive everything hurts you have you seen this? if you're crudely egoistic nothing seems to hurt you, what ever you do it hurts other people but if you're ego sensitive everything in the world hurts you but if you're life sensitive everything in the world will become a joyful thing for you so you have to shift from being ego sensitive to being life sensitive (questioner) but just seeing others in pain yes anything...see right now there is so much injustice happening in the world not just now, it's always been happening enormous amount of injustice happens in the world, every day even today when all of us are so well fed and fine fifty percent of the population doesn't eat..yes? millions of children don't get to eat a morsel of food per day so now every time the food comes in front of you, you can suffer it or you can eat it joyfully, at least this one is eating properly and see what you can do about it otherwise you can suffer your food sit in a corner, cry and not do anything about it instead of that eat well and see what you can do about it...isn't it? if you're life sensitive you're seeing what you can do about it, you cannot keep quiet, isn't it? I thought they showed you some projects just now they showed you rural rejuvenation? now we are not doing this I'm not doing this because I'm guilty of my wellbeing. no I can joyfully eat well I eat well we're not doing this because we are service oriented, no I'm not service oriented we're not doing this because we're trying to buy a ticket to heaven no, we know how to get there we're doing it simply because the humanity in you will not allow you to keep quiet when you experience everything as a part of yourself my little finger is rotting, attending to it is just natural to me that's all...yes? if my little finger is rotting do I need a service attitude to do this do I need great love to do this, compassion to do it nothing, its just very natural for me to attend to it, isn't it? isn't it the same way? it is very natural for you to attend to what's not okay around you, isn't it? in a way a part of humanity is suffering means a part of you is suffering...isn't it? doing what you can do about it, is very natural everybody does what they can do according to their capabilities what you can do, if you're not doing then you are yet to become human, that's all what you cannot do, you cannot do but what you can do, must happen, isn't it? isn't it so? in every human being's life whatever he can do, must happen what you cannot do what to do about it? it's okay so you suffering somebody else's suffering does not do anything good to anybody you're just increasing the level of suffering in the world isn't it? right now a million people are suffering looking at them you start suffering are you adding to the suffering or no? especially if a million people are suffering it's very very important that you walk through this world very joyfully very important isn't it?...yes? it's extremely important when large number of people are miserable the best thing that you can do is you walk through this world with absolute joy and see what best you can do, because only if you are capable of being joyful without hesitating you will step into anything, isn't it? when you are afraid of your own misery where will you step into anything you're always afraid you'll be sucked into it now, I have no fear of getting sucked into anybody's misery so I will step into anybody's misery anywhere because I've no fear that I will become miserable I will not doesn't matter what kind of misery I face in my life around me I will not become miserable so, no hesitation, you can involve yourself with anything so it's very important that you establish your joy only then you can do something useful in the world if you are afraid of your own misery what can you do you will always hesitate, isn't it? please, all your hesitation is just that, please look at it...yes? there are so many things, something within you wants to do but you are afraid, if I step into this, what will happen to me? if that issue is eliminated whatever you step into you are not going to get lost if that much stability is brought within you you will step into anything that is possible and do it, isn't it? so that must be established you become very life sensitive so very life sensitive that you just see it as a part of yourself and fixing it is just a natural thing for you no big deal about great service thing and you know, don't make it...any big issue about it it is like a part of your body, you attend to it...thats all

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks sadhguru how one remains unaffected by sensitivity when one becomes awakened. Sadhguru explains that sensitivity does not bring pain. That there are two kinds of sensitivities, life and ego. (AO102)

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