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Roy, thank you so much for coming in. I know how busy you are. It's very good to have you here. You are executive director of Hope, which is a national organisation seeking to encourage, by word and deed, people to see who Jesus is. Correct. And when we pray thy kingdom come, when you pray thy kingdom come, what's on your mind that might happen? You pray thy kingdom come, so what! It all flows out of Jesus and I think when Jesus brought the kingdom, He brought healing, He brought forgiveness. So when I pray your kingdom come for an individual, for a situation, I'm praying Your Kingly rule, all of the great things that You bring, I want You to bring that into this situation. So if you’ve got people all over the country praying that, what do you expect to happen in the country? I'm convinced that it if that prayer is ... and it's been prayed many, many times, I mean we pray every day, some people religiously, I think when we invite that Kingdom to be established, it then says okay, now go and live out that Kingdom. So go and answer your own prayer by doing what the Kingdom would do, in the way you treat your family, in the way you treat your employee, in the way you treat your community. Bring that healing. Bringing that forgiveness. Be Jesus in those places. So is it essentially just self-motivational? Never. Because I can't do those things. It's Jesus in me that does those things. All of this flows out of my relationship with God and I would never have prayed thy kingdom come if I didn't have a relationship with Jesus. So because of my relationship with Jesus and His spirit within me, He then says “Listen Roy. I will work through you to do these things, as you express the love of God, as you care for the poor, as you love the your community, the Kingdom will come, because it will come through you.” And when we look at some of the really tough areas. [Yeah] You know, you’ve got someone who's lost their job, they’re just on their way back from the food bank. As someone said to me recently, down in Dover, they're finding the month is a little longer than the pay and perhaps they have been to church at some point and they're just saying God ... help and they think, oh I learnt a Prayer and they say, they begin: Our Father, thy kingdom come. Now they haven’t got a lot of faith, they don't know Jesus, they just reaching out desperately. What happens? I think what happens is exactly what happens to any father that would hear a child in pain, in difficulty. The father's love is expressed. He may not be able to totally redeem the situation because of some of those things, but the presence of Jesus in that tough conflict, difficulty, will come because He’s promised to and will meet you at that point. Now, I'm not saying by that, that everything will be amazing and it'll all resolve, but what I’ve found in some of the most broken places and you've been to broken places as well, it's when these people are literally hanging on to the Kingdom and there's the Kingdom of God, I may be in pain, I may be in difficulty, but God in the end is going to meet me and change me and help me and sustain me and I may feel broken, I may feel vulnerable, but to pray that, you know it says in the Bible doesn't it, don't be anxious, pray. There is something about thy kingdom come just doing that.

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