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CEDET: En Alianza por el Ecuador

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IN ALLIANCE FOR ECUADOR We are now realizing that we can't make it alone. Together university, enterprise, the public and social sectors... This competitiveness ring that is mentioned so often and so little is done about it. Many are making medicial herbs. Our thing isn't just producing and selling. We conduct ourselves from the concept of Andean medicine. It has the added value of our energy. These are the voices and faces of an Ecuador seeking the economic and social development of its land. A country where public-private partnerships are built to overcome social exclusion and inequality. To finally become a competitive Ecuador, capable of participating in globalized productive environments. To carry out and execute these alliances, gradually arise in Ecuador local economic development agencies, "ADETs", which group 186 organizations. ADETs work to generate a positive environment for investment, strengthening production and employment in their territories. Like in ACUDIR's case, the regional development and integration agency in Cuenca, which promotes the creation of value chains, facilitates access to credit for SMEs, incubates new enterprises and promotes entrepreneurial development in Azuay. We must unite to be able to serve international markets because we can't do it on our own. We have done joint productions. That is, we received orders and shared these orders with firms in the network. Also, we worked we our providers, the tanneries, to develop the raw materials demanded by the markets abroad, to adapt to their quality and price. And it was achieved successfully. Thanks to ACUDIR, the palmetto straw sector grouped itself into a value chain that allows business owners to improve their quality for export to new markets. In southern Ecuador arises the enterprise development agency ADELOJA, where enterprise, knowledge, and technology converge with support from the Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja. The Universidad Tecnica is the main partner of Loja Competitiva S.A., the ADET, a very strong and strategic partner. The University has provided us with important projects like the Technology Valley with which we are promoting the development of technology companies. And the ADET provides business support so they can enter the market with greater force. About 4,000 people reach out to the Agency every year seeking support, for enterprise services as well as for public procedures. ADELOJA also supports 25 agricultural associations commercializing organic products through the brand El Finquero. Transforming agriculture into rural agro-industry is one of the goals of the Development Agency of Manabi. It is the Agency's objective to provide the sector's fishermen an alternative and reduce the pressure currently being exerted on the estuary. Manabi's agency seeks to increase the productivity of fine cacao cultivation and strengthen the capability of local tourism services. In Chimborazo, the agency Crecer promotes the development of new products with native raw materials, like Andean tuber marmalade from ulluco, mashua, and oca. And the creation of the clothing cluster Cocer. Quito-Pinchincha Competitivo provides space for public-private cooperation to execute city-region plans, and increase competitiveness and economic growth in Quito and Pichincha. The important concept is to bring investment, like we did for the airport, also bring investment for the technology park, for the free trade zone, for the industrial park and other local and regional economic sectors. CORPOAMBATO is the agency organizing actions to attract productive investment to Tungurahua, together with Ambato's Municipality, the local government, and the provincial councils. Regardless of the political juncture, we believe that we have to move forward, we have to make the most of this productive capacity, we have to see our commercial partners, such as Colombia and Peru, as potential markets and not be resentful of them coming here. CORPOAMBATO works together with entrepreneurs pushing for the province's economic development, without overlooking social responsibility, like in the case of the inclusion of persons with disabilities. The accomplishments of these 8 local economic development agencies require a mechanism that allows them to unify their strengths and produce national synergy. Hence, the Ecuadorian Committee for Local Economic Development, CEDET, was created. It is a coordinating organism that articulates and strengthens public-private partnerships, expanding their benefits to other provinces in Ecuador. CEDET's objectives are: to support production and entrepreneurial undertakings; to promote investment and a favorable business environment; to generate sources of employment; to exchange information, technology and good practices; to strengthen competitiveness and market development. CEDET, consolidating public-private partnerships towards local economic development in Ecuador.

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Posted by: carana on Nov 30, 2010

CEDET catalyzes public-private partnerships to bring prosperity to Ecuador though local economic development.

Existing local economic development agencies were convened by USAID Productive Network to work together for regional development in Ecuador through CEDET. Since then, more regional agencies have been created and have joined CEDET.

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