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Collaboration in Plain English

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Let's face it, in today's economy If you don't have the right information and knowledge at a right time, than you can't be competitive Every day organizations around the world

Share, create, store and use knowledge to create Jon is a project manager He was recently asked by the head of department to run with a project that would improve social learning in branches get promotion and even become senior one day Yeah, right you are do someone else doing a project right now To Jonh`s surprise he couldn`t find any information about current of previous projects on social lerning in brunches on the internet. People will be interest how to find information which they needed.

All people on the internet will be able to find the information what was done in the past So,i could be sure i don`t repeat mistakes of It will also be grate if I could just find information about employees in my organization read up on their knowledge and experiences and be able to easily connect to them if I needed to via chat or e-mail to learn from them end even enlist them in my project His manager told him that the organization was beggining to encourage collaboration.

Such as B Chat, My Sites and Team sites. And that people were not yet used to share knowledge

and were not really comfortable doing it either. John thought he would check those tools out for himself but wondered what else can I do in my own sphere of influence

to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Let's face it, in today's economy, to study a community of practice in his department . A community of practice (COP) would encourage people to share knowledge in a safe and sociable

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Collaboration in Plain English

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