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Collaboration in Plain English

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Давайте смотреть правде в глаза. В современной экономике Если у вас нет нужной информации и знания в нужное время тогда ты не можешь быть конкурентоспособным Ежедневная организация кругосветного путешествия share, create, store and use knowledge to create the competitiveness. and those organisations that a most effective at growing, collaborating and employees generally knowledge effectively and efficiently are those ones Meet John.

John is a project manager he was recently asked by the head of department John was initially excited about the opportunity He thought if I succeeded this You are right, John He then started to wonder Он не задумываясь,сразу же запустил подобный проэкт. If somebody else do a simmilar project like this in the past ? What lessons can I learn To John's surprise he couldn't find any information about current or previous projects Most people weren't really interesting to help him and he couldn't find the information he needed. John thought to himself: this would be so much easier if I could just searche for products or people on the Internet and be able to find information about what was done in the past So I could be sure I've done refit mistakes or duplecate effort read up on their knowledge and experiences and be able to easily connect with them If i needed to buy a chat or enough, to learn from just like Facebook or linkedin Jon shared this frustration with his manager people were not yet used what else can i do After doing some research Jon decided it would be a great idea to a started community of practicing his department. A community of practice of COP would encourage people to share knowledge in a safe and sociable environment and would encourage people to get comfortable to share the ideas in knowledge of any form online and later offline It's easy to find people and learn from them and there is an opportunity to tap into new creative ideas wich can be used to make the organizations value proposition more innovative. John realized that by growng a culture collaboration in his sphere of influence and encouraging and enabling other students the same, he was already improving social learning At the end of the day Jhon half created numerous values for the organization by giving and telling employes to collaborate share knowledge and ideas and innovate in an effective manner He was helping the organization save millions each year in avoiding dublication of effort and costs, saving time and enhancing efficiency on projects and identifying opportunities for innovation

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Collaboration in Plain English

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