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Collaboration in Plain English

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Let's face it. In today's economy If you don't have the right information and knowledge at the right time then you couldn't be competitive Every day organizations around the world share, create, store and use knowledge to create the competitiveness And those organizations are most effective at grinding(?), collaborating and employees generally sharing knowledge effectively and efficiently of those who wants be succeed Neat John. John is a project manager He was recently asked by the head of department to run the project that would improve social learning in branches John was initially excited about the opportunity to run the project. He thought, If I succeed at this. I could get that promotion, and bonus and even become C.E.O one day! You are right John! He then started to wonder? Who else is doing a similar project right now? Did somebody else does a similar project like this in the past? What lessons can I learn? and mistakes can I avoid? From previous projects To John's surprise, he couldn't find any information about current, or previous projects on social learning on the internet He also didn't know who to contact in the organization He asked around and even after following a few leads he was still not getting anywhere. Most people weren't really interested to help him and He could find information he needed John thought to himself," This would be so much easier if I could just search for project or people on the internet and be able to find information about what was done in the past So I can be sure I don't repeat mistakes or duplicate effort. It would also be great if I could just find information about employees in my organization Read up on their knowledge and experiences and be able to easily connect with them if i needed to via chat or email to learn from then and even enlist them in my project Just like face book or LinkedIn." John shared this frustration with his manager. His manager told him that the organization was beginning to encourage collaboration with various initiatives and that currently there are tools already available to enable collaboration such as; B Chat, My site and Team sites and that people were not yet used to share knowledge and were not really comfortable doing it either. John thought he would check those tools out for himself, but wondered! what else can I in my own field of influence to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing After doing some research, John decided it would be a great idea to start a community of practicing his department. a community of practice or C.O.P would encourage people to share knowledge in a safe and sociable environment and would encourage people to get comfortable to share their ideas and knowledge openly in a forum online and later offer when employees in an organization start to regularly share information, knowledge and ideas then the organization benefits as a whole because there is less duplication of effort lessons learned are captured and learned from It is easy to find people and learn from them and their experiences and there is an opportunity to tap into new creative ideas which can be used to make the organization's value proposition more innovative. John realized that by growing the culture of collaboration in his field of influence and encouraging and enabling others to do the same he was already improving social learning At the end of the day John helped create tremendous value for the organization by getting fellow employees to collaborate share knowledge and ideas and innovate in an effective manner He was helping the organization save millions each year in avoiding duplication of effort and costs saving time and enhancing efficiency and projects and identifying opportunities for innovation but he's true success was getting others to do so as well John got he's bonus and promotion for doing such a great job on the project but still didn't get that C.E.O position sorry John! at least he knew he added tremendous value to the organization because he got everybody collaborating and sharing knowledge now what about you?

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Collaboration in Plain English

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