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Collaboration in Plain English

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Let's face it In today's economy if you don't have the right information and knowledge at the right time then you can't be competitive Everyday organizations around the world share create store and use knowledge to create the competitives and those organizations are most effective and trying collaborating and employees generally sharing knowledge effectively and efficiently of those the one, who succeed Meet John John works as a product manager He was recently asked by the head of department to run a project that would improve social learning in branches John was initially excited by the opportunity to run out the project He thought. If i succeded this, i could get a promotion, bonus and even become CEO one day. Yeah! Right,John. And he started to wonder "Who also is doing a similar project right now?" Has somebody done something like this in the past? What lessons can I learn and mistakes can I avoid from previous progects? To Jhons surprise he couldnt find any information about current of previous projects on internet You also didn't know who connect to organisation and be able to find information about what was done in the past Jhon share this frustration with his mananger His manager told him that the organization was beginning to encourage collaboration it's a very summation steps and the car tools are already available to enable collaboration Such as "B chat", "My Sites" and "Team Sites" and that people were not yet used to share knowledge and we not really comfortable doing it either John thought he would checked those tools out for himself but wondered "What else can I do in my own sphere of influence to ecourage collaboration and knowledge sharing"? After doing some research, John decided it would be a great idea to start a community of practice in his department The community of practice or CIP what encourage people to share their knowledge in a safe and soicable environment and would encourage people to get comfortable to share their ideas and knowledge opening in a forum, onlineand later-offline. when employer is in the organization start to repidly share the information, knowledge and ideas the organisation banafits is ahold because this list to applications afford listen, learn and captured from it is easy to find people and learn from them and their experiences An identifying opportunity for inovation for this true success was getting obvious to be service well. John got this by in promotion such a great job in a project. That's still then get that see your opposition. So John at least in new to recognition because everybody calibrate each knowledge Now. What about you?

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Collaboration in Plain English

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