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02 16 VRT Mobile court in action

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Which one is this? 196. <i>This is completed.</i> Is this completed? 196. What number is this?It's 195. <i>Hey Khatu Bibi,come here.</i> <i>It's you,right?</i> Is that Shat Mia or Chan Mia? Shahab Mia. Sorry? Shahab Mia. Shaher Mia? Hey Zobdul,write today's date. There are a lot of complains Againts Khatu Bibi. <i>It's not Shaher.</i> <i>It's Shahab.</i> <i>Oh!Shahab?</i> <i>He's her husband.</i> Whose it this? Mozahar Mia,right? How old is he? <i>He said he's 55 years old, sir.</i> 55,okay. Huh?Okay. <i>What's your ward no?</i> <i?Huh?Wars no 3?</i> Hey,you wrote down here- Why didn't you write down the address? There's another one near the bridge. Always remember,each of them Should be the same. Huh? I'll give a treat,sir. Who's the seizer? Who's the prosecution? It's Sheikh Shajib. Mr.Shajib,give your sign as the seizer. On this one too. SEB:So will you make announcement SEB:To them now? No. After the completion. After the completion I'll announce it accordingly. SEB:So when's the completion? [Inaudible] When gambling- Wait.Where is it? <i>That's in Chaprang,Sir.</i> Where at Chaprang? Hey,Ali. <i>I think that's at Nazirpara.</i> <i>That's near Nazirpara.</i> Write.Near Nazirpara. It's done publicly at the field of Nazirpara,Shilgunia. <i>We couldn't find the owner, so it'll be kept separately.</i> <i>What about the motorcycle,sir?</i> That's a completely different issue. We'll discuss that in the police station. <i>We can keep that in the store.</i> <i>What if anyone comes to claim that?</i> <i>We'll file a general diary.</i> <i>I don't think anyone's ever</i> <i>Going to come for that.</i> <i>We don't have any of their numbers.</i> <i>No,I have the numbers.</i> <i>All of the motorcycles present</i> <i>In this area,</i> <i>don't have any real owner.</i> It was at the field attached to the road. If you can't maintain the time properly, How will it be possible? Khatu Bibi- What time is this?it's 4.30 pm. If that's at 4 pm,then this should be at 5 pm. <i>You can write them with 15 to 30 minutes interval each. </i> Where's Noor Mohammad? Okay,that's alright. Write the name of the accused. <i>Here's the two of them</i> <i>Take them there together.</i> <i>Where is that woman?</i> Under the union- Do it slowly. Just calm down a little bit. It's "Union". <i>It should be S then TH.</i> Where in the union? It's Shilbuniapara. At the field attached to the road. SEB:To each of them Individually? Yes. Each of them individually. So, The law enforcement unit is here. Some of it, SEB:You can do it in Bengali. In Bengali? Let the criminals come here. Make them stand in a line serially. No,they won't sit. Go to the back. Md. Ilias, You, Because you have stored drugs publicly . And the equipments of drugs that you Have stored, You have committed the crime Under the Narcotics Control Act 1990 Of the section 9 part 2. That's why you have been sentenced to jail Following the section 19 part 1, For 2 years without effort. Then, Khatu Bibi. We went to Khatu Bibi's home, And we found a lot of things Related to drugs. And we also found some essential Things for taking drugs. That's why, Following the Narcotics Control Act 1990, Section 9 part 1, You have committed a crime. So,following the section 19 part 1C, You have been sentenced to jail For 2 years without effort. Then,Mozahar Mia. His crime is even more serious. Mozahar mia is a renowned Businessman of Yaba there. We found cash with him. Thirty five thousand taka. And we also found traces of Yaba From him. That's why, Following the Narcotics Control Act 1990, Section 9 part 1,he has committed A, Following the rule from Section 19 part 1A,he has been Sentenced to jail for 2 years Without effort. Then,Noor Mohammad. Though Noor Mohammad's crime is Little, He has committed a crime. The crime he has committed is, He is a drug addict and he also Stores drugs. So the Department Of Narcotics Control and Our SI Sheikh Shajib has found him As a criminal. As he has violated The Narcotics Control Act 1990 , Section 9 part 1. Which is the conservation of drugs. So,for violating the act of section 9 part 1, Of the Narcotics Control Act 1990, He has been sentenced to jail Following the rule from section 19 part 1A, For six months without effort. Now,Noor Alam. Noor alam has been found While gambling publicly. And he has been caught then and there.So, Following The Public Gambling Act 1867,section 4, He has been sentenced to jail For 1 month without effort. Here's our five criminals. With the help of these five criminals, We want to say that, We are doing our jobs properly Against any kind of criminal offense For the Anti Drugs Movement. The general citizens have helped us A lot during this movement. Our law enforcement agency Has also helped us. We are thanking all for sharing Their helping hand with us. And we will be continuing to do this movement in the future. We are trying our best to make Teknaf as one of the Drug-free districts. And we are hoping that our work Will be successful in the future Thank you all. Take the copies of the prosecution. SEB:Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much. SEB:Was this a successful day? Yes.To some extent. Not up to the mark. But we can say that, We are totally-

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