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Forms: Dynamic Select Menu

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RH: On some sites you have forms with a series of combos or drop-down menus where what you select in one will determine what's presented in another one. Very often in the past these were almost inaccessible, they were really difficult to use. Has that been your experience in the past? AD: Some have been, but when they are done well in fact they are a huge benefit as we can show with this one. So, if it works well it is a huge boost to accessibility rather than being a hindrance. RH: Can you show us how this one works? AD: Yes. [READER: "Heading 1, dynamically populate a select. Begin form. Region. Choose one, combo box region. Country, choose one. End form."] AD: Right, now we'll go and choose one ... [READER: "Country, choose one. Combo box region. Browse off. Region, choose one. Combo box, Europe"] AD: So I've selected Europe and when I tab ... [READER: "Country choose one"] AD: I then choose a country ... [READER: "Combo box, France, Germany, Spain"] AD: So I am only choosing countries that are within Europe. If I shift-tab back to the first combo box ... [READER: "Region, Europe. Choose one. North America. Country, choose one. Canada, USA"] AD: And if I ... (Go back to 'Region') [READER: "Region, Asia-Pacific"] AD: And then go back ... [READER: "Country. Australia, Japan, New Zealand"] AD: So that's giving me the options relating only to the one I have selected above and that's very nice. RH: And that works with both Jaws and - AD: Yes, oh yes. Well it works with a screen reader or without a screen reader, but it is a particularly nice feature for screen reader users because one of the things that is very useful is to cut down on is a whole lot of verbosity and being able to do it like this just saves a lot of tooling around to get to what you want. FADE OUT

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Duration: 2 minutes and 1 second
Country: Australia
Language: English
Producer: Roger Hudson, Andrew Downie, Russ Weakley and Chris Bentley
Director: Roger Hudson
Views: 1,340
Posted by: webusability on Sep 6, 2008

Andrew Downie demonstrates a Select menu that can be dynamically updated and is accessible with screen readers. For more information see the article "Accessible Forms using WCAG 2.0" on the Web Usability site.

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