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Hello! Today we are meeting outside, so that we can discuss the concept of Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that most plants go through to make food. Plants get the raw materials needed for photosynthesis from the soil, the air and the sun. When it rains, water gets absorbed into the ground. Plants take in the water along with minerals from the soil through its roots In the roots plants have tubes called the Xylem and Phloem These tubes or veins run throughout the plant and bring water and minerals from the soil to its leaves Leaves bring in Carbon dioxide from tiny pores or Stomata on the underside of the leaf Now, that we have water and carbon dioxide in the leaf we are ready for photosynthesis, right? Wrong! We are missing the key ingredient Let's bring out the sun now, please Now it gets really interesting It is in the leaves of the plants that most of the action takes place If you look at the leaf under a microscope We see that right below the outer layer of cells there is a layer of soft elongated cells called palisade cells Inside the palisade cells are tiny nodules called chloroplasts Chloroplasts contain a special chemical called chlorophyll It is chlorophyll, by the way, that gives plants a distinctive green color When the light energy from the sun is captured by the chloroplast it is stored in stacks of thylakoid membrane It is in these membranes that the chemical reaction of photosynthesis takes place Chlorophyll is the catalyst Think of it as lining up all the mollecules for the reaction Let's take a look at this reaction The absorbed light energy from the sun is used to join water and carbon dioxide to form glucose or sugar The glucose is then distributed throughout the plant as food Oxygen is a by-product of this reaction and is released back into the air And that is how most plants prepare food from themselves I hope you've enjoyed this brief description of Photosynthesis And I hope to see you again soon Goodbye!

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Posted by: baucis on May 21, 2010

Animated video where main ideas about photosynthesis are explained in a very easy way.

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