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Liberland, country on seven square kilometres between Serbia and Croatia

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Nothing indicates that this Danube bank is any different than others along the river that connects Serbia and Croatia except that this piece of land separates them In circumstances of unresolved neighborly relations Vit Jedlicka has created Liberland For two years, we’ve been actively searching for ideal place to found a new country. According to Montevideo criteria you need four elements: population, territory government, and capacity to establish diplomatic relations with other countries. On the planet, the biggest problem is the territory, every inch is claimed, but not this area, not Liberland. This is one of the few remaining parts that neither country claims ownership over it, and we see this as an opportunity. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have applied for citizenship. Today, with the sound of official national anthem Silvia receives one Even before I’ve learned about Liberland as a country I’ve had an idea with my husband that we should live differently that current state of affairs does not suit us And in this idea of Liberland we found something, and we want to develop it. Liberland, however, in 99 % of cases can only be seen from water. This sandy beach of Liberland is a place where in 2015 Vit Jedlicka was arrested, and this is the first time that there are no patrols of the Croatian police The only boat here has Serbian flag which means the first tourists are from that country In these circumstances, it is possible what is almost impossible to set foot on Liberland If Serbia and Croatia would recognize Liberland its development will strengthen the economy of its neighbors by 1 % a year, but they need to understand this themselves We’re here, and we’re waiting for them to call us to cooperate We studied thoroughly the border dispute before we started founding Liberland. We went through all the documents and realized that Serbia has given up ownership on this territory and Croatia never claimed it. There is no Croatian map where Liberland is part of its territory. Croatia became EU member without this piece of land, therefore we haven’t took it from anyone, so we’re creating from scratch a new country which is a remarkable opportunity ...Along the moto ’’Live and let other live’’ I have a dream to build a common place for like minded people who feel free and who deserve freedom, who can come here if situation in their countries get worse Is the idea of a country of free people, voluntary taxation and inalienable private ownership utopia? Jedlicka doesn’t think so He expects an agreed visit from Croatian Parliament and announces contacts with Serbian government.

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Liberland, country on seven square kilometres between Serbia and Croatia, Al Jazeera

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