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What is the Opportunity Divide

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[♪ Music ♪] [If you're like most people] [you sometimes forget where you put stuff.] [Your wallet, your phone, that $%#& remote.] [It's pretty frustrating.] [But the next time you find yourself fishing through the junk drawer] [hoping that's where your car keys are consider this:] [people have forgotten more important things.]

[A lot more important things.] [For example, did you know as a society] [we have managed to overlook 5 million people?] [Seriously.] [5 million people somehow slipped our mind.]

[Out of view.] [Lost.] [These 5 million people haven't progressed past a high school diploma.] [But they're bright and have a lot to offer.] [Where did they go exactly?] [Here's a hint.] [They're not here.] [Or here.] [They're in urban neighborhoods right in plain sight.]

[Problem is these bright young adults have so many obstacles to deal with] [that they become easy to overlook.] [Yes, all 5 million of them.] [Meanwhile...] [corporations across America are desperately looking for talented people]

[because over the next decade, they'll have over 14 million jobs to fill.] [Think about that.] [5 million bright young adults looking for jobs.] [14 million jobs looking for bright young adults.] [Clearly there's an Opportunity Divide here] [that's quickly becoming a canyon:] [the perfect place for all types of things to get lost.]

[That's where we come in.] [Year Up is all about helping one group find the other.] [14 million] [5 million] [We're not a hand out.] [We're a hand up.]

[And a permanent solution to a chronic problem.]

[Year Up puts urban young adults on a path to success] [through marketable job skills, personal development, internships, and college credits.] [Empowering them to reach their potential through professional careers] [and higher education.] [The transformation is remarkable, and so are the results:] [84% OR to jobs with an average starting salary of 30k.] [It's all great news until you remember those 5 million people.]

[Because we can only take 1,300 students each year.] [5,000,000 - 1,300 = not enough.] [We know it's not enough, so we're expanding into new cities,] [creating college partnerships, and working with Fortune 500 companies.] [But, we need your help till every last one of the] [5 million people we've misplaced for so long] [are found again and working and buying homes, cars,]

[and forgetting where they put their keys.] [They're not in the junk drawer.] [Year Up] []

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Country: United States
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Posted by: open on Aug 2, 2012

5 million bright young adults are without access to opportunities to connect to the economic mainstream. Meanwhile, over the next decade, American companies will face a shortage of over 14 million qualified workers. Year Up's mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by providing low-income young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. Video by Spot

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