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Steve Irwin 2: Heaven:NatureSeries- Why Sharks attack Humans

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Nature Report 2 - Why Sharks Attack Humans (Steve Irwin) Hi hi everyone this is Steve Irwin again ok hi and I- has jumping around here so has a moment of Steve- here good day all ok I have an interesting in experience and I would, like to share with you all it was when and after I died crossing over and on my universe I've talking to all the animals, species of the world actually finding more out of all and what I have taken for granted and we all taken for granted actually so, one day- I was in the ocean and, communicating with some sharks we had a bit of interview with them I was alone, Timothy Treadwell are wasn't with me so I was standing in the ocean, yes standing and communicating with the sharks you know learning about them until only later on I realized Steve you are separating yourself become the shark experience yourself as a shark then you will know all other shark yes, that I realize later but! during that stage I was standing having an interview with a shark and after the interview, the communication I do everything in the interview, I even have my little book on- in the dimensions where I write everything down the interview that I have done with the sharks, fascinating stuff so I do everything in the proper interview in manner so that when the moment arrives I'm able to do either write or type or, coming communicate to you on video so I noticed a very odd phenomena fish! were so many in the ocean, ok you know normal fish so many in the ocean then, I noticed an interesting event, occurred they were unbelievable, I couldn't believe my eyes a fish was swimming, and this fish lite up it was this orangy yellow grow, lighting up a shark came and ate the fish just as this strange after the fish lite up now this lighting up is interdimensional you won't be able to see it with your human physical eyes that this fish started lighting up so now I had to investigate now, I spoke to even the dead fish of course when the dead fish had died after the shark, had eaten it and I asked: Did you noticed it you lite up? and the little fish, it was a little fish now being of course has died in the dimensions and said: Yes, that's how we were programmed we, light up and that's an indication that we are ready to be eaten and then whoever's around sees the light up and just come and eat us Steve Irwin investigation continue so I had to go and check this out for myself and curious enough as I observe the ocean, and the vastness of existence there were fish lighting up all over the place and you see the sharks starting to eat them and that's how 'the cycle of Life', was pre-programmed into nature and the animal kingdom so, the sharks will literally eat fish whether they were hungry or not and, the most bizzare in all is even human beings lite up so, when human beings were- body surfing body boarding surfing, enjoying the waves of the ocean and they'll be sitting and they start lighting up, the same orangy yellow glow as the fish and what would the sharks do? come and eat them! because when something lights up, in the center of- the fish the other fish, or ocenaic- manifestations would go into like a trance in the center of their mind for instance a shark eating a little fish, or fish huge- fish they will be trance to attract this the origin yellow glow would go into the center of their mind that got all trancy like and going eat the fish and of course, I had to returned to the shark and I said: Did you notice this was going on? said: Yah it's kind of like, it couldn't help himself because it was all, pre-programmed delusion hypnotic state of doing it and so but of course we have, disengaged these specific situation of cycle of Life continuing that way at the moment, the situation is not preferable in existence it's not how we wanted I understand, but we're able to change it, for now- it's gonna stay the same in terms of we require certain nutritions to eat like animals, animals eating animals but the animals are already busy upgrading themselves yes! to not have to feed off other animals so we're busy working on that expression so there is not no more necessary for eating animals so that animals may exist in their expressions and may thus support us human beings in what is to following the same, tren- trend of requiring no food but for now it will remain that way, doesn't mean supporting animal slaughter, please! human beings who are, in a constructive supportive way producing meat to the world, great but! you do have those human beings who are doing it in a way that there is- really unacceptable they will be taken care of appropriately don't you be concerned so, eating meat etc. not preferable, but it's ok understand that the animal is one with you so it's you supporting you and you eating you the starting point of course of how the animal got to so you can eat there are some institution that exist in this world that are doing inappropriately that aren't honoring the animal, as themselves but of course there are those that don't do that they doing quite viciously not in a bad way, just so but we're taking care of them appropriately so, don't be concerned the moment we require meat to, assist us in this world so if you- really have a situation with eating meat 'as you' go vegetarian you know, or find meat subs- meat what do they call it 'replacements' you know they have these interesting beans and vegetarian stuff, that are meant for meat replacement things so you know ok, thank you very much this is Steve Irwin, enjoy Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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