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Horrid Henry

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Horrid Henry Henry, Henry... Yes What did I just say, Henry? School will be closed tomorrow Miss, so everyone can stay at home all day .... ...watching telly and eating sweets. No, I've said that tomorrow it's sports day! What? Provided that it doesn't rain, of course... Sports Day! NOOOOOOO! Horry Henry/ Sports Day What's going on? Henry is doing a rain dance! I'll be the sacrifice! No, you are not!, You are going to bed. Both of you, come on, hurry up, it's sports day tomorrow! Not if it rains! Oh, I hate sports day. It's pointless and you have to wear shorts! Breakfast is ready! And I never win anything! Henry! I hate butterflies too. Oh, I'm so proud of my little athlete. I just know that you are going to win that "egg and spoon" trophy again! Oh! Poor Henry! Oh well, I'll expect you'll live! I don't think I can go to school today, Mum, I've got the most terrible tummy ache! I think I might have to go to a Hospital. Oh dear, I hope they don't need to operate! Operate! Henry! We both know that you haven't really got tummy ache! You are just pretending so you can just get out of Sports Day! Don't worry Henry. It doesn't matter if you come lost in everything again! And don't even think about getting sent home like last year! Miss Lovely says: It's not winning that counts, it's how you play the game! Don't be horrid Henry! There Peter, your "eggs and spoon" race eggs are done! Now, let's comb your hair! You 've got to look your best when you receive your trophy. Genius! Sweets are bad for you Henry! I've been in training for the 400 meters and my Dad hadn't let me eat any sweets for a month. No sweets for a month, that's impossible! Not if you got the willpower. Oh yeah! This yummy yummy fuzz ball is so delicious! Oh! there are my favourites.... Are you sure you won't have one? Take your places for the three legged race. The three legged race is about to begin! Who's your partner, Henry? Margaret, you are Henry's partner for this race! What! Hurry up, it's about to start! On your marks! I am in charge Henry and I want to win so you do exactly what I say. Get set! No, I want to get send home, so you do what I say. You reckon... I reckon... This way! No, this way! This is more I like it! Henry!, Stop that at once. Henry, stop! See Margaret, I told you we wouldn't win! That's it! This race is cancelled! And Henry, you horrid child, if you think I'm going to send you home your are wrong. You are here all day! The rest of you, follow me! You'll paid for this Henry. That's the trouble with Sports Day. Brings out the worst in people! Don't worry, Ted, the eggs are hard-boiled! Ready, get set, go! This race is also cancelled! And nobody moves until I find out who brought those eggs! I can't tell a lie Mis Battleaxe. Well! It was Peter! Everybody take your places for the last race of the day, the 400 metres! I'm gonna beat you this time! Henry! Who cares! It's just a stupid race! That's your problem Henry, you don't care about anything, which is why you never win. That's not true! On your marks! And the overall winner of every single thing in the entire world is Henry! Get set! Hi Henry, I'll bet your last fast ball that I win! Fuzz ball, fuzz ball!... Eureka, that's it! Sweets! Go! Hey, anybody want a sweet! Sweets! Come on Henry, you can do it!! For the last gummy fuzz ball! Coming your way! Come on, I know you would want it! Yes, yes, yes! Well done Henry! You are the school new 400 metres champion! I can't go in there!, I can't tell Mum I didn't win anything! She's going to be so disappointed in me! Here worm, show her this! This is your trophy! No, this is my trophy. That is the "egg and spoon" one. You took it! The race was cancelled, why would they need it! It's yours! For two weeks pocket money! Deal! Peter! I knew you would win again! Henry, oh, Henry! Well done the pair of you! Like Peter said, it's no that winning that counts, it's how you play the game!

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Posted by: mvalles on Mar 17, 2014

sports day

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