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JOE: Are we recording? GIRL: Yeah, we're recording. GIRL: HitRECord. JOE: (funny voice) It turns me on, The Red Light, I like it! Today, is what's known as a press day. Not my favourite part of the job. Hi press! I love ya. I probably shouldn't say this. I like making movies more than talking about them. JOE: Yeah, I scored Sparks. Carla, the actress, she sang the songs. But what was cool about it was I got to brandish my camera CAMERAMAN: "You got that thing out like a gun!" JOE: "I brandish my camera, yes!" JOE: Show them the HitRECord brand. I don't think they'll use it. PHOTOG: What is hit RECord? JOE: Hit RecORD dot ORG PHOTOG: Oh, RECord. (patronizing) dot "ORG". JOE: What is 'Wire Image'? Look, if people on HitRECord don't know what Wire Image is then they really shouldn't be on the internet. JOE: Why don't you offer downloads for free on Wire Image? PHOTOG: Downloads? Then they'd be all over the internet and we wouldn't make any money. JOE: Aaaah. JOE: Hey man, how you doin? What's your name? PAP: Mike. JOE: Mike, nice to meet you. MIKE: You too. JOE: You know what I like to do? I like to ask people "is it alright if I record you?" MIKE: Certainly. JOE: And if you do, I'll be like "of course" MIKE: Can I take your picture? JOE: Certainly. All you have to do is say "Can I record?" And then I'll be like, "hit record". Nice to meet you, man. JOE: Check out Sparks, shorts program. MIKE: You have a good time. JOE: You too. See you later. JOE: it's my lunch. PHOTOG: are you kidding me? JOE: If I hit record, is that alright? PHOTOG: You're going to have to talk to my agent. JOE: (laughs) JOE: You got some with you in it, right? I'd like that one. JOE: One more, one more, this guy is actually being creative, it's so cool. No one ever does this. PHOTOG: (says his name) JOE: You have a card. I have a card... there you go. JOE: What's your name? PAP: I'm Alan. JOE: Nice to meet you. ALAN: Nice to meet you. JOE: I'm Joe. ALAN: Hey, good to meet you. JOE: Do you know what's cool is when you say "hey, can I take your picture?" ALAN: Hey, can I take your picture? JOE: No problem. KID: Please.. can I get a picture? JOE: Go ahead. JOE: The thing is I gotta go to work, so if you can do it on the move KID: Ok. Thanks, man. JOE: Thank you. PAP: Can I get a smile, buddy? The bummer is: all day long people are pointing cameras at me but I don't have any of their footage. All I have is mostly people listening to me going "what is this guy talking about?" JOE: You see, this is what I'm excited about: JOE: Is that with new communication technology that we've got now, collaboration is possible on a scale that has never been possible before. JOE: I mean we can realistically expect sometime in the near future to see some sort of video or movie or whatever you want to call it, a record... JOE: ...that was worked on by perhaps a million people, literally. This was never possible before. I'm so excited to see what that is... JOE: ...what voice emerges from that. This is what I'm aiming for on hitrecord. There is a small but passionate and growing community... JOE: ... that release their records and remix each other's records and its small right now but it's growing cause people are so cool to each other... JOE: ... and they're really making cool stuff. If you're at all feeling cynical about the internet and it's easy to be because when you go on youtube JOE: ... or some of these other places, it's easy to feel like 'ah, just everyone's being a dick to each other'... "check out" What I wish could happen is if I could go online and get their records... Joe: Check out ...then I could intercut my talking with the cameras, then I would have some visuals to go along with all this audio. They're just not fast enough. Camera operation by Viva Belle of PaintyHands... have good visuals, is that the idea? Visuals. Hit It's a good one. I had a moment of triumph. We all had a moment of triumph. The guy from MTV who runs the whatever was like... what did he say? MTV guy: I was like, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is beating MTV right now for putting stuff on the web. Joe: HitRECord is beating MTV right now for putting stuff up on the web. I've been shooting stuff and then at night I've been sending my footage to my friend Ronen. Ronen: And then I take Joe's recorded footage and I re-RECord it into a new RECord and put it online. I've never done this before. I've never shot video and then just sent it off to someone else. I've acted in movies and then just trusted the director to cut it, but this thing that Ronen and I are doing right now, very... MTV Guy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is beating MTV right now for putting stuff on the web. Slow down, you're making us look bad. MTV Guy: The movie's great...the web stuff can wait. Just, oh, HitRECord. We got these guys. Well... it's 11:11, past my bedtime, I'm going to upload this raw footage to Ronen. Hope that he can make something out of it. Oh, by the way, dan and the Teafaerie coming to Utah, same day as the Inaugaration. We're pushing the button. Version 3 that we've been talking about. We're going to push the button. Interviewer: This is what Orson Welles would be doing. Joe: (laughs) Thanks, man. Again by Heart.

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Sundance Refrain hitRECord just barely begins to make the acquaintance of traditional entertainment journalism.

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