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GMO a go go

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Hey! Kids. what's up? Do you hate happen to eat those healthy vegetables? Is nutrition getting you down? cheer up! helps on the way. say hello G-M-O genetically modified organisms you can't eat 'em all-day Not only middle time more extra delicious They also contains ?woodles and woodles? insects genes it fish genes think of all that extreme yummy goodness but that's not all we are irradiating everything you eat so, you'll never have to absorb a single nasty nutrient ever again and don't forget about pesticides plenty of does. Yes sir. Woo woo like to know more? well let's take a look corn is a staple food used in many many ways throughout the food industry growing it takes time money and lots of pesticides to protect the crops from bugs vermin and fungus now some people think that pesticides made by a big biotechs are harmful for humans animals in the environment but that's ok we've solved that problem our GM scientists are putting the pesticide right inside the cops That's right Isn't that amazing the food itself will kill those pesky critters stone cold dead now some people have worried about the bees dying off busy bee pollinate billions of dollars worth of crop, vegetables, fruit, flowers, you name it but some insects are just playing greedy go eat everything inside it if you don't watch out G-M-O to the rescue. thanks to genetic engineering plant produces a toxin from the newly inserted bacterium gene The toxin kill insects, but not human ? toxin destroys the insect stomachs owch we have absolutely no testing results to prove that these are safe but they are. trust us WE CARE and because the pesticides are already growing right inside the crop GM plants can withstand more weed killer than the old fashioned organic crops no weeds! no bugs! more profit! what's not to like? but that GMO goodness isn't just about corn there's rice, soy beans, cotton alfalfa the soybeans papaya soybeans oilseed rape is that all? Not on your life GM is the gifts keeps on giving. the possibilities are endless just imagine your ? Brit trying to grow strawberries in the frozen wastes of scotland land well in the future why not inserted gene from con fish who's built to thrive in the icy North Atlantic Result? frost resistant strawberries wow! i wanted now effects that GMO food on human aren't tried and tested as we'd like to but there are much more important things that need our attention right away the population is exploding how we feed everyone. We need food security and we need it now just because tests on rats eating genetically modified potatoes show them growing slower after two or three generations and developing fertility problems or when some organ development issues some goody-two-shoes scientists and whiny campaigners worried that that might happen to humans too well let's wait and see in the meantime the biotech companies can rake in the profit that will fund more exciting GMO experiments we love farms we'd love him so much we want them all we want to persuade every potential partner former to forget all up about that silly organic farming and get with us on the G-M-O bandwagon whenever we change the natural gene sequence of any plant we'd get patents ASAP it's our invention after all hey! hey! the new GMO plants are our intellectual property we aim to achieve total control of the got an organic farm nearby Great! soon everything you grow will be enhanced by the altered genes from our GM crops isn't nature wonderful? and what better way to spread the G-M-O goodness around than the wind! accidental cross-pollination isn't our problem and it's no excuse for profit loss and once our genes get into your crops, your crops belonged to us well it's our technology if you're going to use it you've got to pay we don't care how it got there but we owned the foods we will own life so those naughty farmers better not save their's seeds for next year's crop if they do we will know. we'll tie up farmers for years and the courts farmers will just have to buy more seeds next year and more pesticides too it's a win-win all around if you want to fight us we might just take your farm as a settlement we're human just thanks mother nature but will take it from here but we're doing all this for you johnnie don't forget that and if it's all too much for you to take in don't worry we even got it all figured out but by the time you're teenager it'll be GMO go-go we just need to make sure that our ally of lobbyist keep GMO labeling off any products why spoiled consumers with unnecessary choices after all and if old farmer joe decides to fight us we have ready-made network waiting to take care of him can you say revolving door yep. some judges used to be lawyers who worked for us and we make sure that they take care of business and legislation no problem either. former GM industry lawyers also worked for the food regulation body and we have enough cash in our pockets the lobby any issues all the way to Saturn and back some people still think government food regulatory bodies are serving their needs hilarious we are making a killing in the India literally hundreds of thousands of farmers have been organically recycled to dodge debt that they owe us BT cottons doesn't always gives strong yields and bull warm cotton's main pest seems to be getting resistance to our transgenic BT cotton this could mean bad crops and no revenue for some we say once you're in. however under indian law, any debt died with the farmers so farmers suicides stop debt being passed on to any remaining family but i'm confident that we can lobby that issue too when we own all of the cotton varieties and we will suicides will be a little concern, because we will be the only cottonseed suppliers THE concerns have been raised in europe over problems with GMO pig feet causing sterilization and growth problems but we have years of marketing left before that's proved and we'll find a way work with the Danish fig farm banging that drum so feed up your veggies john there's going to be plenty for everyone for the right price The End

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Anti GMO animation

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