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Elio D'Anna - Il Sogno e il Desiderio (3-3)

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I want to be rich, ok, to feel that if richness comes now, what's my feeling? I have to feel this before any richness comes. Because I can deserve a richness, such as an object or an adventure. I am living it at this moment. This moment lets this dream come true. But if I desire and a creativity within us doesn't let us fulfill the desire, because otherwise it would go against the dream. The dream is dreaming the experience of desiring. I don't want to be an intellectual. Dreams happen in absence of time. Desires happen in time. However, it doesn't. Most of the time it's the opposite of what we desire. But dreams happen at this moment. I'm dreaming of desiring something. So I don't obtain it, because the dream comes true, the experience of desiring, but not the object of desire. - Is it confusing? - No. - Did you understand? - Yes. The dream is now. We are dreaming what is happening. A friend coming from nowhere, but we know him since ages. We believe that he comes from nowhere, but he's always been here. The moment is creating time. Even the past. I say that the dream always comes true and the experience of desiring too. Most of the time. We don't reach the object, because between that and us, between that and the dream, there's the desire, which is time. If we cancel time, if I win the lottery now, what would be my feelings? I need to have this state of being before deserving that richness. That's the dream. Dreams happen at this moment. Desires never happen. Actually we are used to desiring and we call it dream, but that's not true. Dreams are timeless, unless they are not dreams. Dreams don't happen in time. This is important in the economy. It's important for your career. It is important for the future, because you will always be what you are right now. And the next moment? It doesn't exist. This moment is the source of whatever is happening in the outer world, in the past and in the future. We'll talk about this one day when we'll be more experienced. - Maybe after the journey, - The journey. beacuse you'll live the here and now during your journey. Even if there's a plan, you'll be constantly force to live the moment. Every moment is delicate. It's like forcing yourself to live without time. When we'll talk about the absence of time, you'll be very advanced. Exactly.

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Elio D'Anna - Il Sogno e il Desiderio (3-3)

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