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[EVEN: Did anyone remember to buy mustard and ketchup?] [JONAS: We're already in Urraparken. When are you coming?] [EVEN: I'm waiting for him now. We've bought enough beer, right?] [EVEN: It's important!] [EVA: For the third time, we've bought enough beer] [MAGNUS: bro chill] [EVEN: Sorry. I just want his birthday to be perf.] [JONAS: You're overreacting, he doesn't give a fuck about ketchup] [EVEN: Let me overreact. You should see what he has to put up with for the rest of the 363 days of the year] [EVEN: He's way too good for me.] [CHRIS: That's not what I see. I see a boyfriend who's more than good enough. Someone who has made a pretty grumpy boy into a pretty happy boy.] [NOORA: What's up with you, Chris?] -Hey -Hey! Wow! -You can open it yourself -Beer at school? Amazing! -Cheers -Cheers Did you find your film? No, I didn't. I can't find it. I don't know where it is -It's on Youtube! -It's on Youtube! That helps me a lot There are like ten billion videos on there But if you don't get the title, you won't get to see the film You can't give me a little hint? It starts with "G" "G"? I tried "gule gardiner" (yellow curtains), but it wasn't that You weren't that far off Seriously? Green curtains? Grey curtains? The Genius at Hartvig Nissen? It's okay if you are, but I would never write that in the title -What is it then? -I'm not telling -'"G"... The God! -Yeah -The God! -Yes, the film is called "The God." You think so? -Good, I'll check it out later -Do you think I would call a film "The God"? -Yeah, if it was about me That's so pretentious Get a room, you fags! What? What did he say? What did you say? Fucking disgusting Fuck! Huh? Do you think you can go around and just do that stuff? Come here! Come here! What the fuck? Fucking cunt face! You're fucking ugly, you know that? -I can't with that stuff. He can't say stuff like that! -Look at me -He can't say that ugly stuff -Look at me Yes! Yes! It's fine Okay? We'll take it completely chill, and we'll go meet our friends And we'll go to the park and drink beer Okay? Okay? Okay? -Shall we leave? -Yes

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