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Saving Money Secrets! Cooking Soy beans 4 - Stir Fry Cooking Soy Beans, Continue

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DesteniChineseTD: Saving Money Secrets - Marinade Soy Beans 4 (Cooking Continue) Pretty ok, Yah? 1 2 3 4, inhale, 1 2 3 4, hold 1 2 3 4- breathe out, 1 2 3 4 hold, 1 2 3 4 sharing- sharing some moment with self, not myself! with 'self' and- also, check the oil level(pot) you know make sure that they have oil you can see the oil from the reflection I'm not going to get too close but you can see here make sure that, you have oil when you- 'stir fry it' (wok) I mean, dry fry it, whatever when you boil it(pot) make sure you have oil on top of it so that the- 'nutrients' won't evaporate too much, ok? why are we switching (from) there - the gas stove to here because we have probably boiled that- little guy, the shuttle chef for almost like an an hour now so, but we have been keep opening- add water add oil add soybeans, open it and close it so we- we need to, you know, we don't count it as an hour we count it, is like at most 30 minutes, I would probably count it like 15 to- 20 minutes something like that so, couple of notes I need to add is: you know, this is like our- six, yah probably like the sixth time we stir fry the soy beans each time whenever you're finish, you need to use a 'cloth' or something to wipe it and then you know, clean the- the burnt-s the 'black thing', the little debris out of the wok, 'before' you put others- other new beans in- into re-fry it again yah and also one thing is about the- boiling kettle, the boiling water keep boiling water you know because you'll need, quite a- lots of "water" to add into the pot you know sometimes it's like- difficult to- to estimate when you're going to use the water so, 'if the water' just 'cools down', what you do is you re-press the button and reboil it again if you would, even reboil it, it will (re-boil) very quickly once it's boiled then let's say it's boiled for- you let it (cool) down for 20 minutes but it's still warm so if you press the button and you reboil it again it will takes like 5 or 10 minutes and then you will go back to 100 degree you know the boiling temperature point so you will need to- increase the water level gradually(pot), accordingly so, keep boiling the water you know, ok? ok, so pretty neat huh? but do you- did you realize something? something that's interesting? that we have been continue like, I mean I've been continuing like- over an hour by now, so I have been keep doing this like I mean I don't pretty- especially feel tired I mean you can "see" this (for yourself) it's quite interesting I just stay with self you know, and keeping my breathe and yah, just doing this for I mean I have been continuously- if you cook that(follow this video) you'll know, you need to continue keep stirring it yah so that's something you know, "tiredness" don't really exist, you know Ok, so- this is the last batch(beans) it's almost done, we're going put it into the shuttle chef pot we are going to 'reboil' it, when- it boils, we count it for like 30 minutes and then I go do something else and then 30 minutes later, I- I come back you know with a watch on my wrist you know a 'restore', or something like that ok, it's beginning to boil it's not- boiling yet, it is- beginning to boil so at this moment what do you do? what I do is, I smell it, if- if you need to you can taste it, test taste it but, you know because I've been cooking it for many times so, I can just smell it and, increase the so called ingredients I- I'm sorry not the ingredients but the, seasonings so mainly- usually what the- the three main types of seasonings that I will- supplement to add, is let me, stand back a little bit it's the- soy sauce, salt, and vinegar you know these three are- are the main- types so- when is enough? how 'thick' the taste, should be? it should be like, close to 'soup' you know a little bit, thicker than 'soup' and later on- on, and tomorrow we will, add the, seasonings again so, you don't- have to, put too much in you know you just don't need to pour everything in, and ah! I need it to taste very very thick you know things like that, well I wouldn't recommend it you know, for the first day you just- that's (how) I did, that's what I do, just make it like- like 'soup' a little bit 'thicker' than soup ok so we're going to close the pot and- I mean the cover and then and then let it boil and then I come back ok as you can hear it's boiling, why am I using the chop sticks? on top because it's- too much, not too much but it's pretty "filled up" many beans inside so, it 'boils out' the water comes out, so I need to use a chopstick you know, to 'make it a little bit room' (on top), for- for the bubbles so, this is thermos - shuttle chef, six liters, early models the very very early models, they have newer models I'll talk- talk a little bit more about that later on, when when I'm, going to put that into, the outer- the outer shell here here, this and- just a little note, you know about the four count breathe it takes a lot of practice, it's just like what Jack has said I'm not limiting anyone- including you know you guys, but I have been doing that continuously 'non-stopped' - for one year at least one year, at the very beginning in the- 2008, July when I first joint the Desteni website 'forum' I- I have been doing that continuously, non-stopped, until like one month later like when I was showing and I found out: Hey I- I can shower and (doing) the four count breathe together you know at- at the beginning, I- was like (squeeze real hard), I need to totally on my four count breathe or else I would be distracted, I can't do anything else (but concentrate on breathing) I can't write- (same time) I almost like I cannot 'walk' you know, I would get distracted but, you know 'just walk through that' that's- what, so called my "suggestion" I will give you, for you guys to for doing and practicing the- the four count breathe so like this you can see here, the 'inner pot' is in the outer pot, inside it so we're going to close the lid Ok, so most of the steps are done, so let's talk- a little bit about the shuttle chef this guy, what it does, is it will keep the "heat inside", let's say we have boiled it for, according to the instructions (manual) for thirty minutes, or so I mean totally, at least and then, we put it inside, it will keep warm even for the next day, next morning, we- we'll come back and check it again I mean don't worry about that we- we will take a look at that, tomorrow so, basically what is the advantage- of this shuttle chef is - it saves gas, it saves energy, it's "safe" because it's not pressurized inside it just keep the heat inside probably you can, take a closer look at what it is it is available in the department store, ok first of all I am not- in whatsoever, any way in- in 'relation' or contact, or involved in the- the thermos - the company that made this thing but I would 'strongly suggest' you- to consider buying this, from thermos because I know there are other counterfeits, which are a little bit cheaper for instance like tiger, which is also as far as I know, another japanese company, but it's the technology because thermos is- a 'a company' that only (or specific in) make insulations 'insulation things', you know like, holding- hot water pot, things about insulation it is an old company you know, got pretty good technologies I- I, do it myself I cooked(tried) it myself, and this thing cost you like this is a- six liter model? they have a smaller model which is a 4.5 liter this is as I said, it's the very first generation models it cost about, currently about $200, something about USD, you know yah I know, a- a little bit, "not cheap" I wouldn't say it's expansive but not cheap but as a long run, I- I mean guys I- I know things are going to crumble, things are falling apart it 'will', it 'must be', I mean Part Five to Continue CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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