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Balance between work and personal life - Amos Venkey

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly. Welcome Back to LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. We're in the series about the 6 Cs of Leadership, exploring the skills you identified and today we will hear from Amos in India. He's been serving there as the staff care pastor for more than 7 years and he will be sharing with you about balancing work life and home life. Capacity is one of the most important leadership skills. Capacity means the ability, capability, or fitness to do some work on a daily basis. In Matthew, in the 25th Chapter, 14 verse to 30 verse, Jesus gave a great example by telling a parable of a man traveling to a different city and he gave his wealth to 3 different servants. The first servant got 5 bags of gold, the second servant had 2 bags of gold, and the third person got one bag of gold. So here we can know that they got their bags of gold according to their ability and capability. Same way God is giving us capacity, ability and capability, when it comes to balancing work and personal life. 3 John, first chapter, second verse says that, "Dear Friends, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." So it is God's great desire for us to develop in all different areas. So we have to keep in our mind that we have to balance our work life and also personal life. I want to give you an example from my site. I joined Back2Back in 2013. Since then, me and my wife both came on campus and are living with the chidren. My wife is a caregiver for the children and I work as an assistant captain and also children's pastor. So I was very busy with my work and my wife was very busy with her work and it was very disturbing to us when at the end of the day, and when we come back to the home, very discouraged, very tired and exhausted, and we are not able to plan for the future and not having a good time - amount of time personally, because that became very much a disturbance in us. Although I did not understand that, by my leadership team was observing that and they called us and they talked to us and they gave us a great opportunity to us to spend time personally. Also, they gave time to have those times with my family or my church and my friends. So at the time, we understood that it's very important to balance some work and personal life. And then we starting having time with my families and attending church, monthly ones, and then having a good time, a lot of time with my friends. That gave me a very healthy life and God gave me more time for my family's future. Now I have 2 children and my wife. We are living very healthily and we are having a very good life. And so it is all about God's place and great leadership in India.

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