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Chazown - 3

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Where there is no vision, the Hebrew word is Chazown; where there is no vision, as you know, the people parish. Proverbs 29:18. Well, now that you've looked at your past experiences and you're seeing how those could contribute toward your Chazown, the big vision for your life; what we are going to do today is we want to look at your values, what you stand for, and we want to look at your spiritual gifts and see how the values that God has given you and the spiritual gifts that He has given you would contribute and play into your Chazown. Perhaps you remember in the 2004 Olympics, there was an athlete named Matthew Emmons, who was competing in a contest shooting directly at the targets. He was in first place with one final shot to win the Gold. All he had to do was get close to the target and Matthew Emmons paused his breathing, looked straight at the target, took aim and shot. He hit the target right in the bulls-eye, but he was shocked when the buzzard didn't go off. You see, even though he hit the target, he actually hit the wrong target and he dropped from an almost sure Gold, to eighth place immediately. Could you imagine if you go through all of your life and at the end of your life, you stand before a greater judge than someone at the Olympics, you stand before the true judge, our Heavenly Father, and He says; "You hit the wrong target. You did some good things, but you didn't do exactly what I created you to do. I created you with gifts and with values that all pointed toward the big picture, the Chazown, the vision for your life, but sadly you hit the wrong targets." Thankfully, as we seek God through His Word and with other people holding us accountable, and as we pray, He is going to reveal our big Chazown, our vision. And as He does, I believe that we'll be changed and do what God uniquely calls us to do. So, let's start here. If you're taking notes, the first thing that we want to accomplish today, is we want to ask God to help us to clarify our values. To clarify those things that we stand for, the things that God put within us. Because the reality is, God planted within each of us certain core values, certain things that drive us, certain things that make us incredibly passionate, some things that we are willing to die for, some things that we stand for above all else. For example, 2 Corinthians 13:8 says this, the Bible says: Our responsibility is never to appose the truth, but to stand. But to stand for the truth at all times. There are certain portions of truth that we all stand for; certain things that we just won't back down when it comes to these issues. For example, when I think of people in the Bible, there are certain Bible characters that they just seem to stand for certain things. In the Old Testament, take Samuel. At the end of his life, he basically said; 'If I've wronged any of you, take a shot at me. Have I done anything wrong?' And if you look at his life, he was characterized by, or he had the core value of integrity, unquestionably. You take David, King David, and one thing he said in Scripture, he said; 'One thing I desire, this is what I seek, that I may dwell in your presence.' He was described as a man after the heart of God. What did he stand for? You could say he stood for intimacy with the Father. You take Solomon, and God one time said; 'Solomon, above anything else, if I could give you anything what would you want?' And Solomon said, 'God, give me wisdom.' When you think of Solomon, what did he stand for? He stood for wisdom. Think about some of the great people from our lifetime today, think of Billy Graham. What did he stand for? Unquestionably, Billy Graham stood for evangelism. Mother Theresa, what did she stand for? You could say one of her core values, she stood for compassion. Let's take some celebrities. Brangelina; Brad and Angelina, what do they stand for? If you look at their lives, they are very passionate about adoption. Let's take Paris Hilton. What does she stand for? Socializing and other things we won't talk about today! What do you stand for? What are the things that drive you? What are your values? You may know some people, where they are incredibly passionate about certain things and they wonder, 'Why is everyone else not as into these things as I am?' For example, it could be the business guy who goes and serves food to the poor every Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. and wonders why everyone else isn't as involved as he is. Well, he has a core value of giving to those who are in need. It could be the 15-year-old teenager who can't wait to go and mow his neighbor's yard who is a widow and spend a half an hour with her afterward having tea because he values honoring those who are older than him. It could be someone who spends hours and hours in the Bible and can't wait to share the latest nugget with someone else because they value teaching and they value God's Words. What are the core values that God has placed inside of you? I want to challenge you to prayerfully seek God. Ask yourself three specific questions that other Chazown seekers have asked themselves that have been helpful to undercover their values. The first question I want you to ask yourself is this: 1. What stirs righteous anger in you? What is it that makes you angry on God's behalf? It could be fake people, they drive you crazy. Anytime someone is just not real, it just makes you so angry. Well then, for you authenticity may be something you value. Maybe you just can't stand half-heartedness; anytime someone does something that's not done well, you get very angry, you bring your best for God. Well, maybe you value excellence. It could be that rude people just get under your skin. Well, because you're angry with that, maybe you value kindness or gentleness. What makes you angry? The second question that's helpful to uncover your values is this: 2. What brings you bliss? What do you see that makes you so full of joy that you just can't wait to be a part of it? Perhaps for you it's helping someone in need. Well, if you value that, then one of your values might be serving. Maybe it's whenever someone who is guilty gets what they deserve, and you think, 'Yeah, that's the right thing!' Well, perhaps you value justice. Or for you it might be the opposite, maybe when someone doesn't get what they deserve you think, "Oh, I'm so thankful!" Well for you, you might value mercy. If you say, "Well, I value cats!" I say, "You've got no values at all!" Just joking about that! What brings you bliss? What is it that makes you so excited? First question is: What makes you angry? Second question: What brings you bliss? The third question to ask yourself is this: 3. What does your timeline tell you? We talked a lot about our timeline earlier. As you look back over your timeline, what do you see? What's unusual about it? What do your good experiences; and even, what do your painful experiences tell you as you look back over your life's lessons? Look at them and look for anything common that points toward something that you value. For example, when I was a young minister, one time I went to speak at a friend's church. I watched as a lady walked up to a church dressed in very tattered, battered clothes, she looked like she didn't have a whole lot of money. And an older gentleman walked up to her and said, "Ma'am, if you come to our church, you have to wear your best clothes." And I watched as this lady was turned away, went back to her car, and I'm telling you, it made me so angry I could have spit nails that someone was turned away. And so, I value welcoming people into the family of God. I have the gift of evangelism and love to see people come to Christ. And so, when you look at those things that actually points toward my Chazown, the very things that I love to do, I look back over my timeline and I can see different events pointing me directly toward my Chazown. Another thing as I look at my timeline, I realize that even though I grew up in church, I didn't have an intimate relationship with Christ. And so now, when we do church; the way we do it, we want to do it in such a way that we explain the Gospel over and over and over again. I can see these things as I look at what I value through the lens of my timeline, my past experiences. The next thing that I want to encourage you to do as you first of all, start to let God point out your core values; what do you stand for, what makes you angry, what brings you bliss, what is God saying through your timeline. The second big thing I want you to do is to embrace your spiritual gifts. Just as God has planted in you certain values, he's also given you certain spiritual gifts. In fact, Romans 12:6 says this, the Bible says: We have different gifts according to the grace that God has given us. Now, these gifts are not like Christmas presents that are for us, these gifts are used to serve other people, to serve them in the name of Christ and to make this world a better place. You've already hopefully, completed your spiritual gift assessment. Even without going through this assessment, you can look at your life and say that there are certain things that you do well, there are certain things that just come easy to you. I would ask you this; first of all, just as simply as we can, what are you good at? What are the things that come so easily to you, that others when they look at you say, "You make me sick because this is just so easy!" Now, don't give me that false humility thing and say, "Craig, I'm not good at anything." Be really honest. What are the things that you're really, really good at? For example, can you dance? Can you sing? Can you cook? Can you lead? Are you good at encouraging? Do you have the gift of serving? Do you love to give? Are you funny? And don't just answer that from your perspective, maybe a better way to ask it, do other people think your funny? Because if you think your funny, you may not be! What are you good at? What things just come naturally to you? For example, for me leading has always been something that has come natural to me, I could see it back even as a child. Sharing my faith in Christ, it's been something I've always been good at. There are things I'm not good at, these are not gifts. I'm not good at hospital visits. When I go to the hospital and I see someone who is sick, I say things like, "You look really bad, you like you're dying." That's not good, that's not a gift. Center in on your gift. You don't have to be good at everything, but God has given you certain gifts to make a difference in this world. The Bible has several different lists where there are gifts that are listed. But these are just a sampling of the many, many gifts that God gives to believers to serve in this world. Zero in on what God is saying to you. Look at your core values, what do you stand for? What are you willing to die for? What are you willing to fight for? What has God planted within you that is there to make a divine difference? Look also at the gifts that God has put in you. They are not there by accident, they are there for a divine purpose. As you look at your values, as you look at your gifts; guess what's happening? They're pointing right toward your Chazown, your vision. The very reason that you are here. Where there is no vision, the people perish. The good news is, you're getting a vision from God, a Chazown. And when most people end up somewhere but not on purpose, that will not be you. You will end up somewhere on purpose, hitting the right target and God will say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

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Chazown Experience 3 - Craig Groeschel -

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