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Rush Hour 3 (2007)

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[Frenchman] We are at war, right here in my own city. A dozen agents from the French secret police have already been murdered. It's the largest criminal organization in the world. [♪Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir♪] Excuse me gentlemen, would you please come with me? Oww. [French Officer] Tell me what you cops are looking for. Just taking in the sights. [gloves snap] Welcome to Paris! [♪ Getcha getcha ya ya da da ♪] [narr] This summer, Carter and Lee are back... Let's split up. I'll take the women. [narr]...where they don't belong. [women speaks some French words] [Carter] Cava,Oui, Oui, Voulez-Vous? [woman] Who are you? [Carter] I am Bubbles the new costume Designer. Please take off all the clothes. Come upstairs, cop. I will give you what you want. Today my brother becomes a man. [swords clashing, man and woman grunting] Superfreak! [Carter] Ohhhh! [Lee] Run! Taxi! Drive! [French Driver] I don't drive his kind [Carter] My Kind? Americans make me sick They are the most violent people on earth You want violence, smelly Frenchman? Well, you got it! You want to kill me? Go ahead. Drive Faster! [Motorcycle revs, sound of glass breaking] [Narr] Now, the City of Love... We believe you know the secret organization. [Carter] We need to get her relaxed Maybe we should put on a dirty movie. [Carter] Lee! Only 9.95! [narr] in for a world of hurt! Leave Paris tonight! [Carter] You got a deal. Lee lets get the Hell out of here. [Clash of swords, yelling, glass shatttering] [Carter] Lee! [Lee] You have to Jump! Ah, Hell no! That's the sewer! [both] Aaaaaaah! I'm gonna kill you Lee! [sounds of punches] I've never been with an American man before. Who are you? Yu. No, not me, you! Yes, I am Yu. Are you Deaf? No, Yu is blind! You! Yes? Not you, him. What's your name? Mi. Yes you! I am Mi! He is Me, and I am Yu! And I'm about to whip your old.. I don't know him. [Narr] On August 10, prepare for Rush Hour. You go this way And I'll go that way. Listen to me! [man speaks some French] What the hell was that? I think he's speaking French. Your Asian! Stop humiliating yourself!

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Rush Hour 3 Captioned Trailer

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