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DEBATE- Disposable plastic should not be banned in SF!

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Katherine: What is your opinion on disposable plastic? Should we keep it in San Francisco or completely ban it? Lady: That's a really tough question to answer. I don't think we can completely ban it. A lot of the things are still made out of plastic So unless we have a replacement, we can't completely oust plastic. I don't think we should completely ban it. So do you think disposable plastic should be banned in San Francisco? umm... Disposable plastic? Like plastic bags, single use water bottles... No So you're for keeping plastic in San Francisco? I guess so cause I use it it *lul* Yea, because a lot of people use it every day so it would be hard to find a different option, right? *nods head* Um... What are your thoughts on disposable plastic? Should it be completely banned in San Francisco? Uh... That's a good question Nathan. I don't think they should be banned. Yea, it's like, do you think disposable plastic items such as Plastic cups, plastic utensils, plastic bags can be reused? I certainty do think those items can be reused. It takes more effort to clean it, but we do that with dishes and all that other stuff. It's just a cheaper alternative ... so, um... So reusing plastic cups, utensils, and bags can be more challenging to reuse but cups and utensils can be cleaned and it's very doable to clean those. And we reuse plastic bags to carry items anywhere. Uh... it wouldn't be fair to take away the cheapest alternative Of everyday items, especially in San Francisco Where everything is so expensive already. Do you agree? I agree. xD Yea, so um, alright, thank you No... THANK YOU *rawr xD*

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Posted by: nathan.vargas on Jul 27, 2017

Should disposable plastic be completely banned in SF?

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