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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:41:53 - 16:55:53

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You're going to make me drop this! You're going to make me drop this! You're going to drop it on your own. -Lets go Abdul. -Hakim. Be patient, it's still hot. The problem is that it's still in the pot. Let's go. Start eating, darling. Ahmed, I will leave you a cup of Pepsi. Jamila, finish your food. Eat some meat, Hamza. Go outside! She does not understand English, I'll explain it to you. She doesn't understand English? She doesn't understand Arabic, she's English. Today I prayed the morning prayer, the afternoon and evening prayer! I prayed them. You did not pray. No, I did. I prayed! How dare you say I didnt! It's against Islam to skip prayers, Jamila. I didn't skip any! What do you mean? Like, everyday you miss a little. I don't know, but I know the most important thing is that it is against Islam to miss prayers. Ok, so you know it is against Islam to miss prayers. Sweetie, in the summer you can make up your prayers. I can make them up in the summer? Yes, you can little by little. God, help me. I'll try, I'll try! Ask Hamza to pray. Hamza prays with your father at the mosque. Let Ahmed pray here. Jamila, Ahmed and Hamza will pray in the Mosque. Tomorrow, we are going to the dentist. -Him not her? -Me. -Okay, okay. -We will cook! Enough. Good, good, God willing. Maybe tomorrow they'll take us to the park. I had a test, a math test, and then I went to Mrs Fatan's. Mrs Fatan cut her hair. She looks horrible! She put mascara on and put in colored contacts, and her hair cut is awful! I couldn't stop laughing. So you are saying the teacher is pleased with you? If she was happy with you, why did she send home a note? Oh, Mohamed! People who are scared do not mess up. She pulled my ears and sent a note home because I missed class. Maybe she knows you that you went somewhere. I told her I was sick. You weren't sick though. But Jamila, do not miss class unless you are really sick. There aren't any here, so save them. I sent the school a note, we know the Principal has to be strict. Ahmed's dean and his teachers all love me, especially the Arabic teacher. -Ms Manal. -What do you have? I have geography, home economics, English and Arabic. I have religion and Arabic In the bathroom at school... Mom. Dad, in the bathroom they put in a microphone! Or not the bathroom, the Beit Khanat. And in English you can say "May I go toilet?" How do you say 'pretty?' How do you say 'pretty?' English. I don't know. I know. What is it? Which one are you talking about? Beautiful? No. If you want to say 'beautiful house'. House? No, 'beautiful house'. Meaning, 'beautiful house' What? Or meaning' beautiful house' So if someone asked you what do you want to have, you would say "house beautiful". I'll teach you later. Dad stopped going to school in 5th grade. Dad, you stopped school in 5th grade? What did you learn in school? Until fifth grade? You didn’t learn English or Arabic. You don’t know how to read or write. And you? I know how to read. How? Did you learn at the orphanage or at the community center? Is that right? No, in the orphanage. Community center or the orphanage? Orphanage. No. Community Center? Orphanage? School. Someone at school sat on a jar of oil and it exploded and went everywhere. Uncle Fadel, Uncle Hesham, Uncle Shady, and Uncle Wassam. What did I give him, whats his name? I put rocks in this kids pajamas. Where is he? That guy that lives at Bab El Hara. I asked him, when they asked you who did this to you did you say Fatma or us? It's 4 o'clock. 5. I can say '1 2 3 4 5', I counted them in the bathroom Fazoura told me to count. She heard me say... No, not her, someone else heard me when I was saying '1 2 3 4 5', she heard me. Thank God. Adnan's kids have two rackets, one of the handles is broken and one isn't. Doa'a plays together with them. Ooh, what's that smell? Kareem. Get up and wash your hands. Thank God. Say thank you to God for the food we have. Ahmed, come if you want to be on camera. Remember those foreigners, I used to tell them "I am picture", and they took a picture of me and I said "I am picture" meaning let me take a picture, and then she let me use her camera. Mom, can I have Pepsi? No? You are bothering me. Sit properly. Mom, there is no microphone, I can't. Dad, who smells good? Women. Eat your Okra. Enough. ♪ Enough oh Mom enough. Enough dad enough, enough grandma enough, enough woman enough. ♪

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Duration: 14 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 187
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 16, 2009

Jamila at home.

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