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Silent Retreat 1 - Freedom from the Self

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Good morning - namaste This retreat is an invitation to to explore together and to discover a state of being that that we usually -- we overlook Our experience as human beings - because human beings are-- a social creature and, it seems like often we are we are losing the balance We are clumsy with the balance of holding our lives, the balance between being part of a society, which means we have a responsibility to our community wherever that community may be and whatever are -- the needs of this community. It can be a community like Pachamama, which is alternative, it can be a country, where the -- in a certain situation and it can even be our our responsibility towards the mother, mother earth, that is -- as a collective, we neglect it --yes The lack of balance is what's causing us to neglect it, which means we put our personal interests at a higher priority than our our collective interest, or our responsibility, to hold the balance also with nature. It is not for nothing that the part of the world which is in charge depleting and abusing the earth -- more than other parts of the world, is the part of the world which individuality is very developed there. there it is the Western world, it is the world where -- part of the world where democracy is in an advanced state and is more advanced and science is more rich -- because we take more and it is part of the world where -- is encouraging us to consume more, -- to achieve more, and this has a toll. - and the toll is not something that often is visible around us but all of a sudden comes a global crisis and natural catastrophes and we start to understand that each one of us is contributing a drop to this ocean of disaster that we are creating. Sometimes the imbalance is going other way around -- when we are neglecting the free thinking, the individuality and we are focusing on the collective needs or the social needs, and then what happens is that the society is becoming stagnant or repressing the colorfulness of life. but a lot of this life has collapsed decades ago when the communist world fell apart. but if in the first half of the twentieth century -- this lifestyle became very dominant in our world, fascism and communism, this strong imbalance has created a strong urge, a need to develop individualism and free thinking -- actually, the post world war; the scars of the world war, the fascist wave that passed over the clouds of Europe and Asia, is what gave birth to such a rebelling movement like what happened in the sixties where - People really looked to break free, and many social patterns have been -- shattered and smashed; and the thing that was repressed the most, sexuality, came into life. The slogan was "Make love not war" and so we played between these -- two aspects, how to remain a social creature and hold our responsibility to the community and to the earth, yet how not to fall into one color --one way of thinking, And, look now what is happening in the Arab world, - A Spring is suddenly --people have a way, a tool to express their opinions, their whole structure is collapsing So there is this social control, that we as people who come from - so called "free societies," are -- resenting and are rebelling against this kind of social control. We want to minimize this inflowing sometimes, we are spilling the baby with the water by losing responsibility for what we should hold together So there is the collective; there is the individual thinking Neither of those aspects of life are going to be of much service here There will be -- rewarded and nourished by what is about to happen here, when we go into this silent prayer for one week; of course our community, Pacha mama will be refreshed, will be crystallized and purified because we meet in that space together. Of course, your uniqueness and individual free thinking will be nourished by it as well because you take a perspective of distance, of silence - to look at yourself, to reset some energy flows that got stuck in some loops of patterns and you will find ways to open these loops so this energy flow can evolve again The silence, -- that we will look for here, the silence that we will bathe in - does not belong to you as human beings -- you will not find silence. When that will happen -- you will become that silence. When you realize freedom, it is not that you attain freedom and you can put it in the bank of your individual achievement "I am free" "I have found freedom" "I am - awakened" It is not so. -- When one realizes freedom -- one disappears -- dissolves You realize -- that you are freedom itself and conscious and aware -- looking inwards and what is being discovered is emptiness consciousness that is aware of itself; consciousness that is aware of its ageless, faceless -- characterless presence This is why this journey to realizing silence, The journey to realizing the divine, is a threat when we are attached to the self, to the reality as we know it. It is a threat because if in communism or fascism - society - is in the center of existence and in individuality, the self is the center of existence "and nobody will tell me what to do, and I am free and I have my own opinion and I have my own uniqueness" In religiousness it is not about society, or about the self It is about realizing the wholeness There is no separation, only you're at ease -- It is this realization -- is like the known metaphor that when the drop is touching the ocean, it disappears and becomes one with it. The drop doesn't - does no longer have a personality or identity of its own. What you realize is your true nature There's nobody to claim it. There's nobody to brag about it You are no more. Only - at ease --freedom is not of the self - it is from the self.

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Satsang with Tyohar - excerpts from June 25, 2011

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