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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 11)

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But today, there are better ways to doing things. Believe me. The books I recommend, the Tyranny of Words, language and thought in action. Semantics, general semantics by Korzybski called Science and Sanity. These are the books, if you got a good memory, good, if you don't, write it down. Tyranny of Words and... - Hold there, we have a book list on our website. It's all there under the free downloads. They're also in the Zeitgeist Movement site. - If you're really interested in phenomena, the book is called Unusual Phenomena. That means, there were skin diseases that people had years ago, that were fluorescent and the all top of the head would glow. And they thought they were saints. Ignorant people. There many fluorescent bacteria that cause skin disease. Sometimes it happen in the ocean, when the waves brake, there's fluorescent. If you run along a beach, you leave fluorescent foot prints. When a guy had scalp disease, they thought he was a saint, because they had a halo around his head. Many ignorant people still prevail on religion. It isn't religion that's bad. You know... There were many people on the world that were very bright, like Larry King. He said, once said to me: "Jacque, what do you think of Christianity?" I said: "It's a wonderful idea. When did they're putting it into practice?" So, I'll just take three more questions. - Good afternoon, my name is Helena, I'm an engineer. I'm studying The Venus Project for the last five years, so I know everything about it. My question is, if I'm a best friend of the director of I Triple E, International European Engineering... how can you sell me this, how can you convince me to work for you? Because, I'm fighting with this stubborn people, for the last five years, and I have no idea how to convince them, to work for this, to explore this. - She wants to know how to get engineers to support this. - Engineers will never support this until they're thrown out of work. Only when people loss their homes, their jobs, do they give a damn about anything. Otherwise, they really don't care. Unfortunately. I'm not wishing this, but people have to loss their jobs, their homes, and confidence in the people they elected to political office. Then, they're ready for something new. I don't know what propelled you, guys, to come here. Maybe you saw the Zeitgeist film or something. But, engineers and successful people in this system, like to keep things the way they are. - But those how have done a little more reading and have a little more exposure. We have hundreds and thousands of people, professionals, we have a professional database of engineers, architects, rocket scientists, who have signed up on our database, who wanna help us when we're ready to do the first city or anything. - So basically, the work of The Venus Project is a hobby, right? - Because, I have to, during the day, work for I Triple E and at night, as a hobby, I can work for you, because I admire you. - We're all prostitutes in this system. We have to make money to survive, but there are hundreds and hundreds of people, how are volunteering and working with us. We have a...The Venus Project Design Team website,, which, unfortunately, was hacked into, so it's down for a little while, but, they are organizing animators. And animators are volunteering hundreds of them to do, Jacque has thousands of designs that's been a gamut all through society and they're animating them, right now. So... and CAD people are drawing them. So, there are different people who are volunteering at this time to do different things. - So, if I already explored more or less Europe from this point of renewable energy point of view what can I do to be a volunteer? To join you in this... engineer team. - Well, sign up on the database, right now. You know, the first thing, because we're not building right now, but we're looking for funding and we're looking for help in that direction. - Exactly. - Whether it's funding or resources. But there will be a time, when we need engineers. - And I can use this website to get into this database? - Yes. - Ok. Thank you very much. - Thank you. - Wait, there's a lot more. - Is this working? My question is very direct. Do you think that a Resource Based Economy can be sustainable, if the problems of overpopulation continues? - How long does the overpopulation will produce serious problems in the world, if the Earth can support three billion people? If you go ahead to six billion people, there's gonna be malnutrition, diseases, problems invasion of one territory that has water. So, you must maintain the population not in accordance with what Fresco wants, but the carrying capacity of the Earth's resources. Anybody doesn't understand that? If you have so much resources, you can only support so many people, unless you invent a new resource. So, we must maintain a population that the Earth can support. - And we'd have to do that, essentially, through education. But I think when the Resource Based Economy comes about, depending on how much work you people do to make it come about, 'cause we can't make it happen alone, then there'll be so many options, that I think people will be less interested in just having kids. Today, women are given a role to have a husband and have children and not even thought how to raise them. It's the strangest thing, you know. We go to school for years to work on a jet engine. They don't let anybody touch a jet engine, they have to go to school for years. Yet, children have much more connections and parts than a jet engine. We don't get any training in that. So, in the future, we think that when people have so many more options, they'll probably will not want children as much as they want today. When you're brought up to want children, like ... Fresco would like three little kids to carry his name into the future. I don't have any such illusions. Kids are a pain in the ass. They say, listen to me, they say the same thing, they can't say anything new. Six years old: "I wanna a ballon?" They can't say anything interesting. If you really love children, you'd spend your time with children before you had them. So, when people have children, they have to wipe their behind, change their dippers and send them to school, and when they're eighteen years old, they leave you anyway. So, what the children... Some guy comes up to me and says: "I have six kids." I say: "What are they for?" Just having six kids. Try to make your kids smarter than you, better than you, in every way. When they say: "Dad, you're obsolete." you did a good job. Ok? Just having children means nothing. I wanna thank you for coming. When you leave here, if you do nothing, if you don't talk to people, nothing will happen. Thank you for coming. Zeitgeist Movement Portugal. Think for yourself.

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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 11)

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