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Hey, y'all. It's me, Sheryl and Happy New Year. Are y'all ready to bring it home in 2019? I know I am and I bet you are too. And you know what, y'all? We’re going to start with your mid-January brochure. This brochure is all about meals made easy, so I have a question to ask all of y’all. Have you ever done any meal prepping, either at your parties or have you meal prepped yourself on a Sunday afternoon? Well you know what y’all? Tupperware has that -- Tupperware products to make meal prepping the solution for everyone and it is our 16-piece Fresh ‘N Cool Set. And the great thing about our Fresh ‘N Cool Set, guys is they're see through. Yay! And the seals are so easy to get on and to get off. That's a real win for all of your customers. And another thing I love about the Fresh ‘N Cool, guys is whether you're left-handed or right-handed, there's a pouring spout on both sides. So if you're right-handed, easy to do. If you're left-handed, easy to do and the Fresh ‘N Cool also, the size is fit-perfect on the door of the refrigerator. That's another plus for all your customers and there's more. Because it's also not only refrigerator safe but our Fresh ‘N Cool is also freezer safe, y’all. So are you ready to go out and do some meal prepping? Say yes, say see, say we. Okay, y'all. And you know what? We also have Fresh ‘N Cool as your Attendance Offer. I love it, y’all. Your customers can take advantage of not one, not two, not three but four of our Fresh ‘N Cool Small and they are the perfect complement to your Fresh ‘N Cool 16-piece set. But there's more, y’all because we also have your P with P and when your customers reached the P with P purchase price, they can add the large square Fresh ‘N Cool and the great thing about this one, y’all, this one is big enough that guess what, you can put a whole chicken inside here, y’all. That's right. Or a small roasting hen will fit in inside here. Or you know what guys? You can do a small ham in here too. So this is the great size when you're purchasing those larger pieces of meat when you want to have them, when you're going to be meal prepping and using chicken for maybe two meals that week. So Tupperware has the solution that your customers are going to need for meal prepping, all of their meals in 2019. Okay, y’all, so we were talking about meal prepping, right? And you have everything you need to offer, to all of your customers and we've also made it easy for your customers to kind of understand what is meal prepping. So if you look at this side of the brochure, the very first page, guys, we're showing how you can take one of the recipes from our brand new Stack-Cooked Recipe book, right? And all of the food that they would need to make this recipe is shown right here in your Fresh ‘N Cool. For example, it's showing you in the Small, right, is the peaches that go on top of the Stack-Cooker. Your sausage and your cabbage, which is your middle of your Stack-Cooked, okay? And then we have on the bottom, your asparagus. Now remember guys, we keep our bulk produce in our FridgeSmart and you still want to talk to people about that. When people are meal prepping and they're prepping a meal for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, they just want to come home, take that meal out of the refrigerator and/or their freezer and just throw it all together and then stick it in the microwave or stick it in the oven. That's what makes meal prepping so easy, is you're prepping ahead of time, so you can eat healthy during the week. And so we have, like I said, Fresh ‘N Cool is perfect for meal prepping. We also have recipes in our Stack Cooker Cookbook that we're showcasing in the brochure, so you can take and have... best of both worlds because you know what, y’all? The Host Gift Specials for this catalog is the complete Stack Cooker System when they have a $1,000 and 2 datings in the US, $1,100 and 2 datings in Canada. What a great tie in the Stack-Cooker is to our 16-piece Fresh ‘N Cool, the Attendance Offer, and our P with P. How awesome is that, y’all? Okay, guys. So you've taught your customers how to prep, right? So they're going to prep, they're going to want to reheat, and then they're going to want to eat. So the cool thing about meal prepping is you're prepping your meals, putting it to the refrigerator and then you're cooking them, and you're serving them at night but you know what, guys? We always have plan overs, say yes, say see, say we, and those plan over is the perfect product to have is our CrystalWave. This is great for reheating... those already cooked meals, guys. So you're going to put it inside here. The CrystalWave is great because you're going to take it to work, right? Your customers are going to work, you might as well bring the food from home because it's a lot cheaper to bring your meal to work than it is to go out and eat, guys. So CrystalWave is a solution for that and you know what, guys? A good rule of thumb that I always share with my Tupperware parties, with my customers is when they're reheating their food, because it's already been cooked, you always want to reheat at 50% to 70% power and when you're reheating using our CrystalWave, make sure you're telling your customers to make sure before they... put the time in the microwave, open up the little tab right here because you want this to vent. Okay, guys? And our CrystalWave containers, they also have the stay-cool to the touch handles and you'll want to share that at all of your Tupperware parties. So your guest at your parties, when they purchase the 16-piece Fresh ‘N Cool Set, that entitles them to purchase this four-piece CrystalWave Set, which is a P with P but there is more, y’all because we also have our soup mugs, one of my favorite pieces at Tupperware. When your customers purchase three, they get the fourth one for free, y’all and this is the perfect size for the spaghetti, for the chili, for the soup. You get a one of all of these and so are your customers and you know what, y’all? When your guests are at their parties and you want to give them to the higher P with P spend, here's how you build it. It's the 16-piece Fresh ‘N Cool Set, then you add-on the Attendance Offer. You've already added on the four-piece P with P CrystalWave Set and they add-in the soup mugs, so whether you're reheating using our CrystalWave Set or whether you're reheating using the soup mugs, remember 50% to 70% power and everybody has to make sure that they open up, okay, the little tab on here. Okay, guys? Now, remember I talked about with P with Ps and so, here's how you can build them at your Tupperware parties. The first P with P is simple: 16-piece Fresh ‘N Cool Set entitles your customers to purchase the four-piece CrystalWave Set. You want to get to the higher P with P, here's how you can build it. At your Tupperware parties, when your customers purchase the 16-piece Fresh ‘N Cool Set and they purchase the Attendance Offer and they've added this P with P that then entitles them for their second P with P which is the large Fresh ‘N Cool square deep, guys. So your customers now, can take advantage of everything that they need to prep and then, when they want to reheat, they have the solutions using our Tupperware products. Are you excited? Okay, y’all. You know what? We're going to continue inside our mid-January brochure because we have more great prepping partners that you can talk about at your Tupperware parties starting with not our three-piece Wonderlier Bowl but in the brochure, five-piece Wonderlier Bowl Set. How awesome is that, guys? Your customers are getting the exclusive two-cup bowl and the exclusive three and a quarter cup bowl for the same price as they would get for the three-piece Wonderlier Bowl Set that we sell in the catalog, so how great is that your customers are getting a five-piece Wonderlier Bowl Set. And you know what, y’all and if you're new, maybe you don't know this but our Wonderlier Bowl Set, it's one of the classic products that helped start this company 70 years ago, y’all. It's one of our pillar products and for your customers, it's a 'gotta have' and they love it. And you know what, y’all, you can share a couple of tips at your Tupperware parties. First of all, did you all know in Tupperware, when the seal is round, it's airtight and liquid tight but when the seal is square, it's only airtight. So this has our classic round seal on it and when you're at your Tupperware parties and you're teaching your customers how to put the seal on, I always tell them, "Just walk the dog," okay? So walk the dog, so you put the seal on, you start at the back and you just go like you're walking the dog. Boom! And then, listen guys, you still- Did you hear it? We still have that little whisper seal, guys, so that takes all of the air out. Another thing you want to share at your Tupperware parties, maybe another tip, is if your customers buy cottage cheese, I share this all of the time, love this little tip, y’all. When you're buying cottage cheese, when you take the cottage cheese and you open it up, right, from the grocery store, you got to stir it because all of the cream is at the bottom. Well, those days are over with when they have the Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl Set in your kitchen because you can take the small container of cottage cheese, it will fit inside here, okay, and the larger container inside your three and a quarter cup and if you buy the big old hunkin' container, you're going to want to use your first size in your three-piece bowl set. So what you're going to do guys is tell your customers, take the cottage cheese out of the store bought container, put it inside your Tupperware bowl, put your seal on it, put it in the refrigerator upside down because remember, the seal is round -- air tight and liquid tight safe -- then you're going to take it out of the refrigerator, turn it back over and all of the cream now goes from the top, back to the bottom, so when you peel the seal, you actually can take your cottage cheese and scoop it right out of here and take it and serve it with your strawberries, without having to mix it all up, guys. It's a great little tip to share at all of your Tupperware parties. And then make sure you're also sharing at your Tupperware parties, this Wonderlier Bowl Set, all of these bowls nest inside each other for easy storage and then, you just nest the seals on top of each other and they go right on top of the bowls. Let me show you. Okay, guys, so see they're all nested inside here, then you go from your smallest, right, and you just keep stacking just like this and voilà! Here's how you can store this in your cabinet, if your customers don't have our amazing seal organizer. But we're not done with prepping. We have more tools for your customers, starting with our measuring cup and measuring spoon and the great thing about this, guys, it is a gift with purchase. So when your customers purchase the measuring cups, they get the measuring spoons as a gift from us. How awesome is that? And make sure you're telling your customers that Tupperware is one of the only companies that adds a two-thirds measuring cup in their set and we also have pouring spouts, once again, right-handed or left-handed. There's a pouring spout on both sides and in our measuring spoons, y’all, they just all snap together for easy find and Tupperware is also the only company that I know of that includes a one-eighth teaspoon in their set. So those are unique and you want to share that at your Tupperware parties. And we also have guys, a call back to the catalog, which includes our Universal Chef Series Knife and the great thing about this is all of y’all have this in your opportunity kit, so you can showcase this at your Tupperware parties and make sure you're telling your customers the great thing about ours is it has a sheath, right, so it's going to protect the blade and protect your hands and you always want to make sure that you tell your customers to put this sheath on before they put it inside the drawer. You also want to share at your Tupperware parties that you do not put this knife in the dishwasher, y’all, okay? You should always wash all of your stainless steel by hand, including our knife series. But we're not done because guess what's back? That's right, our exclusive cutting board and I know, not only is this a fan-favorite of the field but it's also a favorite of your customers and I have to tell y’all, when you're demonstrating this, the one thing you want to make sure that you tell all your customers, the design on this, is the two sides are concave, right? And why does that matter? When you're cutting any kind of meat or you're cutting any kind of vege- not vegetables but fruits, especially your melons and they have a lot of juice to them, the cool thing is when you're cutting it, all of that juice runs and it stays right inside this groove and it's not running all over the counter or all over you. A classic design that Tupperware offers all of your customers. So exclusive in the brochure and now, you know what, y’all? I would take this entire page, right here, and I would sell this as one of your prep partner sets and that's exactly what I would call it, guys, so they're getting the cutting board, they're getting their chef’s knife, they're getting their measuring cups, and they're getting their spoons because it's your meal prepping partner to your meal prepping solutions. Okay, y’all, but we haven't forgotten about those amazing hosts and you know what, y'all? In your brochure, we're showcasing all three of our Host Gift Specials, starting with -- this is the very last month -- that you as a host can take advantage of our contemporary serving line that we are showcasing in your brochure. But we're also showcasing, in your mid-January brochure, your Host Gift Specials from that catalog starting with the signature and storage line and take it all the way to 1002 in the US, 1102 in Canada and they can add the ultimate Host Gift Specials, which includes your complete stack-cooking solution set and your signature line storage set, so make sure you're sharing this at all of your Tupperware parties. Okay, y’all, and remember, at your Tupperware parties, not only you are selling Tupperware products and not only you're dating, you want to make sure that you're telling your Tupperware story and talking about the amazing Tupperware opportunity and you can share Shawn's story at your Tupperware parties on how he is taking the Tupperware opportunity and he is building a career with Tupperware. So until I see you next month, y’all. Make sure that you always remember to think big, start small, but party now. See y'all.

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