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Learn How to Make a Rainbow at Home - Kids Science Experiments

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Hi! My name is Niranjan and welcome to another episode of "Champak's IQ" where we teach you simple science experiments that you can try at home. Now, depending on where you live it's either raining or its not but irrespective of that the best part about the rain is the Rainbow. But because it's kinda rare you're not going to able to see much of it. But I am going to teach you how to make it at home, so you can see it whenever you want. So, what are we gonna need for this? Well! We are gonna need some water, a bowl, a mirror, and a phone. Well.. rarely the tiny LED that's on the back of this phone. So, let's get started. So we start off with a little bit of water in a bowl. Now the idea is to fill up, fill it up almost to the top, but leave just a little bit and I will explain why. Al right! So we have enough water Now we take a mirror because mine is in a "L" shape mirror I am not gonna bother tapping it on but I would recommend that you do if you don't have a "L" shaped mirror. Place at an angle in the water now, half the mirror should be under water this is where the magic happens. So now, when I take my torch and shine it into the half of the mirror that's under water. And on this card that I have placed here you get the rainbow. How cool is that. Now if you can't see the rainbow really clear you should try turning the lights down or may be make sure that no light falls on the card that you are capturing it on. Now let's move on to what's happening here. Now, before we begin let's establish a visible light white light is actually made up of seven colours. So, when we shine light on the part of the mirror that's under water the light bends as it moves from air to water. But because the components of white light travels in different wave lengths they bend to different degrees these colours are reflected by the mirror which you catch on the piece of the card. Now, light travel in waves. Now, a wave is an oscillation or a disturbance that travels through space. This is why we can't see the other components that light is made up of. We can't see components like Ultraviolet or Infrared because the wave lengths are either too long or too short. Now, a wave is made up of peaks and troughs and the distance between the peaks and troughs is the wave length. And it's not just light that travels in waves, sound travels in waves too. So do radio waves, micro waves and whole bunch of other things including me because I am going to wave good bye and I am going to ask you to try this at home and leave your thoughts in the comments below. My name is Niranjan. Thank You so much for watching this episode of Champak's IQ.

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Learn How to Make a Rainbow at Home - Kids Science Experiments

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