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Diana Nyad on her Monumental Swim

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[AARP [email protected]+, Atlanta, GA] [Diana Nyad, Long Distance swimmer] [October 4, 2013] [laughter] [Diana Nyad] So you're up against a lot. I mean, these are the most dangerous animals in all of the world's oceans—the box jellyfish— and when you're stung by that it's otherworldly. You go into anaphylactic shock. You're paralyzed in your spinal cord. Your heart and lungs—the predators— [Jane Pauley] You were swimming in swarms of them. [Nyad] Yeah, came in, went for 24 hours after being stung last year, but I was debilitated. The currents out there are wild. It's unlike any other 100-mile stretch in the world. My friends kept saying, "You know, that's four times now. "Why don't we go over to Guam? How about the Maldives? I hear that's beautiful." And I would say, "Cuba. It's in my heart. It's in my soul. It's nothing but Cuba." [Pauley] Well, you said in the document—" [Nyad] Committed. I wanted— At age 60 my mom had just died at 82. And I thought, "Well, let's just take the average." I have 22 years left, and I want to feel bold and impassioned and fearless, and I want to go about my life that way, as you have. And I decided to go after this dream again, not to set the endurance record. That's all fine. I'm very proud of it. But I lived that way for this swim, and it taught me to live that way for— let's see, what do I have left now? I've got 18 years left now. Got there, it didn't happen like that. I was so stunned to finally make it. I think physically I was a little more racked than I thought I'd be, but I guess what I said is the message I truly carried in my soul and that is "Never, ever give up." If you find a way to make it up that next hill, through that surgery, if you find a way to recreate your career after you've been the top dog in all the media worldwide as the host of the Today Show and those days are over, you find a way to reinvent yourself and still be valuable. And so I found a way— You know, we're cool. The AARP generation—we are cool right now. [applause] Yeah, come on. Let's get AARP power going. I have never been so content, so together, even so physically strong in my whole life as I am right now at 64, never. >>[Pauley] I told Diane—

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Jane Pauley interviews Diana Nyad at AARP's [email protected]+ Event in Atlanta

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