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2019 - Alicia MANNING Audio Ref

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Oh you sure. Thank you very much for joining us today. When did you get started at Tupperware? September of 2002. - OK. - So 16 years ago. And what's kept you in it. The fact that I control my own destiny I set my own hours. I'm able to work my business around my life and I've just met such a great group of women that just they just energized me every day. It just kind of kept me excited and you know in the business. What made you say yes to begin with. Were you at someone else's party or how did you do it. I originally said yes I had two very specific very short term goals and my idea on the front end was to come in achieve both of those goals. I figured I could do that in about three months time and then I was going to be out. And I told my recruiter that right up front that I've got two things I want to accomplish I'm going to come in I'm going to do those and then I'm going to go along my way and 16 years later I'm still here. Let's talk about these relationships you mentioned. So you've met a lot of new friends I made a lot of new friends. I have been blessed to have been put in a position to where I had really met some women who were just excited about helping people change their lives. And I have a passion for that. I've seen it happen from start to finish on more than one occasion and I'm at this point in my business. I'm just lucky to be surrounded by some other women who have the same vision and we have built a great relationship. And so that's kind of our mission. That's that's what we work on doing. How have you seen yourself grow and change since you started. I would say that the confidence that that I have achieved and and and have developed I would say that that is probably the biggest the biggest way I've grown. I've also because of that confidence I have seen myself develop vision and that helps not only me personally but it helps my organization as well. But all of that started from the confidence that I got as I started my business when I did my very first party. I was literally shaking in my shoes. I was just so nervous to be . You're very well-spoken. I am surprised. It surprises a lot of people because a lot of people see me now but they didn't understand that for me 16 years ago getting up in front of a you know a front in front of a room of women it was just very nerve wracking to me because I just didn't have that confidence and that's something that I have seen develop over the years. And when you say vision you mean more goals - for the future goals. - Goals for the future, looking at the big picture you know seeing how somebody's life could be different if they could see their life through my eyes seeing how that person could be different and how that person could grow if they could just see themselves the way that I see them. And I think that you have to have vision of some sort to be able to see beyond what's right in front of you. Definitely, definitely, So tell me a little bit about your parties. Do you have any favorite products you like to demo or recipes. I love a home party. I love a home party being the fact that I've been in Tupperware for 16 years. You know we were partying before there was a such thing as you know partying on social media and social media wasn't really around. And so that's how we grew up in Tupperware. And so the fact that I get to go and have parties and I'm the same person that was shaking in my shoes when I did my first party I love a party. I love a party where I can go cook in the stack cooker that has to be my favorite premium product. I love a party where I can go and when the guests are leaving they've learned some things that day. You know we've had a great time but they've learned some things as well. What kind of things? Microwave tips or you know a fun recipe that I might be doing, a seasoning that I may be using that I've kind of put together in my kitchen. Those those types of things. It's it's just amazing when you're in that environment with women like that that you share a tip and then it kind of sparks someone else that has. Oh and did you guys know - and you know someone else. Absolutely. - You’re just going off of each other. Absolutely. And to me that is just the most fun we have. We have a ball. I love a party. So, you make your own seasonings. Do you have a favorite type of cuisine you like to make? I I like kind of simple and quick - OK. - so those are you know those are the recipes that I tend to do because I really want to show people that they can come in from work and 30 minutes later they can be sitting down to dinner. I really like the fact that you can come in. You do a little bit of prepping ahead of time. You can come in and your you know you get your meal in the microwave and while you're check-in on the kids homework and changing your clothes and checking your mail and stuff dinner's going in 30 minutes from when you walk in the door you know you can be sitting down to a dinner where you haven't had to go through somebodies drive through. You know you're feeding your family much healthier foods. And so those are the types of recipes that I do at a party where they can get dinner on the table within 30 minutes. And how do you use the products the techniques in your own life. In my own life I do because I work from home. Most days, my lunch comes from one of our premium products because I always have to try my recipes out at home before I go do them at a party and so in my daily life lunch comes from you know one of my Tupperware products. And and very often dinner ware as well. And then those are the same recipes that I will with then go and show at my parties. Ok, ok. What types of products do you use for lunchtime and they'll be the same like the stack cooker as well or? I will use a stack cooker for lunch. I love the smart multi cooker although I probably use it more as a smart steamer because that's what you know that's what I learned. So a lot of you know steamed fish, steamed broccoli those types of things. My favorite thing to cook in the stack cooker is a whole chicken and rice, I love. That's my favorite recipe. And I love to be able to go to a party and show them that they can cook that for dinner and then give them suggestions of different ways to use the leftovers for days after that. I love the Micro Pro Grill. My favorite thing to cook in the micro in the Micro Pro Grill - would be potatoes and onions. - (inaudible) Oh my gosh. So good. But I love a grilled pork chop in the micro Pro Grill. It's fantastic. To me that's the best way to cook a pork chop, a bone in pork chop in that Micro Pro Grill four minutes on each side. That's one of my favorite things if you like a thinner cut of steak. The Micro Pro Grill does a great steak as well. And you could done fish in there and I've done some other vegetables asparagus is good in there as well. And so those are the things that I will cook for lunch or cook for dinner and then those are the same recipes that I'll then go and taken and put out a party and do it a party. So you mentioned you work from home. Do you have a full time job - in addition to your Tupperware business? - Not anymore, - Not anymore. - OK. So when I started Tupperware because my intention was just to you know earn some extra money for a couple of months I had a I had a full time job outside my home. I was raising three children and my business kept building to the point where I was fortunate enough to be able to make the decision to leave that part time job because I had replaced that income with my Tupperware business. And so. How did your life change after you stopped part time job? My life changed so much once I stopped that. And it's very interesting that my oldest daughter is 28 and so she remembers when I was working that working that full time job and I was working Tupperware she remembers that because she remembers going to the after school program after school and she remembers when she would have basketball games right after school. You know I'm leaving work driving across town getting to those games and then I would have to leave right back after to go back to work to make up my time. And so she remembers she remembers her middle school years that way whereas my youngest daughter remembers that mom was always there. Mom didn't miss anything. She didn't have to rush. She never you know she was always there. And my youngest child never went to the after school programs because I was home. - How old is she. - She is now 22. So my children are 28, 26 and 22. And so the difference in what my 28 year old remembers and what my 22 year old remembers are very different because my 22 year old knows that mom was always there always. And so in her she just thinks it's just normal that my mom has this Tupperware business and that's how she makes a living. She just thinks that that's normal. She didn't realize that not a whole lot of people you know. - Have that flexibility. - Absolutely, but that's just that's what she grew up with and so that's what she knows. Do your kids do they comment about or notice how you've changed over the years when you grow your business? I would say that the oldest one does because she you know she she was there kind of before and after. It's very interesting that with my youngest child all she knows is that my mom is a leader, my mom you know, my mom has meetings and and my mom has people that look up to her and call her and she's always talking to people and she just thinks - that that's just normal. - That’s very inspirational. It is, and I can tell that you know it gave her a sense of confidence at a very early at an earlier age - than my oldest daughter - Wow! got that because for my youngest daughter that's just what she saw and that was just you mean everybody's mom doesn't do that you know and that's just kind of her attitude. And so it's been very interesting to watch the confidence and my youngest child develop at a very at an earlier age than it did. in my oldest daughter. You know does your oldest daughter say that she's seen you come out of your shell - become more confident. - Absolutely. Absolutely. And it's it's interesting with her that she you know she has a lot of the same qualities that I have and so my children are very involved in my business and you know my my team knows who they are and they're at the meetings - and you know. - (inaudible) And that's the joke in our family that it is a family business. And so it's it's pretty cool for me as a mom to see my oldest daughter modeling the exact same behaviors that she sees me do you know at meetings and in trainings and stuff and my oldest daughter is a fifth grade teacher. And so she's always teaching she's always training and you know some of the things that come out of her mouth - are some of the exact same things. - She is learning - from you. - Absolutely. Absolutely and that's pretty cool to watch. It’s great. So how do they help you with your business? My my old my my two girls help me at all of my meetings. We have a team meeting once a month that I do. And we also have a guest bingo that we do once a month as well. And so you know my daughters are helping with the display and answering questions for the consultants and and I mean they are just very much a part a part of the business. The youngest one has been to a lot of Tupperware parties. She's been to a lot of Tupperware parties and I love for her to go with me because when we go together she takes care of she gets my demo set up and that frees me up to be able to talk to the host and to talk to the guest and she knows the exact time to to start you know breaking it down and she'll get the car packed for me. And I mean it is it's just it's really a lot of fun to be able to go to a party with her. And my oldest daughter did that while she lived at home as well. And so even though even though my youngest daughter is not technically a consultant she can do a party from start to finish. You know she can do demos from start to finish because she's grown up with that and she just thinks that it's natural that if somebody doesn't know how to do something that you show them how to do it because she sees me do that every day. And so it's pretty cool to be able to see that and have they've been able to go on any trips with you that you’ve earned? My, We went to the first wild trip I earned I took the Hawaii trip and I took my mother OK. because my parents were military and that was the one place in the world my mother had not been that she really wanted to go. And so I took my mother on my first wild trip this past summer. I had earned another wild trip and I chose the trip to Disney. And so I took the three kids with me to Disney and so let me just tell you that Disney was a lot of fun when the kids were small but Disney is amazing when your children are adults. It is amazing. We had the best time at Disney with me and the grown children and so on so that that has that has to be one of the favorite one of my favorite trips that I've earned. And my youngest daughter will be turning twenty three the first week of August. And so I'm going to I earned the trip to Cuba - and I'm going to take her - Oh, Wow! on the Cuba trip, and that's going to be her birthday present. And so she is super excited - about that. And she's really excited. - Yeah that’s amazing. So trips you've earned a lot. What about cars? Cars are pretty cool cars are pretty cool. I just ordered I just ordered a Buick Enclave. So I am excited and anxious and waiting for that to come in. I am currently driving the Traverse and that Traverse is fabulous. That is a fabulous fabulous car and I've but I've also driven the Chevy Sonic we had the Sonic in our program for many years and I drove a Chevy Sonic as well and so this has been many years full of a combination of of earnings some years I did car cash and then in the last several years I've just stayed in the actual vehicle. But let me just tell you that Tupperware is car program just can't be beat cannot be beat. You’re excited for the new car on the way. Yes I'm very excited. Can't wait to get my hands on that Enclave. So we talk about some of the perks. What about how Tupperware has helped you to have more time for yourself? I would say that the flexibility of this business is what has afforded me to have time for myself. A lot of times when you're raising children and your children are young you know time for yourself can be non-existent you know or or come at the expense of something else especially if you are in a work situation where you don't get to dictate your own hours and and set your own party schedule and Tupperware is really afforded me the ability to be able to do that. I party on Thursdays and Fridays because those are the days that I want to hold parties on and so that's when I set my party schedule for. And I also I'm pretty disciplined in my work schedule during the week. And I work off of a schedule but because of the flexibility that I get from Tupperware I am the person that determines when those work hours are going to be. And I have to say that that is probably one of the things that I'm most excited about especially coming from years and years of working an eight to five you know kind of restrictive schedule. And how have you been able to grow your team as successful as you are now? - (inaudible) - I am I am. I will tell you that when you have a passion for helping women to change their lives and and helping women to develop confidence that that they didn't have before that really becomes contagious and that leads to it. In my opinion helping women gain confidence is actually what leads them to feel empowered and to be empowered. And when you can see how someone starts and then be able to watch them - grow and blossom and develop - (inaudible) that is the most rewarding thing for me you know that is better than any amount of money that I could ever make and I've been very fortunate to be able to meet women that not only have they gone through that transformation themselves because of their Tupperware business but they are just as excited and passionate as I am about helping other women do that for themselves. And that has transformed into growth for our team because we are all about you know sharing the opportunity we want everybody to have what we have. And I mean literally that's how we share the opportunity. You know we you know show them how Tupperware has changed our lives and the things that Tupperware affords us. And we want everybody to have that. And so I've been pretty fortunate to be able to surround myself with a group of women that share the same vision that I do and that's just the culture that we've created in my organization and that is hands down what has sparked the growth because we had some pretty explosive growth that last year but it has been the fact that I've been fortunate enough to meet and surround myself with women that share that same vision. Sounds like you have a really good group, - very strong. - Yeah The culture, the culture in dreams and action is amazing. It is amazing the culture that we've been able to foster and create because one thing that we say about our organization is that we are a village you know we are a village you know we have you know we have multiple directors and there are people that are on you know everyone's director team but for instance on our organization page you don't know who's on whose team because everybody works together if somebody posts a question you know somebody else is going to answer it. I mean we just have such a culture that we help each other and that we're there for each other that people don't even really know team you know other people are on and so I tell them all the time I say you can never have too many girlfriends in your corner. You just can't ever have too many of that. And we get comments all the time back. You know that say you know I am so proud to be part of this organization. And you know it's not really about how much Tupperware we sell it's more about the culture that we've created and women that have joined and are happy to be included in it. So what do you think it is about Tupperware that has helped your confidence and the confidence of those in your team too? The fact that there is no glass ceiling you know there are no limits. There's no limits. And I tell people all the time if you're willing to work hard you can have whatever you want in Tupperware. You can have whatever you want. And people have seen that come true. You know so they know that you know that's not just you know a you know a great tagline. You know they're seeing people you know come into Tupperware. You know somebody will come in. We have one girl in our organization who didn't even have a microwave and so she came in and she wanted to earn enough money to buy a microwave and so she earned money from her parties to be able to buy a microwave. So it goes from something that small to we have people that have come in and they see we have several cars in our organization and they're like You guys drive free cars. Tupperware gives you free cars. And our attitude is if you're willing to do the work you can have whatever you want in Tupperware if you want to make a whole bunch of money every month and if that's your goal if that's kind of your why if you're willing to work you can do that. And our entire organization knows if you're willing to work for it then Tupperware is a company where you can have whatever you want. You can have anything you want if you're willing to do the work. Definitely, that's great. Just the cars are just the beginning. Just the beginning. Absolutely. Absolutely. So is there anything else you would like to add? I mean I think that's it. I think that I am. I think that I am truly appreciative of Tupperware because it has put me in a position to be able to help more people. And I think that far beyond the cars and far beyond the trips and far beyond the money the fact that we truly in this company can help make people's lives better. You know that has to be worth you know more to me than all of those other benefits combined. - Definitely, very well said. - Yeah. Yeah. Well thank you very much - (inaudible). - Thank you. No, not at all I didn’t know all that.. to expect. I didn’t so.

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2019 - Alicia MANNING Audio Ref

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