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Farage: 'Good Europeans' would break up the eurozone

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Debate: Preparations for the European Council meeting of the 13-14 December 2012 (round one) And now, on behalf of the EFD Group, Mr Farage. Thank you, there is a certain sense of irony here this morning because of course this is the week when you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -- this great achievement. I thought the award bizarre, particularly as this morning, what we are discussing are a new range of measures that will further pile on the agony for those southern Eurozone states. Europe is now split from North to South with increasing violence and enmity between the peoples of the North of Europe and the South of Europe. So I don't think the peace prize was really very appropriate. Not of course, that it will pose you a problem tomorrow because there are no leaders in those southern European countries who frankly have got the courage to stand up to the might of Brussels and to challenge the Eurozone project. But what you will have at tomorrow's summit yet again, is the curious case of Mr Cameron. Because on the one hand, he's a big ally. He resists having a referendum. He publicly states again and again that he wants Britain to remain a member of the European Union. And surprisingly he has supported every one of your moves towards a fiscal union and a banking union. And Mr Verhofstadt, indeed, called Cameron 'the greatest federalist outside the Eurozone.' And yet on the other hand, he can't go along with any of this because politically the Financial Transaction Tax, the Banking Union, are quite impossible in Britain. But every time there's a summit and the Eurozone moves that little bit further forward it leaves Britain and it leaves Cameron even more marginalised. In fact it's barely worth him turning up tomorrow. The great debate in Britain has always been that the Single Market has been the victory of our membership of the Union, and that we have great influence over that single market. Well, increasingly w're gonna be excluded from the key decisions that affect that single market. And given the hostility, and I am sorry to disappoint my Conservative friends here, but there is hostility now towards Britain in this place. They blame their economic problems on our City of London. Frankly, the argument that the single market benefits Britain and that we have any influence over it is now disappearing. And very shortly, I think, you'll be glad to see the back of us. Lots of blue card requests. But Mr Goerens was first. Listening to Mr Farage, I'm prompted to ask the following question: Mr Farage, from your point of view, the success of reforms undertaken in the Euro area are those also in the interest of the UK or do they run counter to the UK's interests? The story goes, Mr Cameron's story and Mr Barroso's story and moste people's here story is that the euro is something that needs to be saved and therefore the more money we throw at it, the more guarantees we put behind it, that's a good thing because the break-up of the Eurozone would be a very difficult and perhaps perilous course to go down. There's a problem with this that nothing that is being done -- whtether it's the banking union or the fiscal union -- does a single thing to change the problem that there is a massive competitive gap between the German economy and the Mediterranean economies and if we carry on down this route of saving the Euro, we will finish up in those southern Mediterranean states probably with violent revolution. And so I would say it's better, if we were good Europeans, we would break up the Eurozone and recognise that Greece, Spain and Portugal should never have joined in the first place. :: ::

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Debate: Preparations for the European Council meeting (13-14 December 2012)

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