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Beyond Today: Making Life Work

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Is your life just not working? Are you overwhelmed with relationship problems? The money just won't stretch? Going to work each day is a grind. How do you make your life better? How did you get this way in the first place? There is a way to make your life better. There is a way to make life work. You're going to have to learn how to make better choices, and change the way you think. But there is a better way. If I asked you to list the ten things that define who you are - what would they be? You might start with your age, sex, race, weight or job. You might identify yourself as a soccer mom, working stiff, computer nerd, an entrepreneur. These are all labels we put on ourselves to define our value. Everyone wants to feel valued as a person. Our society tends to judge a person's value by beauty or a perfect body. We also find value in what we own, stylish clothes, a car, how much money we make. Others find a sense of worth and appreciation in belonging to a certain group, like a club, political party or a church. It would be nice to make all of our troubles disappear by dressing a certain way or making a lot of money or belonging to the right club. But life always doesn't work that way. You want to be successful - You want to have a good job, friends, clothes, a nice car - and have some fun in life. For young people this can become confusing when sometimes it seems teachers, parents and peers are all trying to define who you are. You begin to feel like a contortionist as everyone tells you to keep your back to the wall, ear to the ground, shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone while keeping a level head and both feet firmly planted on the ground. For young people, and many people of every age, we're becoming disillusionsed with the belief that fulfillment is based in religion, duty to country, family, hard work and committment to community. They're becoming acutely aware of religious hypocrisy, racism, greed and a feeling that government, churches and educational institutions are irrelevant for finding personal happiness. Much of pop-psychology espouses that happiness comes from finding your inner self. It's expressed in the vocabulary of "self-actualization", "self-acceptance", and "self-realization". Millions of people are trying to get in touch with themselves. Many times the conclusion of this search for self is since no one can determine who I am, except myself, then no other person has the right to determine right from wrong. What may be wrong for you may be right for me. There's a fatal flaw in the belief that happiness is to be found in the pursuit of selfishness with no concrete guidelines of right and wrong. The paradox is - no matter how hard you pursue pleasing yourself, life is going to be a mixture of happiness and sadness, joy and tragedy, success and failure. And all worthwhile endeavors and intimate human realtionships demand self-sacrifice. Happiness isn't a destination. It's not like one day you discover it and it never goes away. It's a journey. You can make your life better by first learning to take responsibility for your choices, learning to reject negative thoughts, learning to be thankful for what you have, and letting God show you the purpose for your life. For Beyond Today, I'm Gary Petty.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on Apr 30, 2008

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