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Abbott Turin cut 17c HD (1)

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Mauriziano hospital has an important history for the city of Turin. It began as a hospital dedicated to the sick 440 years ago; The latest and most innovative challenges of the regional health system involve the reorganization of the hospital network. This hospital has been identified as a reference center, a “hub”. The critical issues were linked to an excessive fragmentation of the processes, to the number of test tubes, and, ultimately, to the type of instrumentation that we were used both for routine and emergency. The objective that has been assigned is the efficiency of all production factors within the organization. Definitely, the automation project carried out by the laboratory contributes to this because it allows a recovery of both human and economic resources. In the selection processes that have guided us in the evaluation of the offers Abbott proposals stood out from multiple points of view: from the completeness of the systems offered, to flexibility and versatility. We felt that the automation system fully guaranteed our needs in terms of organizational versatility and flexibility but also bearing in mind future needs for possible expansion, and thus the ability to respond to new demands. Information technology and computerization are already part of all organizational and health processes. Particularly in laboratory analysis it becomes critical because the processes of automation and computerization in a laboratory are extremely heavy. Six months from the start of this project, we have already achieved most of the objectives we set for ourselves. The TAT are contained and diminished within the desired time, 40 minutes maximum for clinical chemistry, 60 minutes maximum for the types of mixed clinical chemistry and immunoassay, 35 minutes for cardiac markers, the troponin. The required number of test tubes has been reduced by roughly 40%, so we are fully satisfied in this respect. Also in terms of managing human resources, we have reduced the personnel required for production by roughly two units, which before were dispersed across multiple production lines. With this solution we are also implementing new IT projects, in which the identification of inventory is based on new RFID technology. Abbott has supported us particularly with regards to information technology, analytical performance, and the inclusion of all necessary data so that the system could work at full capacity. That is to say, not only with staff training, but with direct and constant presence in the start-up and implementation phases. Abbott has been a reliable and fair partner with respect to the realization times and in the achievement of common objectives. With the challenges that this hospital faces, more partners are called into question and definitely Abbott is an element of proven efficiency and great support to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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Abbott Turin cut 17c HD (1)

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