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Travie McCoy Billionaire ft Bruno Mars

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I want to make you smile All the days Just chill as I never did I'm gonna travel around the world, and discover new things

Making my way to be with you When we talk my world it's upside down

I don't remember how we met But everything between us it's fine.

I expect to be with you all my life And you must trust me When we are together there's no end time. I'm dying for your secrets, not good I wonder how it'll end I don't want to be mad at you This is not easy for both of us And ignorance is killing us I won't stop till' I see you smiling Our lives are getting harder They don't trust me, but I don't care I'll show them how this world really is I don't think why that could happen What about finding some answers first They only think about being important When we have to be calmed and worried When I see the planet bright, I can smile And how it smiles we back And just remember ir all the days, and all the nights And chill every day Eveeery day We have to make they know What's happening on the world They should understand This has to change somehow Fighting everyday, taking right decisions on our way And what about creating a different world, Now that we have time 'Cause we can't be waiting and expecting to others make our job to change this situation If we don't change it now, how it'll end Obvious, all burning on And how to tell the children that you could but you just didn't move to change it We can't wait to have a fair and easy life We have to fight and make the right things to stay alive And now change the world and the system Let's do it together and be in the same team I just don't want to be alone at all We can't do this alone We have to take voice And let them know what we want Let's make a different world And swap the roles When I see the planet shine I feel the real world Just flying on the sky If we work hard we can make the world a good one We all want to see one more time the sunrise This world has to wake up again Just wake up again

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Country: Brazil
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Producer: Travie McCoy Billionaire ft Bruno Mars
Director: Travie McCoy Billionaire ft Bruno Mars
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Posted by: mouramagalhaes on Apr 23, 2011


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