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My Detecting Bag

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Hey this is Gonehunting for History Hey, I had some people ask me about what pack I use to carry my stuff. I've been doing this for a while, and the packs that you get at the store, like Walmart and places like that, the tackle box packs and belt packs, and stuff like that, they really don't work that well, I mean they work fine for a little while, but If you are as hard on your equipment as I am, umm, they really don't last. Zippers will fail, bags will rip, seams will rip. So I went to or started to look at military stuff, And this is what I come up with. It's actually a battle belt. And it has got the MOLLE™ system on it. Of course the Garrett ProPointer™, it has the Molle® type strap on the back When you purchase this, this particular part, You only get just this part. You don't actually get the belt that goes on the inside. It is a different belt. So I purchased a different belt. You can slide it in there and adjust it. It's kinda like a duty belt for a police officer. It's got velcro on the back and everything. With the Molle™ system, you can attach a whole of items. In fact, I have my Gerber™ tool on the back. It's out of the way, but I can reach it, even with the belt on. It's positioned behind my back. There is certain places, where there are gaps. In the battle belt, where your duty belt.... will go through it. And that way you can attach things that don't have the Molle™ type system. That way you can put your knife and stuff on it.. I also got what they call a "deployment" bag. It also has... I will show you on the back there. Anytime it's got these types of straps, It will fit on this type of belt. It's makes it secure and it lasts.

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Posted by: gonehunting73 on Nov 24, 2012

I have had several request's about the bag set up that I have. Here is a video detailing my bag and belt. Hope it helps... Evan

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