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Harry Hockaday

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Harry Hockaday: Today are these presentations in two parts. The first part is back to basics, which is basically everything that we do. I kept getting asked about what we do when there's things that you take for granted because you do it every day. I've had budgies 45 years, so there's lots of things you take for granted. So the first part, this presentation is based on the stuff that we do. Then we'll have a short brick, and the second part is called back to the future because as some of you know, I came out of the fancy for a short time. Then came back in again. And even in that time, the budgerigars were changing. So I'm now doing things a little different too. I did the first time, and that will be explained in the, uh, in the next part of the DVD or the video. Okay. Well, back to basics. First thing, you need a, you need a cabin or a burglary museum where to put them. Um, and what I would share to you is, is that if you look at a lot of people's bird rooms, the develop. You pinch a bit of space in the garden that you, mrs a let you have all the husband and then you managed to pinch a bit more. So we extend a bit more and you extend a bit more and he never ended up how you want him to be. So when you get an opportunity like this for me to start again, it was a case of right. The things that I've learnt over the years to do things differently. So the first thing is to try and get as big bird room as I could. Manage. There was a tennis court where we did where we lived, so it was ideal to put it on. But I can say I've already ordered another 20 by 16 to put behind it. So even though you think you've got enough room, you never do. It's a log cabin. I have a choice to do I make it out a brick or do a have a wooden cabin? Well, the log cabin for me is sort of like in between. Yes, it's, it's wood, but it's really thick, about three inches thick, and I'm delighted with it. I'm delighted with it. An advantage of this particular cabin is I can open both doors. So when the weather's really warm to get a good airflow cause there's a window at the back, I can actually open both doors. Obviously budgies being Butch easily get out. So have a immediately policy safety door on the front. And of course in alarm. It's a shame today in particularly when you have lots of visitors in your bedroom. We never really know. So we should. Obviously it's worth making the effort to make sure that your birds are kept secure. The nice thing was to what type of flooring, etc. And cupboards. Now I find that in other bird rooms you put more Coopers in, you really need, and what happens is they just end up gathering dust. So outside the cabin here, which you don't see, I've actually got the lift up plastic seats. All be seed. Army drink is army dishes. Everything goes in that outside the boardroom. So I've left this, this small area kitchen unit and the dishwashers, and now the floors, you can see it, curls, look the wall. It's a really hard vinyl, the tack that the have in hospitals so that I can scrape it, wash it, whatever. And by curling up the wall, it's easy to sluice down without any moisture getting into the woods. I've got a dishwasher in there, which keeps me in the good books with wife by not taking all the, the dishes up and messing and clutter in the kitchen and it's handy. All the heavy dishes that I'm put in there and the plastic ones that may flop about, and that'll still take up the house. The alarm is kept within that cabinet there. The windows, I had double glazed toughened glass for the windows and just as another deterrent. Flights, the archetype of flight that most of you probably have are those that are built in. And when I first started, I've in bird rooms, that's where I did. I built flights into the bedrooms, but the most laborious job you're going to come across, he's cleaning them flights. It's hard work and the hard to keep clean. So I quickly developed the idea that, hang on a minute. I think the mobile flights for the type of bird we now breed, and I'll go into that in the second part of the presentation, that we don't need the big inside flights anymore. I do think these are purchased easy. These are rostering the flights and the idea, cause I can move them around the bird room. If you can see the extension on the legs, they will actually drop to the floor so you can make them fit the height of the bird room that you're in. That I do, but ideal, and I saw, I've got three of those built in feature is there are two plugs like that in the floor. One on each end so that when they are extended for cleaning out, you put a box underneath for the box underneath, tech the plug out, scoop it all down, put the plug back and move on. The next one, mix clean and easy. The thing we Butchie's I don't want to pack in the birds. Because it's too much hard work when the time comes for me to give up the hobby, I want it to be because I'm ready for coming out the hobby. I've unfortunately seen people as we get older with Dustin, various different things. People leave the hobby before they really want to because it's hard work. So everything about this new bird room is designed not just for cleanliness needs for the birds, but also for me to make it easier for me to keep on top of and clean. And these are ideal for that. There's a shop, the bird's room, where you can say, I have why your kids use. So all my, why a cage? He's gone around the outside right now in my bird room, it's virtually empty. All you see is those flights, because all the cages are off pressure halls, down and in the garbage. It's less things to attract might. It's less things to gather, dust, less surfaces for bacteria, et cetera, et cetera. The, not everybody's cup chair except that. But for me it's practicality. The wire cage is great for my health and I also believe the health of the bird. So you come in my bedroom now, which is all code towing group plastic. I just wipe the walls down and I've got lost three flights in there and that's where the one flight at the end, the two flights that are reduced in the middle. I have one bank of plastic cages because getting birds ready for a show, you can't get ready in Y kid, he's the Buster wings in dummies, the wins. So it's much better to have a set of Katie's, so I've got the plastic cages for that extraction. People buy fans when they can feel the dust. It's too late. It's too late. If the bird say, if the bird just doesn't bother you, you won't be thinking about fans. But actually now is the time to think about fans because once the dust has got a grip of yet, there's no going back. It doesn't get better. And the dust from a boogy, it's live protein, so it isn't like household dust or wood dust or cement dust. It's a live protein. Now when that gets in your system, if your system reacts against it. When you start getting sensitive to it and your chest States tight, you can wear all the mask in the world. You can get a fan. It's too late. So what I would say is the non-expensive, one of those you 30 pounds, I think, and I've got one at the top bringing in Erin, one at the bottom at the back, tech in air out. They come on for 45 minutes and in 45 minutes of in sports and the manufacturers, that completely changes the ed in the room in a 30 by 18. We tend to think of extraction for pulling dust out. Well, if it changes the air, by definition, it's going to take a lot. The dust just won't get just on surfaces, but you can like that. It's the particles in the air that won't do us any good. And if you think about it, it can't be doing the birds any good cause in the wild. They would fly and that dust, which is used to lubricate the feathers would disappear. We keep them in confined spaces, so not only we breathe in it, we're forcing the Birch to breathe it as well. You get one bird that's carrying something and it's flapping its wings. That dust is going in the air. I'm pretty sure it's going to spread it to the other birds as well. So anything you can do to take that dust out the air, it's not just for you, but it's for you and for the birds. And these are inexpensive. The law, what? They don't take a lot of ex electricity to run. The reason I have a hold on a timer for 45 minutes is during the breeding season, I don't want the outside temperature to be the same as the inside temperature. So by having it on 45 minutes cycles, it completely changes the air, but also then gives the temperature time to build up again, and I try and keep it around 50. So they're an important piece of kit when you're thinking of fitting your burglary mill. These are the wire cages, 16 by 16 by 23 eight by eight by 10 these are the tress for box at Mulkin to mix. When they first came out, I saw them Joel mountains and they were trusted on the outside and wooden boxes on the inside. Dennis, things progressed, he changed them and he made the inside box out of transfer with a hard wood concave, and you've probably seen them to some of the errors. Some of you may have upgraded to it. Well, to me pushed it too far. It was too artificial. If I was a hen sat incubating boxy in the eggs and I was surrounded by plastic it do. My scholar. You know, you just, nothing to occupy the birds. You can put a millet spray on and they've got chicks, but when they're sitting on the eggs, and I think it's a cause of a lot of problems we have with hatchability, et cetera. So I've always stuck with the wooden ones. Yes, they take while cleaning, and you've got to be careful with Mike, but as long as you clean the fine and it's a better environment for the hen to lay and Rhea chicks. So I've got the trespasser on the outside, which is all sealed grit for, for durability. But on the inside, I've got the wood, which I think is, is, is mosses is more conducive with what a home would find in the wild, which is the right environment for laying and, and hatching a clutch of eggs. The hooks, you can actually get the frames for the wire cages, but the frames gather dust. So I don't use the frames. I've got those long reach hooks. And when I was setting the bird room, I had to Mark exactly where the trustees were so I could pick them up again with the screws. Because when you come in the Burj room, all you'll see is all these screws on the wall that have screwed in finding the kid who's on, but they're going quite away. So they'll take the way to the cage. I also, you can't see on there, but at the two Wingnuts, I bought my boxes to the cages. Cause I love a lot of visitors and it might even be in the breeding season. You've only got to knock one of them boxes when there's eggs or chicks in and down the goal. So it's worth the extra time. I actually bolt the box onto the wire cage. Oh, you can see close up. I don't have a couple of fish. I haven't give cuttle fish for 20 years. Cool fish goes back to the edge, to the time of breeding in coconut husks and using cytocon and Abby deck. We've moved on. The bird doesn't absorb hardly any calcium from a cuttlefish bone, so I give liquid calcium periodically in the water. People say, yeah, but you like to in the cultivation they do, but it's expensive, so I get an iodine block. There's calcium, there's that. There's minerals as iodine in there. They're not as expensive as. Cuttlefish, so I have an eye down block in every cage. I also don't give grit, and that may be controversial because you know, everybody will tell you that grit is an essential part of a bird's diet. And by the way, don't all Ducharme and change everything you do just because I've studied it, said, so this is what I do. And the maybe bits that you can pick out of it. The question is, do boots, uni gas need grit? While that has to be, no. Cause I, for the last 2030 years, I've never had a piece of grit in the room. Maybe I should be dead, wouldn't they? I wouldn't be breeding birds. I wouldn't have good healthy birds. It'd be something wrong. That doesn't mean that they don't get anything out with rich. If you give grit, cause they may well get calcium or minerals or they may, they may take that out of the grit. I give it another way. Do they need the grip to break the food up? No. Why? Because of budget of gas shells. The food texts the shell off something like an ostrich. Eats it all and it would need the storms and the grit to break and grind up the budget to get text a shell off so the inside digests, the bird's digestive system will digest it. So grits fine, but it's not used to digest, but there may be getting other things, trace element, minerals, whatever. I just chose to take, I didn't want stones in the crop of a bird if I didn't need it. So I haven't gave it for the must be 30 years now. Those will go to an, everywhere there is grit and elite it birds will come from another Avery where there've been read on grit and the managed perfectly fine. So it's a matter for you whether or not you use correct. Chick hive. We know how aggressive parents can be when a chick comes out of the box. I've heard people really, I mean, it winds up and it's an awful thing to happen, but I don't actually get too critical on the bird because it's an all natural environment in the wild. If a chick comes out of the next, the nest, when it floods, use it. You'll go to a nearby tree. The hand will go down caddy on breeding. There's no chick to pass through it. There's not going to be any problem. We forced them in an area like that. Some are fine, some don't mind others. Our effort will attack the chick and then we get annoyed because he said it said ripped off or big spring ripped off or whatever. So to try and prevent that, I put a chick Heidi. Now this is a new design for me in inlays love Scotland than for me because. A chick hide a little dark hall. It could be anything going on to that and you've got to really check in, make sure that you're, you can see what's going on with the birds with the clear perspex. I can have a glance round when I go in in case something needs to be immediate attention and when I come out of a night, I can, the last thing I do, I can go around in case there's been a change and as a chicken under there that's either too young or been attacked, would he use it? The clear perspective. Is it the darkness of a chick hide attracts them. Well, I found that our minds are, why a kid too. I have a wooden board from back to front, and the chick hide sits in the middle and I put my seat on top and I tell him, you the chicks use it. The chicks use it. They go in there, they go in there and I can see them. And yet the parents go when they don't mind them, they'll feed him through the holes. So that was a, a change for me. The solid, the, the heavy heavy duty Allen Binyamin and quite thick perspex. And that's been a success. So it's just something that works for me. It's something I tried last year, fogging machine. That's probably one of the most important pieces of kit I bought is the fogging machine because I'll specifically talk about this stuff here. Um, if of union sec liquidated. Um, red Knight will really devastate you still. If you get it in your stood, it spreads disease. It weakens the chicks by, you know, I wouldn't like to be fed on every night like the birds are. And if you've got it bad, it really hard to get rid of what you do. So you wash everywhere down or you'll get a guard, we'll spray it and you'll put insect stuff in your spray, but it will only come out as far, far as the pressure will force it out. You put the fogging machine on and the way I work mine is might live off the bird. They'll find all the nooks and crevices that you can find and then a, you come out and feast on the birds. So at my light go 10 o'clock at quarter to 10 I have on the days that fog, cause I'll throw, wants a fall night. And then once a month, I love the fogging machine set up at the end of the bird room on an extension and a plug, a timer in. So the, the fogging machine will come on a quarter to 10 it comes on for 10 minutes while 10 minutes fogging in a 30 by 18 and you can, it fills the room now because it's more terrorized and it drives it and it's continually driving it. It gets to every nook and cranny, every, in fact, I opened the cupboard doors, I opened the drawers when I'm setting it up so that when I'm out, it's getting everywhere. The aile SIF itself for the birds, it's safe for food. So I come out 10 minutes of fogging. It stops at five to ten five to 10 any birds that are out the box are covered in it. Everywhere is covered in it. The lights go out five minutes later. Outcome the might for a feast straight into it, straight into it. It's not a danger of me. I've a missed anywhere, ever squirted somewhere. Did I do it a fog everywhere? And if you do it on a regular basis, you can keep on top of the mites. And it's so important. You know, we spend a lot on food and birds and the let and everything else, but Mike will devastate you, study if you get it in your birds. So it's great. It's also the top one. He sold us out. People always talk some day can use F 10 you can use Vercon S you can use whatever the solar sun I like. It's a safe antivirus, antibacterial disinfectant. So periodically I'll do just the same foggy and I'll put that in. So everywhere's getting a court in of this antiviral and antibacterial disinfectant. Again, it's there. So the fogging machine, although it was reasonably expensive to buy it first, it's great piece of kit because it gets everywhere now that the liquid was solid. Son, this is so awesome. And I remember book tins used to do this years and years ago. You could get it from book tins, and then when we lost bookings as an agent, it stopped. But I found it on the insert. And this is the powdered form of the antibacterial, antiviral Seidel liquid. So army trays, I just get a flower save, put on, put it in. Anything that drops through the tray and hit that is notified straight away. Texts, any smeller where it stops, any spread, the chicks can't get out anyway because I've got wire cages along the way. He cares you. I'll just say that I'm going to go onto soft food in that, but if you give ag food and you use a conventional cage, you have to be clean because when chicks come out the box and they go down, the pic. And if you put egg food in on a Monday and come Friday, you haven't cleaned them out and you put in more egg food in and the weather's a warm day, it's going to get covered in that lovely green fungus and you're going to get Ubers in salmonella. So if you give egg food, then please, please be more critical on how often you check it out and including your cages. Another event is the way EKG, everything I give the birds is fresh cause it all falls through. Hmm. If somebody said, I don't give cuttlefish, I give this particular one at the moment, which is produced by mountain hail in that he's 80 smart. There's two different calciums there, not one I use on a day. On the once a month I'll put it in the water for a couple of days. This is a stronger, um, a calcium. And the reason I keep that is. Quite often, well, not quite often, but sometimes you'll see a hand comes off the eggs and you'll think she's here today. She'll be laying, or they go off the legs and you think they've injured themselves and the chances are if a hen isn't got enough calcium, she will draw it from her bones to produce the eggs. And that's where you get the weakness and you go down. I'll just get a crop needle and put calcium straight into the crop. And a couple of times I've done it and it will bring the handrail. She needs that shot of calcium. So sometimes you see a hand off and you think she's off her legs or she's gone down and it's really a calcium deficiency. She's drawn it from the bones, perhaps in the breeding season, and they go down. So it's always only to have some liquid calcium that you can put into the bird if you need to. Immunity gold. I always go to the lectures. And listen to whoever's talking cause she might pick up one little piece of information. I went to listen to Marcel Burkle. He was the vet and he used to look after Laurel park. The guy obviously knows his stuff. He was doing a lecture at the BF and everybody was bombarding him with, well, what about mega bacteria? What about French mold? What did you do? And he stopped. Everybody said, well, what do you do for the immune system? And people as well, I give vitamins. He said, no, no. What do you do for the immune system? And it's something we don't think about. And he kept mentioning and various Southern natural herbs in that, that were designed to improve the, the, um, the immune system. So when I'd come out, good old Google, went on Google, put an immunity act in Arusha birds, and that came up. Um, you can get immunity gold at immunity. Plus I use immunity plus now. The, the design this was made for pigeons in get it for all birds. Now everything in it is natural product, including inside of Indigo honey, what I can issue, and it's one of those products that after a month or two of use, I notice a difference in the birds. So in the breeding season, I give that, and I've had some people use it in the several that really notice it. And what they do is they'll give it a day, then the wall, and then they do. And they don't. Well. If a boujee knows and doesn't like the taste of that, what they know the following year they're going to get something else. They won't drink out there. There were two the following day. Then you put fresh water in and then so they don't really take it. If you put them on it on a permanent nurses day after day, they check it and they get used to it. And I've seen the benefits. So in the breeding season, that goes in the water for three weeks out of four every day. And then on the fourth week I take you out and I might put the liquid calcium in. All I might put a probiotic on, I might just leave it clear what the important thing is to give it every day. And then the body gets used to, it's all national products. It's not going to hurt the bird long as you get the dosages right. And there's a beneficial, I think in the, in the birds, the two biggest killers in the fantasy, and this part always surprises me. Dr. Baker used to release information every year. And in Easter, print it in the budget every year. Biggest killer every year for as long as I can remember. Make it back to you. You next biggest killer trick in Manassas. You can dos for both and it wouldn't balance any bit, but I bet there's lots of people don't dos for either the killers. Some of you don't know Josh Danforth. Joe run with this year. If you've got any hands, Harry, I'm sorry, may I will. I've had, I've had a disaster. What should a disaster. I've lost 119 hens at birds. Most of them hands make it bacteria, wiped him out. Virtually Mike Ball, lot of, you know Mike he lost 10 outstanding birds through Manassas. Both guys are guests kicking themselves because she couldn't dos for it. He can dose for it. The mistake we make is you walk in the bedroom, there's lots of noise, everything's balanced, and you think, I don't need anything. But if it itchier cause stress is the biggest thing that all that will kick off mega bacteria. I honestly believe every single study in the UK has got mega bacteria. There's no way he can avoid it if you don't dos for it. Particularly. Yvette came to see me, a boujee Greta, and he always used to say, you Dorse for symptoms, not just because it might be that you also symptoms. And when he came to see me, I had all me drinkers blacked out because when you give him leg back, you've got a black, the lighter or it degrades very quickly. and I didn't realize that it's stepped in the Avery. I thought, Oh God, I'm going to cop it here. He's going to give me a right rollicking for Dawson when I don't need it. And after 10 minutes, I said, rock out's done it anymore. You better tell me what you know. You know what I'm doing. He said, I've clinically cleaned my store three times, have mega bacteria, and it comes back so he doest because if you go to shores or you, our visitors are, you bring birds in, you will bring in mega bacteria. I brought in a very expensive bird last year from abroad, make it bacteria. Now, you know it's a silent killer. Now the only stuff you can really do for mega bacteria is that one of your ass and make it back gas and it's made in Australia. I've had all sorts of other things about, well, does this powder that you can put in baking product and it stops antibiotic? I'm not baking cakes, I'm feeding budgies. I'll trust an Australian vet. They're both somebody who suggested using baking powder because it's about 10 P for three gallon, you know, I mean, sometimes you have to put the effort and pain to, to protect your birds. Now what I do with the mega Baca doors for three years now take a year off, and then they also three in tech, just so the, in case they might possibly be able to have, uh, an immunity, so every year and make it bacteria. Ronan, FET F four times a year. Not last year. The year before, I've done 150 bird strip through. No problem. Then the next 50 I lost 40 going purple, skinny drying up. Spoke to the guys at Vetter farm straight away. So it's trick them analysis. I said, cabin right at a dose, the, I bet it's all I say, I can't, I can't understand that. You said, when did you do it? So about six months ago, he said, well, he said that after you do it. I said once a year, the same as the mega buck. He said, no, no, not, we're on a bet. You have to do it four times a year because it builds up again. You have to do it four times a year. Run of ethics, not expensive, and the bird, it's not harsh on the birds and you can't really, it's difficult to overdose because he said to me, triple the doors. I said, I've got pink babies in the box. He said, well, that's the idea. The dying triple the triple the doors. Well, run of ass is is pink. There's another one 12 which is green. He went like red ink. But I'll tell you what, within five or six days, the chick stopped dying. So I learned from that and it's always marked on the calendar. If I, if the birds are balancing, it's the bend in the bat. It doesn't matter if it says on the calendar, give him Ron, have a S, I give them all of a S cause I don't want to be picking half a dozen good birds out of the bed because I haven't done everything that I can. And the only important thing is. We also all sell birds. Well, we have a responsibility to the people that buy our birds. I believe I have lots of stars of people buying birds in the die. We'll have costly do cause that that's livestock. But if they do, I want it to be not because I could have done something to make sure that I've done everything to make sure the birds are protected as best I can. So this is a regime I do, and I would recommend that. Don't wait for it to hit you because I'd hate to lose a hundred and odd hens. I'd be devastated if I lost 190 so you know, if we may, I I those with this, I don't do this stuff. I was asked by Kevin bar to try this. Now I won't. If I try something. And I said to Kevin, it's all like me trying it. But if it's no good, I'm going to tell people, and if I don't like it, I'm going to tell people I'm not just going to use it and forget it, but if you want me to use it, then fine, but there'll be a result of me using it. I'll either like it or I won't like it, or there won't be any difference. And it was halfway through the breeding season and I bred a hundred birds and it was fine, and he asked me if I'd try it. So I tried it for the back half of last year and the hatchability continued, the chicks grew, all of that was fine. But the bit I notice was the adults, the adults would in absolutely pristine condition right through the breeding stage, because when they get visitors, I'll sometimes pull a bird out of the breeding case and I'll put it in a, in a short case for people to look up and I'm appalled of pulling birds out. You could just tell. You could just feel it was if you were getting them ready. For sure. The condition of the birds, the adults, particularly while on this stuff is great. So I'm using it again this year and I'm absolutely delighted with it. I'm not saying it's the cheapest, but for me it does what it says on the tin, which is why I mentioned in the ear, if it didn't, it wouldn't be part of my presentation. I'm not here to sell product for people, but I'm also what I am here to recommend something if I genuinely hand on how I believe it's a good product and it works. And I think that does, which is why I'm, I am happy to mention it. Start it. Bottled water. I always end up in a debate with people of bottled water. Oh no. You know, if, if the song gets through the plastic and um, the one thing that you can't control in your bird, apart from the weather is the water. If you get it out the top, put it. So a cabin filter doesn't take the chemicals out boil. It doesn't tell the chemicals out. The one thing when we do all this that we do to try and come control the right atmosphere and everything for the birds, we go to the tap and check it out. The chapel, we boil it like a lot of people who breathe. I bet there's some people in probably got coy and when you speak to people, I went to talk to a top car Kai guy and he said, you don't give your bottle. The birds have stuff at the tap to you. Somebody said. Don't give him honestly, he said boiling it cap won't make any difference. They do a flush and the flush a third of the pond and they never do it over a weekend. They always do it in the middle of the week because of a weekend. The chemical people just go like that and dump the chemicals in. You might know is the test. Well, can you imagine giving your birds on the day or a couple of days after all the chemicals in the middle of breeding season? All of a sudden the quality of your water changes. Cause you have no control over it. The impact that that can have on your breeding season and the health of your birds. These are measurable really. But we don't think about it because we take water every day. Well, size of hose compared to a boujee, we stand a little changes. I don't think birds do. So I changed the bottle water a long, long, long time ago. And whenever I've recently moved, I'm two years when I am now, but before I moved the house or soul, the guy, Oh, so you've got a garish gray. Just a job for me. Tank. So big water tank. So you breed fish? He said no. So I'm a window cleaner. So what do you want a tank for? So I wouldn't put that rubbish at the top on some of these windows and expecting to pay me Follies. So we treat cysts. So if a guy's not prepared to wash my windows with it, why on earth am I giving it? The birds? So it's a control thing. So I use the bottled water to try and get one with no chlorine, you know, very low chlorine. It's not expensive. Put your back in control again. Nobody's going to suddenly hope one of them bottles and put some air in and you're going to give it the birds in the middle of the breeding season. So I give bottled water. I could put a, and I have done for years, I don't get the wet green backsides you that you sometimes get with the birds, the drop, everything seem to improve and it's a long, long time since I've used tap water. There's all the mixes on the market champion blend, this, that, and the other three of this to have that one or the other followed the other. All these wonderful mix and I'm sure there's stuff in it that the birds will eat it and do okay. But what we have to understand is, is that commercial seed, and it's commercial because we don't get it straight from the farmer is past its sell by date. By that I mean all the goodness has been dried out of the seed. You can't transport green seat. If a bird hits a crop in the wild, it'll hit it when it's greed, because that's when it's full of goodness. You can't transport commercially green damp seed. So it's overripe and over dried, and we get polished and we give it the birds, and that's the basic staple diet. But that's why we have to do other things. So wherever the different seeds are, then not really, don't really come to life. Until you soak them. And I'll come to that. So I give 50 50 I've tried all the different mixes. I get 50 50 if you use a hopper, which I do in the flight, it's important. You don't give a big seed variety because they'll pick out the bits that you want and throw the rest of it all of the floor. And when you clean your birds out, you need to be built like Jeff cares because it should be full of husks and it's virtually solid secret throw anyway because he scattered it looking for the bits he want. So I give 50 50 seats. And Jack Mela is your only other side of give on its own. It's high protein. It's a soft seed. The chicks and the birds love it. So I give that as a, as a separate seat. And if you notice the word I've used is soft food, not egg food, and I've come to that sprouted, see the finest thing you can give your boobs because I've instead that the seeds debt, the seeds, a lot of the LifeScan out of it, the minute you germinate it. All the amino acids, all the vitamins, everything comes flooding back into that seed. So that's what the book soak can see. You need to rinse it. You need to make sure you're on top of it so it doesn't smell. I never, ever rinse the that's got a big husk on the outside because I'm never confident I can get everything out of the husk. If it's damp and it gets moldy switch, only small seeds, and you buy seed for Saki. Um, and I germinate them and it's only ever put it in the presentation. But recently Alan Adams put me onto a machine that garden feathers do. And it's like a propagator and you put it in the trays and every now and again, spray comes at the top and rinses it through. You have to insert the machine out within 48 hours. You've got great big long sprouts and it makes it so much easier to do cause that is so, so beneficial for the birds. Cause don't forget the seed eaters and we're giving them mostly dead seed. So you sprouted. So my base, my mix, my soft food, is that just vegetables, which the hydrated carrot, I used to get the blenders out and he used to buy all the fresh veggies and blend it and do all this of it. And then I went to this dehydrated vegetable that Allen Adams does, and a, the birds were just as good on it. It's human quality. It's a, and all does a similar product, you know, it's human quality. Um, and that's the staple for my soft food. Then too. Now because it's very wet and moist. I add sweet con to that as well, and because it's very wet, moist to stiffen it up a bit. I used to use egg food. Well, I now use chicken, but I use the organic cause some chicks on, it's got various different, um, stuff in it that's designed for chickens and it's a medication. Don't use it. Do you want to medicate you? Birds? You decide you don't give it every single day in the breeding season. So I use the organic. That absorbs the moisture, and of course it's full of goodness on its own because it used for Redding raising chicks a that side, I think we're about four pounds something. You get a similar bag of ed food and it costs a fortune. So I use that. I use that. So my soft food is the juice vegetables. The two products are there. Piece about that. I've had chicken from dry naked oats. I don't soak it. And then what I do is I give that every other day. And then every other day I give a probiotic. I know you've had Libby Irish here and Libby Harris really speaks on that. We don't really use a probiotic enough. And when you spoke to a spritz, speak to a lot of these people, bird nutritionists, they keep coming back to a probiotic. And I don't think we do. So in the breeding season, every other day, the soft fruit will have that probiotic in it. And then the other days he asked that I it. And of course millets bridge, we soak in solace and just for hygiene. Now, I said, I don't use egg food in my, that some people do use egg food. So this is something that Martin Halan and Jack Cotton brought out. And I've put it on there because the news is, I'll put it on there. I'm not trying to sell their product, but Martin, cause we're mixed, give me a big bag of it. And he kept telling me often not using his egg food. I said, I don't use that food bags and I'm not going to use it. I don't use it anyway. I'm not that shit criminal. I used it. And yet every single bit, cause I don't give money, finger draws and give it in dishes and the birds loved it. The birds loved it. And I know a lot of people are using it. So if I was going to use an egg food, I've tried that one. I just don't, don't use egg food. I just touched then on finger drawers. For those of you that use egg food, have a look and it wouldn't surprise me if you find Nigella seeds in it. Now those that have heard this talk from me before, I know exactly what I'm going to say. I'm a bit cynical. I am, and I think these people that make ag food like that and the commercial, why are you putting 90 seat in an egg food? I'll tell you why customers love it. So you put a finger drawing and they go, where's And he started kicking all the egg food out of the flaw. You come to the kitchen thing. Oh, they love it. I'll give him some all. So he puts them all in and the eat the NIJ as agents are the food on the floor again. So if you give him that egg food, he's got the 90 seat given a dish. Because you will then see if the generic food, you threaten the egg food fine. If you find that you get an addition of egg food minus tonight, you seeds, you know you're wasting your money because they're not eating it. You've got to try and get them to eat it. The only stuff I give in ag food is this because I've been took egg out of the diet. Why do we give back? Most of the, the old butcher breeders will tell you it's cause it's protein. And at the time it was seen as the best way of giving verge protein. And although we've moved on in the hobby, we still stuck with this egg. Um, so it's for protein. Well, that's a very high protein powder. So I give that and I'll give that in finger draws because the consistency is the same. So they don't look through it to throw anything out because it's the same consistency from top to bottom. It's like the all, they don't, if I can even remember the all maxi feed. You used to get Smith and Wayne Wright used to do it and really high protein. The birds loved it. book. You couldn't get it anymore. This is now very close to it. It's called thrival Gloucester, so I been glove. If I can just see if I can get this. Um, for those of you, it that use Allen's products, it's the same. It comes from elements. It's called thrive and gloss, and it's really high protein, but it's your consistency seat when you're using it for the chicks, they'll just, the birds delete it, elite, plenty of it. And I'm happy to give that in finger draws. Going back to the breeding side of it. He brought this spray out and a lot of you don't know, Mick free bar improved. All Mickey's got added breathing issues and when Alan first put that on his stall, Mick free mom and he circle in the BS would go back to Orleans stall Allen and squirt it for a bit. He breathed it didn't off he goes and background again. It's eucalyptus and, and it's really, you put it in the burglary and my wife can smell it and she's coming down the garden. So when you're in there, it's only to give it a, just a couple of squirts. It's like a eucalyptus lip. It is. It's, um, quite high concentrate. It's good. I like the smell of it, and it's obviously for me, I think a another breathing the number of times I see that number of eggs in a box, even champions. Now niche yet makes a hand Liz Lords of eggs, while not unless you've got these great big, huge ENS, but normally and almost item, we'll let a lot of eggs and it's on the basis of just playing the numbers. Game allay a lot of eggs. Some will hatch and everything's fine. When you breed the next division, Butch, I don't like to want, I don't want to leave one egg that might be a club short winner. So you leave a hen sitting that number of eggs, they'll be, some people say, I've done it in the fine. The hand goes up, the hand starts sitting and she sits these and she can't cover them. So you've got them covered. She goes out, comes back in. Only this time she decides to sit there. So then three eggs that have battled and gone dead. She's now got Andrea, two or three of the Goodens and now outside. So they Elavil. She goes out, comes back, she goes, do you know what? I think I'll sit in this position. And she said, and before you know it, you could lose a clutch of eggs. Don't leave him that many. So I'm moving now to move and you need to Mark them. And some people say, I don't like to Mark them. I don't want to transfer it back to you. Yeah. Well as soon as keep me fingers clean in Markham because you're in control. It might be the, you move egg number six, seven, eight and nine. It might be the, to coincide with another box. You move one, two or three. Don't move. A lot of the early ones, cause they're hand might think the eggs have gone off and scattering. So if I like, if I move them, I like to check them at the back end and match them up to other pairs. I don't mind taking a couple at the beginning, but if you take half the first clutch, if that happens, suddenly thinks, hang on. These are upcoming shooting scattering, so by marking them, again, it's back to this control again. You're back in control and do something about it. So I might, I might, I'm so I know what I'm going to do. I don't like any more than three tricks in a box either. The inside of my boxes are not very. Wide. So what happens is three chicks in that box, three chicks, we get fed better than five. So the three chicks being fed properly because it's not a very big N yet. Three pretty well feathered chicks. Mum in there, daddy, there's no room. I see some people boxes like that. Well, why not just put a TV in there and put a toilet in what you'd have to come out. It's not really good for fertility. The small box. Will mean that they will go in there and feed the chicks that handle, raise them, but the Cockle spend more time out of the box because there is enough room for him. Now when he's out the box more, when the hand comes out, he's keen, he's enthusiastic, and I think our really think it helps fertility. You, the thing you talk to more Stockman, whatever you breed, whatever the animal, any young animal, whether it's a bird or an animal, a dog or a pig or whatever, they'll have heat. It's important that all young animals are our heat for growth, so that the food that's going in through the mouth is used for growth, not to be converted into keeping them warm. You get these great big box. You can have a chicken at one corner, a chick up the other car now losing body heat, and they will not grow to the full potential. So you keep it condensed, keep it condensed, keep them all in one area. They'll look after him. The Cockle spend more time out. You can almost tell you walk in an Avery that's got big boxes and do it as an example. Try and find a cockpit. When you're in there, you see many threw in there with the N. you find those that I've got the small nother while deep boxes and most of the cops are outside because there's just not enough room from all to get in there. So it's something that I've done again over the years. I found actually AIDS fertility and the three to a parent I think is plenty. Now when you see this going on, there's the chip, their chip, their chip there. You've got the dat line. There's something going on in that bag that's not normal. Cause chicks is, you know, the chip all the way around and push the Jaeger. Well, that's not going. It's in one area. That discoloration tells me that chick is stuck in that shell. It's not moving. It's getting rid of hatchery and it's chipping anywhere he can, but he can't turn properly and this is a devastating time. What do you do? You can eat it squeaking right, allow pit out. You walk in the shell, Oh, York sack finished. You don't open it out. You think it will be out in the morning? That in shell. Nightmare. This next tip is something that I've used over and over and I've said large, the chicks doing this without having to open the shower. Watch that. I've got the music on. It's like dancing to the music. That's an active chip. If you put it, if you put the. Egg in the water and it doesn't move much, then it doesn't matter what your records show in the box. That chick is probably not ready for coming out even though you've seen the chip miles, because when you put it on, we Mark when the eggs are laid and we work up the number of days. What we don't know is when did she start sitting? So it was always two or three days, either side. It's only a guide, and when you open in an egg, it can be dynamite. By doing that, I have served larger chicks that way cause the whole leg gets moisture. It absorbs into the shell. It seems to free the bird up so it can move. And nine times out of 10, I can honestly see I've gone in the following day and when an has been moving around like that, it's out. But if it's not moving much, that tells me thank God I am opened it cause he's not actually ready. There's nothing to panic about. So it's an easy a trick. You have the water, just tap it, just tap it. And you have in infant about. 2030 seconds, then take it out and put it back. So then when you get the checkout, I've also picked waivers where the champions opened the box and I'm saying champion, cause I expect more from champions. Beginners, I expected you make mistakes and they pull the chick out and said, I'll put that in there this morning. It hasn't been fed and it's been there all morning and it's got no food in it. I'll just put it in here cause they're feeding. Well not that one the out. Because if a chick doesn't shout for food, you put it wherever you like with as good a mother as you like, and it won't get fed. The chick has to piggy metal nit the tour's cause that's what gum squeezing. It nipped the toes. So if there's word not being fed, so it's squawks like modern, the handle, give it attention. He's towards a bit small to pinch at me. So if I get to a chick that's hatched. Even if there's three or four in that box, all been fine. If I get in, there's a new chick I go off and mixed up some egg food, some milk, want to come back. Quite often it's being fed, but if you ask, I feed it. Even those two or three siblings in the box that had been fed because that chicken right about an awful job getting out the shell, it might just be too weak to Carl. Doesn't mean it's a weak chick, but it's shattered. Well if she does it, if it doesn't call, she won't feed it. The fact that she'll feed those at shouting for food, the fact that chick doesn't shout, she won't feed it. So again, I'm back to the control bit. If I get to a box, new chip, don't care. The hens fatty, I'm not, I feed it with the SMA. The next one is crop feed in which I'm going to go on to the next slide and I use that Henry in food. The crop needle to me is one of the best things that he came into the fancy and there's a lot of nervousness about using crop. Chiefs, you'll see a video in a minute or two with me actually crop feed in Vegas, and it's just a confidence thing, but it saves lives. Without it, you birds will die. You know? Now you've got a crop tube. You can actually intervene and help feed the babies. You can feed a baby with a teaspoon. Just get warm, just dipping, speaking, just prize each. Speak automatic. Check the milk and you'll see going into the car. I was talking when she sees me, she that anybody want to give it some more. No, I'll put that back in the box. It's fed the hay, put it in the box, the heat of the hand. Hopefully it bites tap. Sometimes if it's the first chick and the hand hasn't fed, so she's not fed the others, you have to then feed it again. If I'm doing it twice and the head doesn't see need and this is where you need bottle. Is you take a bigger chick from another box and put that in and you think, I'm going to get in the bigger chick now from another box, but tell you what the number of Chan's that does it, it's bigger. It's more Boise calls more, and then when she feeds that out, that comes in the little and goes back and you put it back now crop feed him. It goes down the left hand side or the right, which added to the side, and you must be vertical to the burden of your vertical for the verb On the next slide, I actually, you'll see the crop need Lama from the crop. That's not me making a mistake. I'm doing it on purpose to show you so you can see where it is. You can see if you've got any doubts and you can see it holdings. Just pinch the drop lead on because you know where the, as you can see. So yeah. So I'm over the company needles in the middle cause I feel it that if you've got any nerves, you can just pinch it in whole the continental dorm overfill because you don't want to dump block the airway. Saves lives. If you have an ill bird and you have to medicate it quite often, the dire through starvation, not the reason you're medicating it for because what happens is you put the medication in the drinking water. They might drink, they might not, but if it's not feeling very well, shooters, exit, exit won't eat. So it won't even get Charles to take the medication. It'll die. So if you have cause to Medicare to Byrd, then don't let it die through style version. You can actually add the medication to the crop food and feed it together, or just put it direct in the crop if you want. Or if you can see it's drinking but it's not eating, you can feed it. So crop needle is a really, really important part of the kit. And if you're not confident in using it, go to somebody else that is, and they will show you and just do it over and over again. So really important part of the, of the kit for looking after produce today. So this is really about our came back at the ABI and the path of took, because I was talking to Jeff before, when you've, when you've got a. It's to the birds to make a change and influence a change on a full store. The boat is had you buy all the actresses you like. He can, once you start to go down a certain road to change direction for that particular studies hard. And that's why some people get disillusioned when they go out and buy stock birds. They pay a lot of money. Bring it in. And what happens is your studies show defined the way you read it, it quickly dilutes the outcross. So you don't really get the impact you want to do. And so when you get your opportunity to start like, Hey, out in, I've had Gucci's 45 years, so you actually think, right, I'm going to do this this time or at that time. So, and this will explain the way that I've developed the study birds that we're, we're putting together today. So I saw the bird swell and Adams. That was the agreement. Um, I saw on 12 them for far less than I could gotten elsewhere. And the agreement raised with Adam, with Alan was that if it came back into Butchie's in a short space of time, I could go and handpick some pears to take away and breed the way your cages, I could have cost. They were mine and the nest boxes were mine and we'd been married for years, Allen, so I had no doubt that that's what would happen. That's what happened. I went to Alan's, I haven't picked, I think it was 12 pair of birds. Um, some good friends gave me 10 pair reach of, of pet birds, poor quality birds that used his fosters. And for the first two years, all our bread with the first year of bread, 50 birds from these birds for add back of mine. Then the birds went back to Allen. I then dropped a burden from Chris and one from Mike Ball, and the rest of it was virtually mine. So I bred for another year with mine. And then I went abroad and I'll come to that. But the good thing for me was when Alan had the birds, I helped him pair them because when I've seen some really good stuff, the birds sold over the years, and the thing that people is the person's never bought is the breeding. And to be perfectly honest, without the breed, you've just got a collection of birds that someone has done very, very well with. So that's the bit that was always missing. Well, with Allen, I went and paired the birds with Alan and gene. And the first year now, and I'm sure he won't mind me saying, what do you want after? Cause you're gonna be recording now, but he won't mind me saying these are the first year he got with French malt. And what happened was you put two flocks of birds together and the stress level went through the roof because you were merging two flocks of birds. Two flocks of birds come together in the wild and they'd be trouble. And the in the wash trouble and it, and it caused French mold. Super, super babies, but yet French mode. And then the following year it was over that and he started to show the birds. So it is very satisfying for me. For example, the show South Cheshire gold Champ's show, you know, what's a good show in 2010 Alan at best young bird in shore, noon, boon, best young bird, and you know, in our area the same as the shows that you guys have. It takes some doing, it's quality burbs. So that was a credible result. I was pleased with that. The same year you went to the lunch in Cheshire. Every chunk show different bird, and he had best young bird again, while I was, that was great for me because Alan would tell you, you got rid of most of his own and he was working with the bird side, and when I saw the stood then that was probably the best pogies that Debra did. It probably pre-GED Pete. It was heartbreaking to let them go, but it's not like having an efficient budget and put away when you've got issues in your life. These birds depend on us. And it reached a good level. It was best to move on and pass them to Allen and Allen now does his own thing. I paid him for two years. Alan and gene are in the way they're doing. It's their sort of birds. I still get an odd bird back. We were good friends. We worked together, and I've got one this year and I'll still get to know another bird back because although I'm developing a different bird, as you'll see, I've always strongly believed in size, ship, balanced, and department. We get obsessed with feather. You will see some really heavy feathered birds. We need them because it's easier to pull back and then go forward. So I genuinely believe these extreme birds have, have a place in the birds room, but that's where they should stay. And the bird that you put out in the shock, the in the showcase, uh, to show, I want as a judge to be able to look along and go, that'll do. Boom, put it straight out. Because all the other birds, you've gotta beat it. If you do that as a George, you then you might sort it out. But if you have that impact bird, that bird, which he size yet balanced and department, well, they all stood of birds. I had was really heavily bred for that. You know, I like to think, and I'd had comments from people saying, well, we can always tell you all birds, because one is, I always turned about spot on if I can get it. And the second thing is they've got to have that pleasing say shit and Swank that an exhibition boogy not just a big lump of feathers. Now you will see some heavy feathered birds, but the birds are tend to try and shore up the swanky Shipley birds. So I still go back to my old store to get that, to drop that in. So for two years I use me on birds. Then, so this is me all blind, which was topless, Pilkington manage, touch the match, and these are versions of the old line that was a joy man's boat back then. I guess it's no different to now only I use different birds. I always saw what I call the European bird, although on the, in Europe, but the bird from abroad, Joe mans was the guy at the time. The bread is different bird, you know, it, the big pussy face, the lovely, tight, dense feather. And as a result of that, the big round spot, because spot is, is governed by feather, not flecking, nothing to do with lucky. Um, and there were pleasing birds. So I always used to use a bit of man's birds in with my line anyway. Uh, I now do a similar thing by using European bird, but I don't use yours. I've got in Lugoff, which I'll come to. So that was, that was me old line. This cocky yet was the best words I ever bred. Controversial really, because I think I had 15 best in shorts with that cock. But he would pick a fight if I put him in a cage on his own. If he could fight himself, he would, you know, he would, he'd always had feathers missing. Now when he was a baby, I showed him the club show and he had a line of fucking right across there, right across the front. And I remember Joel mans June, he wanted the baby CC, which I was delighted with. Um, cause I knew we had this line. And when it come up for best young bird, you could see your pointing. And quite right down it went. Um, he still got players for champion breeder following year, paired him up with dissipate. That isn't a problem. If the, it just been the flecking of the gun, that would have been fine. But you've got a fight in here that whenever I used to shoot, sometimes I'd show me that feathers missing. Well, it used to upset me that some people said, what if you went to his head? Where's the fucking gun in play in a doctor's yet? And then when he was in full Fattal and he had all the feathers, I couldn't resist it. Used to shove him in there. I said, what'd you think of that? Then when he had all the feathers, um, it's the side of the erbium Fred book. He was a super bird eComm, really close at the club shore twice to get in best adults, uh, beat on a split decision. And then once I put it in the wrong cage, which people don't let me forget about, but that's another thing. But probably the best show that I've ever had. You shouldn't expect to get best ensure. Whenever I sent that bird out, I expected to get vested in short, and that's not been elegant. I just loved him and he was a natural shorebird and he had a lot of best insurance, and that is a feature I don't want to lose from the birds no matter which way a goal, no matter how I developed them, no matter what feather I use, I come back to this land as an example. I want that Swank in style and in ship because there's a judge, most of judges that makes their job easy. If you've got a bed like that in the class. My goal used to come to me. Um, I remember Mike Ball, when he first came to me, he said, you're my last chance. I've been ripped off. I've been stitched up, I've been this, that, and the other. If you don't help me, I'm going to pack him. And he has that much to say. Now I'm sure a few few people probably think Belardi, what have you done? But I like, Mike is a good stock man and he knows what he's doing and he likes his particular type of book. Well, I, we became good friends, but when I came back in, it was my turn and knock on the door and say, right, Mike. I want some of your cinnamons to put back into my brain, and I've been doing it every year since, and this is Mike, that Mike Best cock may not he's got, there's a video on Facebook on it. That's his best friend and I've got a son off that. I had that bird. That was when I got off Mike and, and that was abroad that I think so identified this feature, this breeder hat that I wanted to add to mine. So I'd spent two years putting the foundation. It was, what am I going to do now? So Mike was one of the, the birds that I added. I then went to Belgium, to Georgia baby shore and Alan Adams came with me. And for those of you that judge in Belgium, they love the hobby. It's great fun. You know, the S the kids is an all the same size. It doesn't matter. They just, it's just a great place to go. And the enjoy the birds. And are truly in the baby show and when you do the baby, when you George, you're allowed to prejudge. You're allowed to walk round. And I was walking round and because it's being recorded, I won't say what I said, but I stopped in front of this bird, but four and a half months old, and I had never seen a bird like that because it wasn't like the English bird. The typical English bird is the square box type head. We have the key old bird. We came away from the keel bird. Now you've got the basketball bird, and when the flatten, they don't particularly look a lot, but when they sit in the blo, they've got lovely outline and I shit nice and thick through that bridge. A box that's more like an hour. The sugar comes up, it tapers into the top of their head. You've got the width over the top of the, where it comes down and round. Beautiful, big spots for the big bird type. Fan it, and look where the feet, you leave me mention the feet quite light in this presentation because not a lot of people actually look at the feet of a bird and you can tell if a bird, drunks, it stands like that. Um, feet close together, fill the cage. Absolutely. Super. Fell in love with it. Straight away. It had best young bird. Um, and it was a guy called Andre Goossens who packed him, but he's now back. Um, so Alan and I both thought, well, we're going to have a bit of this. And I became good friends with Martin Hale. And while we were over there, I went to visit our, uh, Martin and Alan moved with me. Um, Alan brought three birds back and a guy bought five, and that started a good friendship with Martin, but it also started really developing this new type of bird because the best way I can, uh, example I can give that is an English feather, and that is a European feather. And English feather typically is long and narrow, and you get the lovely blow. And the feature that we used to a European feather is short and broad, and quite often you get the Flathead, what it goes that way. Now it's a combination of the two, Lou Tufts doing it. Um, there's one or two people over. You do it that what I call feather engineer. The making a bird rather than just putting birds together. I found that a challenge and I want to do that. I watched to see if I could keep my Swan, can style from the birds that you had before, but developed this feather where I want it here, not all over. Um, and that's the road I'm going down and you'll see some birds, um, to demonstrate where I'm going with it. So these were the Martins Herrmann birds. I've just had that often this year. Um, that is a bird I had two years ago. And you'll see a dentisty when you'll see the, there's a family as cinnamons and you'll see the videos and the key bird is this bird. That's what they've come down from. And that was one, I judge that as a baby at my, he said, I don't like that. I love it. Then when it's finished and it wouldn't, and a true enough, the following year I added and the gray greens that you'll see come down. But down from this ladder yet, but it's a different feather. If you look, it's like, and the best description I can give is like an hour, which is not the typical English type bird. So I wanted to pinch that feather off there. So this is how the new line, these are new birds by using my old line and the new features and the different, the good, the main thing. I mean, if you look not a big spot, but look how around it. For us to get that, um, thigh spot on a, what I call a pure English bird. It would travel up the feather. And the reason it travels up is it can't go that way because the fat is not wide enough. So you know people, what deflect birds do? Well, the pretty flat birds. I mean, people say flacking is because it increases the size of spotter. Any bird, my opinion, not true. They're visibly normally are big spots, deflect birds, but flecking is a fault and when you put the big spot in, that's fine, but you're putting the flecking in as well. I don't like it. I've got some, because you throw the baby out with the bath water if you get rid of all your flight birds, but I'm really, really critical with it. I really don't like it, but I found that I can put the spot on the bird and big spot and almost round by giving them a wider feather. And by doing that, I have to, I use the European. So that's, that's the bird. I am best in short that I remember. Sure. Last week with that, um, golden fares family, I really dropped on with that family. Uh, I had a golden Fest. We had Goossens bread and the bread superstar. I've had a few best yogurts in shore from owl shore, sky blue in a bit. That's broadly to that. But you get the big spot, you get the lovely dentist, feathering and clean. More birds from the same family. This is bred me a lovely Greer this year, that birds, not quite as big, but this is what you call the composite bird. I'm getting the height of putting the English in, so you've got to put that longer now. A feather. So the sacrifice is, I don't quite get the size spot. What's nonetheless good enough? Good enough. And this blue is the brother to the golden face. Um, so the birds are different. I can see that the different, the different to our bread before, but I want to still keep that shit. This is the, the Greg green. Oh, that I've shot is you can see it. It's, it's got the English, yep. The back school. But hopefully it's denser here. You can still see through it, but it's a little denser. So that's like composite bird. It's got the English book. I'm getting the dentist feather. Didn't quite get the size bottle. I'm not worried about that. This, again is from the, the, this bird had a big influence. Some of the buildings, the vertebrae all mixed you the Harry Hockaday: feather, so you can see the spots down to travel or the feathers can see the long blocks. But what if you can see the fabric that doesn't just go to the side, comes down and around. It looks like to these go like that with a bigger. And that again, I find is a European feature. This is the sky cock. I had the best young bird in show this bird, um, beautiful share a bed, five chicks off it. Then it does. And I was, I was really glitzy to go over to the golden chair. He has a lovely position, you see as close to the gathers, stood like a sole jet. He's got a thick back stalls and he's got the ninth round spot. Lovely, lovely bird. Nice bird to look up balanced, but it had the feather where I wanted it. This is more of a stopcock. This is a, a pile of bread. Um, I fear very wide across here. Really good through the shore that you could do with a slightly deeper math book. He's got that fun side feather that I want to put on the bed. Is a big issue going on in resin in Germany, particularly about feather and birds being able to see, well, even a pet bird, the fact the eyes are on the side of their head and it turns to the side to look at you, even pet, they turned to the side to look at yet. So the issue of the feathering going across there for me is that the problem, it's when it wraps around and some of them you start to go that way. I've got a grid. It's going that way a bit, but it doesn't wrap right round. Now I accept that's an issue, but not the fan here. Not, not that bit. Because when you turn the bird to the side, you can see it sigh, it's eyes clean. You can see a tie and a bird look to look at you from side to side. So we're okay there as long as we don't wrap it round once we don't wrap it around. This is about red. Last year we had, everything that we wanted is about red, and I've got three shots at him. What is a juvenile and that we want them in the flight as another. Well, this bird has got the square back score. It's not suddenly like an hour. It's got the square back school, which was the English influence. It's got the dense feather, really dense. Um, and he's ended up with a decent mask as well. This is him as a juvenile. You'll see, you look at featherless feathers tightened up. When you put weight on, you don't see this father, but he's a good shit. He's got that far. But if you're naughty, see how it comes down, doesn't you just go to the side? It comes down and then around and he's got a decent truck and he's got a good chip. See ya. See the feet again and it's like a carrot. Well, even though, even though I know that our ideal is changing over the years, the one thing that we don't have to lose that carrot ship can still be achieved with the feather as long as we put it here and not put it all over the boat. This is a shot of him in the flight. Now, was it another one? And he's totally changed again. It's filled out the street to feel close to God. Looking at the good sleep on the feathered feather. Come down and round. He's got a good laugh. He's nice and solid and you want to be favorite coffee stuff, but when it comes out again, you'll see that shit that's all fucked. I guess it's a little to work lights. I like it. I like it. But it really, you call it the directive should be, but I, but I do like that ship. I love that ship of a bird. This is the bird, that woman that weekend. Um, I've had two CCS with this cock and the, some of it. I actually finished the presentation on my son as well. We will see the son in a minute. He's got it all going on here. And when he looks from the side, that is like a golf ball on the top of their head. I mean he's not fit there. Cause I, when I did this, which was last year, he was in the breeding cage, but again, the round spots, feet close together, right shape on the perch and bringing that really good. This was his baby last year. You visited me last year. Didn't yet. Didn't have, I'd listened to boxer state when you guys care much here. Yeah. And again, for the Bata, you're looking, if not the down, further that grid. Look at the B that is not great depth and much looks a bit short and as it good. And this is the bird down. Oh, I don't want to comment any further on than that. When he turns his head, you can see his own. What was the tendency if the song to wrap it round? Uh, well, that's okay. I don't mind that book. You can see where it's different. It's a different type of Yeah, you could have feet, feet together. Nice shape on the perch, giving him plenty of blow on a good man. Maybe cinemas I found with the, some of the babies they look cute is there and then in the salt, like glow into the skin, if you will, when the malt out the balance out and, and that was it. That was about it. When you see pictures of it malting up. I guess we'll see day. We just got the good wind, good guests, enough good stuff. and this is the bed melted out. A little bit of fucking, he's traveled. I called She'll be buried and who's put it out? That's it. Really. There's now house. No, the Harry Hockaday: cinnamon from the cinnamon line. Again, good sheriff on the perch. Not massive shoulders. Good at all going on when I want it. Which is on there again, when you are mixing the two feathers on the spot to start to travel again off the federal a little bit, but still good spot. Have you pair, this was a lit red last year and again from the same cinnamon family that all calmed down from from the cinnamon Greer, Luke soft one fall, fall. Um, and he made a really nice baby. But he would still let Brad, I didn't get chance to pet him up, but he'll be, it'd be used this year again, I've gone from the Flathead, the dense feather, but actually getting that better listener by mixing the two feathers together. And I like that shit. I don't know that shit. This is a split dilute and I've started to introduce, dilute into the Burj. Um, I don't want to be a specialist breeder of these colors book. If you get a dilute pop out the box of normals, quite often it will be a good one, cause predominantly normal bread when you may dilute to dilute, I think you lose something. Sometimes he's off a a really good light green color and the dilute had, uh, again, he was let red last year and when his sister and I haven't used them this year, I'll be making them to dilute and he's got that. Compensate for, it's still the English law, but a little bit denser. Again, the spots are in a nice ship spot. This is one of the few smiles spotting cups or bread and he's got more of the long feather and, but he's got the fan of the year. The theme, I had the best, your Verde insured with that last year. It features on a slide in a bit, and the family he comes from at all big spotting birds. He just happened to come out with a small spot. Well, if you look at the actual look at how, why that featherless it's impossible. I commit it to as many flight birds as alive. I can't make that spot in the bigger Keller because if you look at the first, it's actually touching the signs of the feather anyway. So why is he got small spots? Because the feather isn't broad enough. Nothing to do with flacking or anything like that. So it's a feather that I need to tune. Now we're going to see it like a dentist cinnamon cinnamon with bread from that original Mart. Hell, I'm on the yellow first. If you remember me saying to you, that's the bird set. A bit of a dentisty going. This was the bed last year. Again, it's coming down and we love that fan. This is in multi now. doing Harry Hockaday: number one. And the reason I remember that is cause I pulled his tail. It came flying out of one of them flights. I grabbed up the bird. Well, you know what, I got a young daughter. Everything booked the birth. I had these flights to the secondary flights to, to everything. And they never come back. She's frustrated whether he would have dropped it. I don't know. Well then I put that down to me again. He's got the knife, my floor knife found cap, good sized spots. So all the gray green, I'm doing a talk in may next year at the convention, and it's one that I did 10 or 11 years ago at the BS and it's called cop to cock. Um, and what would do that want to do with your neighbor? That's the one I get. Asked about more than any of the ones I've ever done. Cause that's how pair me boots. So this cock, I wanted to pair to the Greg green cock that I like and I put those two cops in the cage and that was the pair I wanted to put together, but I wouldn't get very many eggs, water. So what I did is I went looking for the sister to the gray green cop. And this is sister to the Greg green cup. Um, yes, he's flat. He's clean, comes from a clean line in my mind and met in him to the Gregory. So I paired those two together. This is the first chip that really follows what I would say English line, the back scope, the square box type hands. She's made a lovely year, two extreme Mennonite center chick. Number two. However. For about five years ago, we would have thought that was a feather district. We'd have had it in the box and thought, God, that's never going to live it. It's just that they just split the, what I call now, these extreme births. It's a big thing about extreme and long flights, and I'll go into that later in the presentation for that. And you have quite a big extreme nerd and he's made a good, but he's certainly not a boon that I could show. I would show, and this is in multinational. So is this, she is baby. So I'll be looking forward to pairing that and breeding cage this year is developed the very long actually feather on the head. He's got good get to math when he's filled out super debt, but even though he's a big burden, you can see that exactly. And look at the feet again. So even though I'm putting size on them, a lot, the size, the shape of the bird, inherently really the in the right position. So they should be the right shape. This was chicken number three, similar to the second, but if you notice no where near as dense, you're the one who was really second. They have a good bed, but not as dense. That GERD, I think is the best for Jack on the back. Now I want to show him this get him out, but he was sad. You can have a seat. The seat issued pretty balanced. He hasn't got super long tail. The flight is a big vert, so you get in a variety of different feather and shit because you mixing the two together in the flight. Again, look the, see as long as you can see, do not position, they will always have good fit and he's, the big shop is a big draw. The coffee you've got the longer type slot rather than the round wall capping or like 1951 fast. He can see, I would get it. Is he older brother? can you see flooding, a gentle on your bio that you can see the dentist. Now, these few ticks, you don't look like they're going to be a big spots reduction. We've got good spots, so you can never tell even see. And now the next slide of in loyalty, doubt is part multi-store. The be yet, but now he's molted the down here just got a good Goodness that you could get from us, and that is false doors to now with down eight you got to fill them out. But all of them are different from the path, and it's because there's two different types of feather being put together. This is not what Ray wins for this. Um, I did a thing, the Cocker, this habits. Okay, so that version got the kind of come in there, mate. Then you've got one good Fox. not related to the other cinnamon, but the interesting things, what can I, not feather, but you'll see in malted out women that disappears. You see them and the light for the illustrious, you think, Oh, here we go. And then when the molten, the what I call grow into the skin. And the, let's tighten up again as a baby. She's got the nighttime actional, fender van, lovely depths in math, and if he's a multiday out, quality's not brilliant. I do everything I do now with the mobile form, which is, it's a clause. It's fine when we're distancing the flight and lives from the quality super hen. Lovely big fix. Like an hour. Good. Get to that. No, I think she was in that all up writing two years ago. I lost that on thought. That was about that offline, like got green. Yeah, and mixing the two. I've now got the dentist feather, but she's bringing it right or not flat because she's bringing up the background from that. I lost that unfortunately. This is my spitting Cobra, and you'll see why I say that in a minute. And this is one of the last papers I've read this year. I've read that in the Gregory and in a couple of months. yeah, I love you down. If you come anywhere near me, what was the baby? Plenty of back school. Got the dance feather here. Good depth. The muskets and ice baby ice baby. This is the bird I like best opposite sexual, but it was last year. With this, you need to lift to be critical. I want to put a little bit more feather on it, but it's approaching the type of Verda light, which is thick with real dense feather. You painted that color if you could, uh, for the pie. Um. And these are the birthday there, just not particularly wine, but the number of feathers per square inch in that head, I would bet compare to a great big longer featherbed would be far more. And the magic is when you made that type feather to a longer feather because of the density of feather and the numbers of You add it and it explodes. It just gives you these, this, this, this big hat. And there'd be is not long after I've gotten back from lots things and there is a pleasing bird to look out, not long. Straggly feather, nice dense feather. I just want to it just in the large, in that a little bit more. Um, I've got a big mob of hand. I'm Halen Han and I'm going to pad it to that to see if I can get a decent violet pipe. Um, but I like that. I like the ship. Again, I'm going back to this So the faith before that, the faith stood together. Good set. This is off a topic top off, and it was one of the last ones. The bread. She's again got English, which is more favoring English type, good depth. The mass, not vetting all cinnamon Cobalt's bone. again, it's quite gray and he, because I'm quite aware with them all about form from them. Right? So now I've developed this different type of book cause I like it. But I live in England. I don't live in Belgium or Switzerland or Germany. I've got to show me birds here. So you know, the European bird, the pure, what I call European birds. Is it different type bird and wouldn't fair, well, I don't think being shown over here, and then the English bird to me, I wanted to develop and change and, and we've got this falling out in the hobby over the different types of bird because the bird that favors the European type bird that has the Flathead and obviously different. Everybody's first response is, I'm lucky it's a long flight. And I'm gonna touch on that further on. But. You know, the directive, the BS directive is absolutely couldn't be clearer. And that's why, because it's so clear, I wonder why we have the issues we have because it spells it out. And I'll go into that a little bit further off. So this isn't me saying how well I did. And how did the bird, how would the birds do? So in 2014 I showed me first birds in 2014 because I wants to get back on the duties panel. And I did two shows, put several birds in each. I think I want to see, see the Kobach Cochrane and CC, and that was enough for me to qualify back on the panel. The following year, 2015 I had a few more birds to show. I did three shows and I abreast humored two of them. Well, that in your mind, that was 2015 I didn't come back till our first breeding season until 11 I've got a show on champion and where I am, it's a hotbed. So to me, that was a good indication that the new type of bird could still do well on the bench in the UK if it had been hammered every week. You think it doesn't matter how much I like them. So I think the new type for me is going to place, um, the following year I did five shows. I had another best young word and a best opposite sexual mood, and I had 28 best of color opposite sex in three short seasons. That's what the dots are. So me measuring me, progress in champion in, in, uh, a tough ferry. I was pleased. It means that I'm starting to fight me way back in, into a position where I could have, uh, uh, stood that will challenge, uh, for the world. And this year, um, I've done three shows and other best opposite section bird, two of them. So. In the last three show seasons, the virtue of competing in champion and then for for top awards, so that that to me is a measure of the way that the birds are going. Then I'm doing okay. This bird, I didn't realize the guy was going to be, but I know he's here unless he's gone. He's gone. And it was a bit embarrassing because that bird was here as well too. It got best beginner ear today as well. It was eager again, but. I actually try and say to beginners, when they come to me, don't buy birds from me. Go to the established stores like hopefully March people who are, it's on record. They don't want the European bird. They want to breed English bird. Go to them. They've been around a long time. They breed super birds and the birds are, when I am mixing the European bird, but I'm a champion. So I try and talk people off until they've been in it awhile. And then if he come back and say, yes, thanks very much. Hear what you say about I want some of them now. And then if anybody does want to use them, I'll try and help them and, and, and explain how I use them. Um, these are burdens that people have had off me. One of my birds is behind all of those, uh, for this year's barriers. So for other people. Oh, over here, they've done it all right. Which is great because if we sell birds, we want people to do well with them. Oh, we should do. Um, so I think this type of bird just have a place and they do well for the breeders, but I've also got a relationship with some guys abroad where we swapped birds now, and my blood is now going over there and they're using them. Um, and this gray caulk Martin Hill and bread of what a migrated Cox. Paired to one of his hands and the woman, the Belgium mass, a national with it when it was six months old that Vic. But again, it's got the feet close together. Long bird, lots of feather. Good spot. Um, that was Daniel Luke tough one. This one again. It um, Karlsruhe this year cause Daniel took it out the breeding cage, brought it over and took it back cause battered linty Earl anted to Daniel. Well that's possibly coming to me next year. Matthew Billye, another guy over there doing really, really well at a Greek ACO for me. Any bred that, which then later on turned into that. So this mix of feather for both sides of the channel, if you will, is breeding this type of bird, which I like, which I like. Now, long tail long flight. Um. What frustrates me, and it does frustrate me. I mean, I've had birds 45 years ice. I've seen him, I've seen the long flights, and I can honestly say since then, I have never seen one, which is sure that Bruce had been disqualified. And I want to give him opinion. I have never seen one after shore. And the problem is this, the different We're showing in a kids, it's 90 years old. It exaggerates the size of a big ugly burden to kids because of the kids that in. They shouldn't be at Shaw's if that unbalanced, but I just wish people would stop calling them long flights or long tails. The directive is very clean and we'll go into this and this should be as directed, not based direct him along. Fight is a bird that that's exhibiting. Long flight characteristics, I. E extreme and it uses that word extreme length of tail and all flight extreme. But what you think is extreme and what you think is extreme and what you think. So I, I don't believe I understand, but it doesn't say if a bird's tail touches the kids, it's a long flight. So say that. And that's what fact in the, in the one that went out was a precursor to it. It said it isn't enough for the bird's tail, but the number of times I see people at shows going like this, and the measured by the fact it touches it. The kids is 90 years old, isn't any wonder that the birds tail, which is the, the flaw that is a long tail. I've never seen one of them. Sure. But we default to a position with a bird that's got a bit longer tail. Well, if you've got a bit longer till it's out of balance, penalize it, but they don't. It'll be disqualified. Then the following show, another judge doesn't think it's extreme and it gets best in shore. You the BS cannot have a situation, in my opinion, where if a bird is disqualified, as a matter of fact, toughing consulting with the judges, it should never ever win the best in show anywhere else. The poles apart. Disqualified best in shore, but it's happening and it's happening because there's varying degrees, not extreme flecking. When flecking first the tried to ban flaky, what flight to over the eye, while in the middle, black across there was flicking this judges. It was a nightmare. Some people would kick a bird out cause it had a bit over the eye, all theirs, except it quite every, so the base went We won't disqualify him, penalize them. The most sensible decision they ever met. Under some judges, they'll tolerate it and it'll go reasonably far. But if it's got these three major faults, they won't win the top awards. Well, the judges won't have it at any cost, but we've got a situation where these are usually where the ledgered long flights. Well, birds have got slightly longer. Feathers are tail. Some judges exceptions. Some judges warmed each making a mockery, and if I was in exhibited the other bird that was disqualified, one, we can best ensure the, you're there. I'd be right to the BS saying, Hey, you guys have got to get your act together. Get the G, what's going on now? I say it how it is. And that's just what I believe because it's split in the hobby. People are falling out. There's a different type of burden. If you don't like, keep penalize it, that's fine, but let's not have any of this calling them long flights when they're not, because it's an education thing and we need to to sort of other the boogie society. I think we still get a grip with that and say, look, we need to make sure because people are falling out over it. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. So this awfully, well, try and clarify some of it. What about that. How many Averys do you see that in the IRS? PCA walked into my bird's room and saw that and that. Which one did you think I'd be in trouble for? It wouldn't be that Why is that acceptable? I'll say acceptable is, you mentioned that to some people and you go like that. Oh my God, I'm not having that look in the flight. They're going in pouch. And he'll open them and clean it and you put it in a breathing cage. Somebody does this. She will have birds in the breeding cage like that, that it uses. He rent a tree, if not more than that. I'm sick of that, which is why I tried to move away from it, but because of our obsession with feather, the birds that carry that are normally the grid, big fish birds. You might only have a couple of new shed. How are you going to get rid of them? So people use them? The Rocky road to ribbon that is used in burgers with that, and I'm hoping that the strength and length of tail on these type of birds might counteract that. Les Martin's. Greg green was seen as the futuristic birds and modern bird. Look at it. The head touched the top and you know where the tail went nowadays to be kicking it, I want to say, and it's a long flight. That bird filled the cage. It was seen as the futuristic bird, the exact same cage in the 50s look at that top winter in the 50s to tell virtually just went across to the perch. We're using the same carriage. Not problem, because what the BF kid, they brought the perch to the front grit move because of that VAP line. When we used to try and trench it a trend. The birds, if you'd remember, they come to the front of the kids and he'd put one bar on the reach over and put it on the, I need to get your foot off in your chest it back. What it was really saying is, I can't stand to look back a year because of the slope of the cage, so they brought it to the front masterstroke the bird can come to the front, loads of kids left. It can go well. There's a newsflash. It also goes down. So is we've allowed them to come to the front of the kids to get a big and bird. Did he really think we're going to have a bird that's going to go up, but the tail for whatever magical reason won't go down and touch the seed? Of course it will, but breeding longer birds. So we really have to move away from this looking in a carriage and seeing the taste and sense a long tail, because it's ridiculous. We call if you like the, they brought in the birds of color. Fine. It will never replace exhibition bird, and if it brings more in, that's fine. I don't know anything in life that goes backwards and if the bird is going to go forwards, we have a responsibility and the responsibility is it doesn't happen by accident. We develop the bird, so we have a responsibility and that responsibility. He used to think of the health as well as everything else. If we're going to get a bigger bird, fine. But let's keep size, ship balanced and department. Don't panic about the cage, but let's move away from this. Looking in the flawed and certain, it's a longterm 1925 the showcase was stung. Good eyes 90 years ago. And the birds are still in the same kid edge. Well, you know, Eric peak once commented on these birds with flights entails and he said it'd be like putting a glide his wings on a jumbo jet. If you try and get the wings to conform on a bigger bird to the size that you want them to be, if the bird is going to develop, it's going to develop all round, which includes wings and tail. You do get ugly birds that are unbalanced, and I would penalize them. In fact, I wouldn't show them. But let's get it right. You know, let's not just type, call them all long flights when, when they're not necessarily my birds, flights clearly long and crossing. Now look at the length of that bird tail. What size should it be in comparison to the bird? The visual tail from either where the tail meets the body, which is supposed to be two in the same thing, but is in this bird. The visible tail should be a third or a little more than a third of the bird. That's 50% of the birth. Well, when the directive says extreme length of tail, well, there you go. Make the bird the song about, that's the bird. anybody seen them in a show yet? I haven't. That verge tail, yeah. Would be well on the floor and almost curling up the floor. Well, the wall, but we don't see them. So we default to the other birds that are a little bit longer. That bird flies. There's a body feather. They go past the body feather because when you read the description in the BS it, let's plan to you that the flights have got to go where the body feather makes the tail. It's called the cushion where the body further makes the tail, not because you're not behind the wings, cause no birds do that. Not even the English ones. You look at your birds and where the body feather meets the tail, that's where the flights end up. That's where they go. That one goes past, there's the body fill it and you go past. So that bird would fit the description of kicking it out cause it was a long flight. But we don't see them. We don't see that. Look at that bird that's made worthless because it sat like that. Okay. But even though it's sitting like that, what can that, if that bird sat at the right angle, there's loads of tail on the floor. and if you actually looked at the balance, but it'd be, it'd be too long. Nice bird. I don't understand them being disqualified. We don't see them either. And I've already mentioned about the flecking. Well, that bottom bit, which is the directive is read and interpreted. Then it's easy. I've heard this about when you can tell by the neck, really, what page is that in the directive? It's not in there. Well, you can tell by the, I really will. What page is that in? That isn't in there either. What the mean is you can see it's a different bird and I can see it's a different book cause I can tell by the eye on the neck, well that's fine. But as a judge, you're employed to judge to the BS directive. Don't veer off the BS directive. I've laminated the periods and I always get it out and put it on the side. If anybody's got any, any doubt. And when you start going around and showing other judges, it's peer pressure. You know, the guy thinks it's one before he brings it. Yeah. And two or three of you, then say yes, it is that bird goes to another show, two or three saying, no, it isn't disqualified. Best insure, ridiculous. We shouldn't be in that situation where we've got that, but it's happening. It's happening. What about that bird? Now, if I had seen in the cage, that tail would be buried into the seed, wouldn't it? Look at the tale that, yeah, that's not more than a third. Suddenly we look in a cage and say, that's a long flight, so let's chop off some of the tear. Look stupid. Absolutely. That's a key work proportion size chip balance and department. Not does its tail touch the floor. So it's easy. I mean, that birdie is, it's a long bird. That tail should follow the line of the flight, really, which he's obviously making it, but I've used it as an example because suddenly would look at that and if there was seating in there, then that tail disappeared in the seat. It wouldn't be a second thought. It'd be kicked up for being a long tail. But the directive doesn't say it is either. So it shouldn't be. So what's the future? Um, for me, I want the hobby to be a hobby. You know, one thing, you know, it's when you judge around the world is it seems to me that they really enjoy most countries, most countries enjoy it. And yes, you have to have rules, but let's chill out a little bit and enjoy it as a hobby. Education and I, this is really, I guess, a point for the BS. We need to make sure that if you have a rule, any rule that says you disqualify it needs to be fact. Not an opinion. Needs to be fact. If you can't produce the fact and set the rule away and penalized like they did with penalize big, ugly birds, it never win, but there's not going to be, nobody's ag on the first by one day doing something and you know, not winning the next. So what's the future? Well, for me, I've nailed my colors to the mass. Now. I like the blend of the different feather. For me, it's not just for beauty and to look at the bird, it's health. I've seen what the small frame bird duels when we pile feather on it and I don't like it, coach, you'll judge a bird. Looks super, you'll give it to CC, you'll put your hand in the case, take it out,

state the ring number, and you've got a handful of feathers. That cannot be healthy for the bird to have a small frame but flows to continually keep footing more feather on the same frame. I wanted more frame, which is why I started using the European bird.

There's like a hole in the house breaking your hand. There are different bird together on the room and no good because we didn't We don't over, you know, we've got, we've developed a style of Berg. We've got, we've got our own standard, but I think they have a role to play. I want to try and do something about the health side of it. I don't want cysts on my Birch. If I can help you. The tail bit is something that's an inherent thing. You'll throw the baby out with the bath water if you get rid of all the Taylor's birds, but still be ruthless with it. Flecking you don't need to readily Austin with flecking thinking gonna put big on because I think you've seen with some of the examples I've shown you today, the smallest spotty bird. He's on an narrow feather, the biggest button, but it isn't a It's fact. It's there. You can see it. Nothing. They were flicking. So this bird, this bird brings sharp rod feather, bigger frame, and in some cases a longer tail and flight. That's what you're going to get if you use that bird. This bird. Long narrow feather, but due to the smaller frame, I believe just, I believe that's why they don't keep the flights. We get the feather assists because the body can't sustain the amount of fed we seem to be obsessed with, with, with putting on the birds. So if we're going to keep going down the feather road, fine, let's have a bigger bird please, because it will take the feather a lot better. So what's the future? Well, you know. You breed, your birds are you want, don't you let anybody, me or anybody tell you how to breed them? You breed them out. You want to breed them. Um, so I can only say what the future is for me and the type of bird that I want to breed. And for me, that's the future. Thank you.

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