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Lord Monckton -- interview with ČT

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According to your opinion, what is going on in Spain right now? What is it all about? It's very difficult to establish what the demonstrations in Spain are all about. There's just been a general election. The people have been given their say, they have very heavily supported the Right in the elections and I guess that the extreme Left don't like that very much. So according to your opinion, the demonstrations were made by the left part of the political party of the political... well, let's say chamber of Spain. I think it certainly seems that it's mainly the extreme Left which is taking part in these demonstrations -- that doesn't mean that they will be the only ones but it seems to be mostly them -- and they're coming dangerously close to objecting to result of the general election. I'm not quite sure that I understand you correctly right now because I'm not sure that you are saying that the demonstrations are organised by the political parties...? No, I'm not saying necessarily that they are organised. Who organises these things I don't know. Large demonstrations nearly always are organised. People very seldom take the streets spontaneously, somebody starts it off. I don't know who that was. What I do know is that so soon after a general election to protest against the elected government is a dangerous denial of democracy itself. What are the reasons for demonstrations? Very hard to read. I think in general the extreme Left doesn't like the result of the elections which went very heavily against them and very heavily towards the centre-right parties. And I think also there is a growing concern among people in Spain -- and this would go much more widely than just the political parties -- that the economic arrangements in Europe are falling apart. And that always it's the poorest and the working class that are going to be made to pay the most.

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Posted by: mmister on Jun 2, 2011

Interviewer: Daniel Stach

For international audience: ČT (Czech TV) is a Czech public broadcaster.

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