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Snuggie commercial

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You wanna keep warm when you're feeling chilled, but you don' t wanna raise your heating bill. Blankets are OK, but they can slip and slide. And when you need to reach for something, your hands are trapped inside. Now, there's the snuggie. The blanket that has sleeves! The snuggie keeps you eternally warm, and gives you the freedom to use your hands. So now, you can work the remote, or read a book in total warmth and comfort. Use your laptop without being cold, or enjoy a snack while staying snuggly-warm. Snuggie is made of ultra-soft, thick, luxurious fleece, with oversized sleeves so you can move your arms and use your hands. And still be wrapped in warmth. Superlarge, one size fits all. So you can stay warm from head to toe. No more cold feet. And with snuggie, you can get up and still stay warm. Perfect for men, women and children, too. The ultra-soft fleece keeps you totally warm. And the sleeves keep your hands free. So you can snuggle your baby in your arms, or keep your pet close at hand. Perfect for chilly outdoor evenings, staying cozy and warm at sporting events, and it's ideal for those draughty dorm rooms. Snuggie is machine washable, so you'll get years of warmth and comfort. Now you can use your remote, enjoy a snack, talk on the phone, do what you need to and stay totally warm with the Snuggie. Similar products cost up to sixty dollars, but call now and you'll get the ultra-soft, ultra-warm Snuggie for only fourteen ninety-five. Available in royal blue, sage green and burgundy. As an added bonus you'll also receive our compact, press-and-open book light, just press and the book light instantly opens, and it turns on for extra light when you need it. Our fifteen-dollar value, free! Yes! You get the ultra-soft fleece Snuggie and our press-and-open book light, a seventy-five dollar value both for only fourteen ninety-five. To order call 1-800-819-0658, remember: you'll get the ultra-soft, ultra-warm Snuggie, and the compact press-and-open book light for just $14.95 plus parcel send and handling, Call 1-800-819-0658

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