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Hey, it’s me, Cheryl. And are you ready to see your mid-January brochure? Are you ready to plan, are you ready to prep, and are you ready to pack for a healthy start to 2018? Say yes, say sí, say oui. Well, we have all of those products for you and your customers inside this brochure. But we are going to start first with your amazing 12-piece host gift special, your Modular Tower. It continues for all of your hosts. 700 $ and 2 R.-V., your host can choose whether they want the popsicle or the black seals for that 12-piece modular host gift special. So now, are you ready to see some of the amazing products in your brochure? Well, we are going to start, you all, with your feature in your brochure, and it is your 20-piece Smartest Start Set. And this set, guys, is everything your customers are going to need to get healthy in 2018. First of all, it’s going to come with a set of four of our Tupper Minis; four of your snack cups, four of your Little Wonders, four of your Medium Wonders, and four of the Large Wonders. And these are the perfect on-the-go, but they are also great, guys, when you are planning, when you are prepping, and you are packing to take your lunch to work, or you are going to be on the go for a healthy start. So, for example, you can do all of your homemade salad dressings and put them in your Tupper Minis, guys. You can also put in the snack cup, if you want to do some sliced almonds or some granola for that salad. It’s perfect in there. Then you take your Little Wonder, and you can fill it up, guys, with your strawberries, your button mushrooms. Take your Medium Wonders, guys, and put some of your larger vegetables in there, like your cucumbers, your carrots, your radishes. And then, in the Large Wonder, that’s where you are going to put your lettuce greens. And you can pack all of that the night before, put it in the refrigerator, and then just take it out and put it in your lunch and take it to lunch, and you have got your healthy start to 2018. Those containers are also great, guys, if you want to mix it up a little bit. So, maybe one Monday, you want to take a Cobb salad. On Tuesday, you might want to take a spinach and a strawberry salad. On Wednesday, maybe you want to just take regular leaf salad. So, it gives you the alternative, and it gives you the opportunity to do that with all of those different pieces. Plus you know what, you all? It’s great for portion control, too. So, if you want to try and start cutting back on those sugars and that processed food, but you know everybody will tell you, If you are on a diet, everyone needs a cheat day, you can put a little bit of M&M’s in the snack cup or the Tupper Minis. So, they are great for your portion control, too, guys. So, it’s a great set, and you are going to want to make sure that you are taking that to all of your Tupperware parties. And when your customers are taking advantage of that 20-piece Smartest Start Set, that will give them the opportunity to take advantage of our P with P, and it is our four-piece FridgeSmart Set, and you all know, FridgeSmarts, they’re the bomb! Everybody has to have them. So, what does the set include? They are going to get not one, but two of our Small Deep, they are going to get one of the medium, and they are going to get one of our Medium Deep. And you all know, these are the perfect sizes for all of those fruits and vegetables that your customers are going to be storing not only now, but in the coming months. And don’t forget to share at your Tupperware parties. If they are buying berries and things like that are not necessarily in season, you want to make sure that you are storing them in your FridgeSmarts. So that way, you are going to be able to use them all year long. And you know what, you all? One of my favorites, and they go together like peanut butter and jelly, is your FridgeSmart and your salad spinner. And you know what, you all? We have a new salad spinner! And it’s not just a salad spinner, it’s also salad-on-the-go. How awesome is that, you all? So, first of all, let me just show you how great this is. It’s a little bit smaller than our old salad spinner, which I really do like. And it does come with your colander. So once again, you can use this as a colander. You don’t have to use it just for a salad spinner. But you are going to put all of your greens inside here, your fruits and vegetables, everything that you want to clean. You just put the cover on top, guys, and then you know what? You just go to town. Look how awesome that is! Okay? And, you know what, you all? Once you are done cleaning it, then you can just take this out, okay? All the liquid comes out. Dry it out, put this back in here, and now, you want to go to… Maybe you are doing a potluck, you are going to someone’s house for dinner, and you are bringing your favorite salad. You have all your greens right inside here, okay? And what makes it so great, guys, is when you want to take it on the go, it actually has a seal. But, on the seal, guys, it has your snack cup, and it actually has your salad utensils that you can take with you. How awesome is that? Does Tupperware not think of everything? So, you know what, guys? If you want to do the salad up right before you are going to go, or you want to do it the night before, put your seal on it, put it in the refrigerator, and take it and go. But don’t forget, too, guys, that during the summer time, you want to share with everybody at your parties. Another reason why they need that; the set is, when you put the colander back in, it’s the perfect piece when you are cutting up all of your melon so that they can drain their juice right away, guys. So, lots of reasons why your customers are going to want this brand-new salad spinner and salad-on-the-go. So when your customers are purchasing this, and they add just the attendance offer, or they add these really great… . I call them the 3S bowls, guys. You know why? Because you can stack them, okay, you can store them in the refrigerator, and you can serve out of these bowls. That will qualify them to go back and take advantage of our P with P, our four-piece FridgeSmart Set. Are you excited? But you know what, guys? There is more! Okay, guys, because not only can your customers take advantage of your salad spinner and your salad-on-the-go set, but they can also take advantage of… I love this, guys! We have our cutting board with our three-piece universal knife set. Now, let me talk to you all about the cutting board first. First of all, guys, I love Tupperware’s cutting board. I have two of these at home, and here is why I love mine. First of all, they have the feet on the bottom, guys, with these little tips on it, so it keeps the cutting board exactly where you want it when you are using it in your kitchen. But you know what else has happened that is awesome? Is it has these little cavities down here or channels down here whatever you want to call it, you all which is perfect when you are cutting up any of those fruits and they are going to bleed their own juice, all of the liquid goes right here into this channel, and I just pick this up and take it to the sink and dump it. How awesome is that? Super-easy to clean, and it fits in the bottom rack of your dishwasher. And we also have our three-piece universal knife set. So, you are going to get your paring knife with your sheath, guys, so you never have to worry about it going dull in the drawer, or cutting yourself. you are also going to get the utility knife. Now, you know your utility knife is the workhorse in the kitchen, guys. So, anything that you need to cut or debone, you want to use your utility knife. And then, we have your small, serrated knife, guys. And this is awesome. If you want to cut up a bagel, you want to cut it in half, this is what you are going to use. Those English muffins, use one of these. If you want to take a soft fruit or a soft vegetable, and you want to cut it, you want to use a serrated knife. And then, once again, they all come with their protective sheaths, and these are on sale. But, did you all know, that when you take the cutting board and you take the knifes, and you put it together as a set, that qualifies your customer for your four-piece FridgeSmart Set, so you are having everything on that page on sale for your customers. How awesome is that, you all? And in the US, guys, everything on this page right here… That makes it a $100 order, and in Canada, $140. How awesome is that? I would be doing that with your 20-piece set at your Tupperware parties, and your hosts are all going to qualify for that amazing host gift special. But we have more! Okay, you all, so now what is the “more”? Well, don’t forget, you all, we have in our catalogue for the customers, first time, our Smart Multi-Cooker, and this is the bomb! And we are featuring it in our mid-January brochure. Make sure you are telling all of your customers that they can use the Multi-Cooker for A, using it for their rice maker. So this, all you use is the base and your rice insert. Make sure you tell your customers that the peaks always go up, okay? Otherwise, it won’t make your rice. Okay? And then you are going to add the cover, you are going to lock and load that’s what I say at my parties put it in the microwave, take it out, and voila! Your rice is done. How easy is that, you all? None of that mess all over your stovetop. Then you can also take this and use it as a multi-cooker. And what you are going to do, guys, is use the base for your water, and then you are going to – depends on what vegetable you are making – put it right inside here. And then you are also going to take the top colander, guys, and this is where you are going to put your chicken or your fish, or you are going to take your shellfish, shrimp, and they’re all great. Pork is great in here, too. The only thing that we don’t recommend that you use in here is any of your red meats, guys. And then you are going to put that right on top, put your cover in here, put this in the microwave, set it and forget it, and voila! Dinner is done. So, you have got this great four-piece multi Smart Cooker, guys, in mid-January brochure, as a callback to your customers. And don’t forget, you all, at your Tupperware parties, I always say, there is three ways you can get your Tupperware. You decide. You can get it for retail, you can get it for half-price, or you can get it for free. And for the last two weeks of January, guys, this is our Say YES offer. So now they can get it for a small co-pay. They get to decide. How great is that? And make sure that when you are sharing the Tupperware opportunity, you are talking about business leader Vicki Mangan, who we are featuring in our mid-January brochure. Use her story to help tell your story at all of your Tupperware parties. And until I see you next month, don’t forget, as Tenova always says, you want to think big, start small, but begin now! Happy 70 years of the party, Tupperware!

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