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David Icke-Revelations of a Mother Goddess 3/18

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And you want people in the military to so give their mind away that when someone in a peak cap says, “Shoot this group of people,” then without saying, “Well, why?” or “What have they done to me?” - or whatever - it’s [GUN SHOOTING SOUNDS] all over YES SIR! YES SIR! The “Yes Sir!” mentality. Mind control And if those people had a drink with the opposition, the opponents, the enemy they would probably get on fine But they don’t get to that stage, because when the peak cap says, “Shoot,” they shoot. They are mind controlled And this is what the military is about. So you have mass mind control, and you have individual mind control And I’m just gonna now walk just around the corner from here, and take you to the headquarters of global mind manipulation Mind control has been known about for a very, very long time And to understand many of the things that Arizona will be talking about in the interview we need to explain one of the fundamental techniques of mind control It’s called “trauma-based mind control.” There is a mechanism in the mind that shuts out the memory of trauma You know when you have a car accident and you can’t remember what happened before the trauma of the actual accident, and immediately afterwards? hat’s because the mind puts an amnesiac barrier around trauma Now that’s very, very good, because obviously, we don’t want to keep reliving and re-remembering severe trauma, like accidents, and horrors of that kind But this, they began to understand massively in the concentration camps of Germany under the guy known as Joseph Mengele, the angel of death, the infamous mind manipulator and geneticist they began to understand that if you could systematically traumatize someone particularly before the age of 5 and 6 then you could turn their mind into a honeycomb of self-contained compartments amnesiac barriers, which were unaware of the existence of the others And if through hypnotic keys, triggers, words, signs, whatever you could pull one of these amnesiac barriers to the front to become the conscious level that could experience something, or be programmed to do something robotically and then that compartment could be pushed back in the mind and another one pulled forward Now this new one has no idea the other compartment exists let alone what it’s experienced, or what it’s been programmed to do This has become known as multiple personality disorder, or DID, dissociative identity disorder, which is much more appropriate And for short, these people are known as multiples And these are some of the terms that Arizona will be using in the interview. Now we’ve reached a point here, if we just turn around, of the headquarters of the global mind control network This is the Tavistock Institute on Tabernacle Street, 30 Tabernacle Street in London It was this network, and is this network, that coordinates the mind control program around the world, both on a mass and individual level The background to this organization is this: It used to be a part of the British military psychological warfare department .Appropriately And it was developed by a guy named Dr. John Rawlings Reese And other parts of the network were established around the world - Stanford in America is one of them - And together they coordinate the mass mind manipulation of the human race and mind programmed people on an individual level. Just to give you an idea, these mind-controlled people are overwhelmingly those that do the assassinations Why is it always a lone nutter that’s responsible for assassinations? Some people say, “Oh, he was just a nutter. No conspiracy. No more investigation necessary." Why is it that the same psychological profile keeps turning up all over the world with guns, going crazy with guns in the street, killing people creating Problem-Reaction-Solution situations in which legislation comes through and is introduced as a result of those horrors? Interestingly, Martin Bryant, the man who went crazy with a gun in Port Arthur, Tasmania just happened to be treated by a guy called Dr. Eric Cunningham Dax Now Cunningham Dax was the Tavistock Institute representative in Australia and a close associate for decades of Dr. John Rawlings Reese, who set the whole thing going So when someone goes crazy with a gun, or these horrific things happen we need to ask a question: “Are they doing it from their own mind, or are they programmed to do it because of the effect of what they do?” Now Arizona Wilder was brought up from birth in these mind control programs And her programmer was Joseph Mengele, the angel of death. And when he eventually died in the late 80’s, because the subject of the programming becomes so attached to the programmer, almost worshipping the programmer when the programmer dies, often the programming starts to break down It did with this lady, and that’s why now she’s speaking out and talking in staggering detail about what she experienced and the people that she was involved with. People might find it hard to believe that Joseph Mengele was in the United States and South America after the war But there was a British Intelligence, American Intelligence operation called “Project Paperclip” which got people like Mengele and other leading Nazis out of Germany at the end of the war to continue their mind programming and to continue their genetic research and manipulation in America after the war. In the United Kingdom also. So this is some important background to this Arizona Wilder interview But it’s not even the biggest secret The biggest secret is even more bizarre than that Well, I’ve now come literally a few strides outside the official boundaries of the City of London into an area known as Temple Bar where the royal courts of justice are established And this is the center of the British legal profession Not just the British legal profession, but the legal profession of the world as “The Biggest Secret” exposes. This is where they come to the Bar, as it is said to become barristers, the top of the legal profession and eventually to become the judges that are part of the network of the secret society network overwhelmingly who are told what to do And when you’ve got judges being told what to do by the secret society network what justice is there? Temple Bar is named after the Knights Templar one of the secret societies in the ancient world that i talk about in my books And they were part of this network And their successors are continuing that manipulation and agenda to this day Now I’m standing across the road from the Royal Courts of Justice here, outside something called "The Outer Temple." This is one of the major secret societies that manipulate and control the legal profession, and the workings of so-called “justice,” in Britain And indeed, like I say, further afield. But the reason I’ve come here, overwhelmingly is to point out something in the center of the road here at the boundary between Temple Bar and the City of London And it’s a massive reptile figure. A dragon figure in the center of the road Now we’re getting into what the biggest secret is ,here Because when you go around London and indeed looking at the coats of arms of the aristocratic families, etcetera again and again you keep seeing reptiles. You keep seeing dragons. And you’ve got the serpent race, and the dragon race, constantly recurring in the ancient texts describing the gods of the ancient world And there is a reason for this There is a reason why dragons appear everywhere And that is the biggest secret which Arizona Wilder also has experienced. Right at the start of our little tour of London, in that square outside the Bank of England it’s also possible to see again this same theme that keeps reoccurring, of flying dragons, of flying serpents We’ve seen one major serpent figure, serpent statue at one entrance to the City of London, near the lower courts. And here I am alongside the river Thames at another entrance to the City of London - this epicenter of global control - and what do we have to signpost the fact that you’re entering the City of London? Yet another flying dragon. This one holding the shield with the red cross on the white background This ancient symbol that I talked about with the flag on top of the Mansion House and the flag of England, the flag of St. George So what’s going on? Why, when you look at the ancient accounts of the ancient gods do you again and again see this reoccurring theme of the serpent race, the serpent gods, the flying serpents? Why, in my research for “The Biggest Secret,” have I come across a stream of people from different walks of life all over the world who have told me the same thing: That they have seen - to their astonishment and amazement - they have seen key people in positions of power just demanifest from being a human physical form, and become, before their eyes, a reptilian figure?

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A shocking series that exposes the reptilian agenda and their human ritual sacrifices they have with world leaders and politicians participating in. Arizona Wilder reveals her life story as a mind control victim and one who has been at the ritual sacrifices and has seen the reptilians for herself. Have an open mind and get ready to be shocked and appalled at the horror that is really going on in the world.

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