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Little Fockers (2010)

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[cell phone rings], ♪ [Santa Claus is Coming to town, instrumental] (narrator) This Christmas, Santa isn't the only one coming to town. [cell keeps ringing] Hey, what's the good word, Grandpa Jack? This is Jack Burns. Yeah.I know, I just...I could tell from the caller id. Dina and I will be there in approximately 18 seconds. Ooh, I'm so excited to see those little Fockers. (Greg) Gobble, gobble, everybody. It's turkey time. [applause] Jack, would you do the honors? You're the turkey carver now, Greg. Thank you Jack. It's an honor. Aaaaaaaah! [kids scream too] [Tom Jones - "Give a Little Love"] ♪ I've got myself an obsession ♪ I'm watching you. Well, I have eyes too. So, I'll be watching you - watching me. ♪ You've got to give a little love ♪ ♪ Give a little love ♪ ♪ Go on and do it, you can't abuse it ♪ ♪ Give a little love ♪ I want you to represent our new drug, Sustengo. (Greg) It's an erectile dysfunction medicine. (woman) You know any sexually frustrated old dudes? Hello Greg. You mind explaining this? Jack, take one of those pills? What do you mean? If you've had it for more than four hours you've got to go to an ER and get you a shot! There's no way I'm going to an Emergency Room with this thing. You've got to stick me and you need to stick me now. I'm not comfortable giving you...I'm not going My goooooo! Aaaaah! Oww.! Little Folkers I'd like to have a few minutes alone with him, just erase what he saw from his memory. No. You're not going to erase my son's memory. ♪ Give a little love ♪ [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Oct 30, 2010

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