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Intro to WolframAlpha with Stephen Wolfram (Part Two)

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Wolfram|Alpha is steadily building up pretty detailed knowledge on a lot of kinds of topics. For example, let’s ask it, what’s the fish production in France? Now it’ll give me the result and if I scroll down it says that that’s an average of about 56.78 pounds per second which is about 1/5th the rate of trash production in New York City. Well let’s try asking Wolfram|Alpha to compare the rate of fish production in France versus Poland. So now Wolfram|Alpha is giving us a comparison and then plotting the two time series together and so on. How about something different, let’s ask about food. Let’s ask Wolfram|Alpha, what’s in two cups of orange juice? So now Wolfram|Alpha will synthesize a nutrition label, then it’ll tell us all sorts of information about the high nutrients in orange juice and how orange juice compares with other foods and so on. Let’s change it a bit, let’s say two cups of orange juice plus one slice of cheddar cheese. Now Wolfram|Alpha can do the computation to figure out what the nutrition label for the content of that as a whole is. Let’s try a few other things. This is a crossword puzzle kind of thing. What words match that particular pattern of letters? Or let’s say we ask about Mount Everest, Wolfram|Alpha can tell us lots of things like what the typical atmospheric pressure is at the top of Mount Everest or what nearby cities are and so on. Let’s a little bit more detail, let’s say what’s the height of Mouth Everest, let’s say divided by the length of the Golden Gate Bridge? This is now comparing two quite different things, but Wolfram|Alpha is able to compute the result and there, show us the details of how it got that result. How about another kind of thing, let’s ask Wolfram|Alpha to tell us the third largest country in Europe? Now it’ll give us several results, by area, by population, by GDP and so on. Or how about this, let’s ask GDP versus railway length in Europe? So now Wolfram|Alpha will make a scatter plot of the correlation between GDP and railway length for all the countries in Europe. Or something like this, let’s ask, who is the president of Brazil in 1922? So it can compute that. Well here’s some fun, how about we type in a name, like Andrew. So this tells us the popularity of Andrew for baby names as a function of time, and down here we see that Wolfram|Alpha can estimate from that, how many Andrews there are likely to be alive in the U.S. at this time and it can show what their distribution of ages is. How about we compare that with Paul, for example? And here’s the result, pretty different profile in this particular case of these two names. Well there’s a lot we can do, so here’s another piece of math, for example. Asking about, what’s the chance to get 2 heads out of 10 coin flips? Let’s give Wolfram|Alpha a sequence, it can then go and figure out how that sequence could continue and what its mathematical formula could be. Well there’s all kinds of things that we can do, I mean, here’s a typical Wolfram|Alpha kind of thing. I’ll ask about the International Space Station and Wolfram|Alpha will get the updated orbital elements from a database, then solve the differential equations to work out where the ISS is right now, and the answer is, that it’s over the South Pacific, traveling at about 17000 mph and so on. And there’s lots of other details about the orbit that we can work out, if we want to. So what’s in Wolfram|Alpha? Well if you go to the Examples tab up here, you can see some of the general subject areas that Wolfram|Alpha covers. It’s already a very big system but right now we’re really just at the beginning, I mean, Wolfram|Alpha is really a long-term project. We’re trying to take as much of the worlds knowledge as possible and make it computable. Taking all the data and methods and models and algorithms that have been accumulated in our civilization and make them immediately computable so that anyone, anywhere can just go to the web and use all that knowledge to compute answers to their specific questions. I wasn’t sure Wolfram|Alpha was going to be possible at all, but we’re proud of where it’s got so far and we’re looking forward to everything that can be done with it now. I hope you’ll find good ways to incorporate Wolfram|Alpha, as it is today and as it grows in the future, into all sorts of things you do and perhaps that you’ll become part of the Wolfram|Alpha community, helping to use our technology to make the worlds knowledge computable for everyone. Thank you.

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Intro to WolframAlpha with Stephen Wolfram (Part Two)

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