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Angelo Interview

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Introduce yourself....... My name is Angelo Martin Fernandez Apolinario, I belong to an organization.... that the whole world knows, LKQN, the Latin King, I have been here aproximately 8 years, I was sheltered here when I lost my parents, and then my grandmother. I have been sheltered here until now, do you understand me? I am very grateful with all of the people that let me stay here. All of it was change. Just like I did, every one of us can; better ourselves and succeed. with our family, that we will form one day. And what I aspire the most, what I wish the most, is to be able to be able to leave the country, because I have no future here. This is what I aspire the most, wish the most, and what I ask God for. Why don't you tell me about your life, when you were submerged in violence,and all that stuff....? What inspired you to get out? I think that we all start like this, we have to stop all of this... the violence, a lot of things, that we have done from a long time ago when we were small. I am older, and I think that that is it. Understand? Why did you do those things? Because the truth is that we had no support from anybody, I thought that the organization was this or that, and things like that....... There are many people that may think miles of things, because in reality they are no here inside. If they were here inside, they would realize that it is way different. We are vey distinct, we are not like that. Why were you able to get out of the violence Because I believe that, like any teenager, one says,I made it here, and this is it. Because this is not for an entire life. When one is not young anymore, when we get to an older stage, in our maturity, it is about changing. Do you understand me? Tomorrow we will have our family, and we do not want them to go through what we as parents went through. Pefect, Thanks

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Posted by: global on Nov 10, 2008

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