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How to Renovate And Old, Patchy Lawn in a Weekend - Lawn Renovation DIY

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Hi, I'm Jason, Vice President of Western Turf and Hardscapes in Reno Nevada. Today, we're here in Sparks. We're going to be walking you step by step through a lawn renovation. So you can feel comfortable doing it yourself. Real quick, let's go over some problems with the lawn to know why we're here and what we're doing. So here we have a typical repair. We have an irrigation issue that the homeowner came in and put some new sod down. This is a-typical of the repair that we find where the irrigation is the problem but we put new grass down so we keep getting the same thing happening. So what we've done is we've hired a Nevada licensed contractor to come through and readjust all the sprinkler heads, make sure the control device timer is set, and we're ready to go. So that will not happen again. Here we have the only area of the lawn that wasn't dying, but this area was basically over watered. So we turned this down, so now we have healthy lawn here. In the center here we have another drought scenario. So we have very thin grass here, so that's why we had to overwater this because this always looked dry. Here, we had some branches that came out quite a bit This was an impediment to the sprinklers. We've trimmed those back. Tree still looks gorgeous. And we're ready to go So now that we've addressed all of our issues with this particular lawn, let's get started. So let's talk about the tools you're going to need. You're going to need a pick to help pull out the sod, dig around the sprinklers and around the concrete Sod knives are great, they're going to help you cut the sod. You will need a rake for moving the Double Mix. Shovels, couple different kinds are helpful. Also a sod cutter, super helpful. It's going to save you a lot of effort there. We rented this at a local rental yard. And then a fertilizer spreader is something you're going to need. You're going to need a fertilizer spreader anyway with your new lawn. So go buy a little one, something you can get down at the garden center. So for this project we've selected our Western Blue Derby. It's locally grown, drought tolerant. We're also going to be adding soil to this, a soil cap. It's sand and organic matter mixed together. That's going to allow us to put very minimal amount of water on this project. We're also going to be using our triple 15 an all purpose fertilizer that'll get us started on the right foot. The first thing we're going to do is mark our sprinklers. We're going to be using flags for that. and you can buy those at any home improvement center. Next, you're ready to cut the sod. You can use a sod cutter, or you can cut it by hand. Next, we have soil. We're using our Western Turf Double Mix. 2 yards per thousand square feet and that will ensure that we save a lot of money in the future on irrigation. Now that we've placed our soil, it's important that we evenly disperse it with a landscape rake. We do not want peaks and valleys. We want a nice uniform soil surface. Now it's time to lay your Western Blue Derby sod. It's important that you roll all the sod out in the same direction and that you stagger the seams to make sure the joints and seams are tight. Water the sod immediately after the installation. So, we cut the sod in, we watered it, and look, we're done. This might seem like a big job, but don't forget, we're here to help you. We'll walk you through this process. You can go to for all the products that you've seen here today or you can come down and see us in person at 465 Tacchino St. Thanks again for watching.

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Posted by: brianmann on Mar 27, 2018

Vice President Jason Perry walks you through the not-so-daunting task of renovating your own lawn. With the right tools, equipment rentals, and top-quality sod from Western Turf & Hardscapes, you can renovate your own lawn and save on contractor costs.

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