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La nanotecnologia y sus Peligros

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These are the tiny nanites cell size which exist molecular scale we will be able to create almost anything you can define objects tridimencionales molecules and produce Famed futurist Ray Kurzweil believes that nanotechnology will have a lot of relevance in the future We may also use nanotechnology within our bodies applying devices will be cell size when introduced into the body of DNA CORRECTED eliminate waste, destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and keep us healthy by stopping the aging but despite all the problems you can solve nanotechnology also pose a threat to our own existence the disadvantage is that nanotechnology can be cloned nanobots cells do, gather materials and create a copy of themselves and biology works disease and in fact have to do with information that go wrong bacteria, viruses, cancer cells are cloned and cause disease Well, we could have a non-biological disease if a nanobot is cloned a virus in the program or even a slight mutation could be that the nanobots will be cloned uncontrolled consuming the materials they need in the natural environment to make copies of themselves in just 10 hours, a nanobot unchecked could produce 68 billion billion as and continue to play until the only thing left on the planet are thousands and billions of nanobots as scientists do not know exactly how this new landscape would have given the name of Grey Goo nanobots run amok with bugs that devour the environment and everything in in less than two days may dominate the world then how could respond to an attack nanoscale robots? a rapid response system, which detects a destructive cloning of nanotechnology and clear as an immune system use biological defenses makes sense since nanotechnology is beginning to appear

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Posted by: lizeth_bj on Jul 14, 2014

Explica los peligros de esta nueva tecnología

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