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TEDxEutropolis - David Venter - Nelson Mandela, Negotiation and Conflict Management

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Good morning ladies and gentleman Im greatly honored to have the opportunitie to be with you and to share with you something of the experiences that i had spending ten years of my life in government and working very, very closely along a man who might think we do not celebrate often enough a man whose enigma who come once in a lifetime of a continent and that man is ninety three years old today, is a very frail old man, and i think not too very far from now, we will awake one morning and he will no longer be there i thought it opportune to use a occasion like this to pay tribute to the man who has the greatest influence on my life Nelson Mandela, who thaugth me that no matter how dark it is we can look beyond conflict and the destruction that it causes Hence i said, reconciliation or recrimination, and it probably needs a subtitle, wich is "beyond conflict" Mandela on occasions said "If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of this roads could be named, Goodness and Forgiveness" Ladies and gentleman, these are the words of a man who was incarcerated for 27 years in a 3 by 4 cell probably, if one is very healty, one third of your life and one would normally think that a person who suffered such inhuman treatment for a political ideal, would come out of prision and would ask for recrimination would say that I want now to punish those who inflicted hurt and indignity upon me. But this is where this man is so unique because he breaks the paradigm of victims become agressors I was very, very fortunate to be present the day when Nelson Mandela was released and i was there with the who is who of the international media and when he went to a square in Cape Town to deliver his first speech as a free man after 27 years I promised you that White South Africa hold his heart and said, now he will come and reclaim his dignity now, he would vent his anger, and when this man go on a podium and said "Never, never, never again in the history of this country, one man would be allowed to discriminate against another on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, belief" the whole of withe South Africa was speechless their expectations had been violated and all of the sudden, one man, one man with a solid belief took the heart out of conflict and anger, and told people that we can live together in love and in kindness for each other If we look up the word "Goodness" there are a few things that i would like to share with you and I'm going to put them all up there Optimism, Courage, Humility, Empathy and Respect We often ask, how do we get beyond with the world currently is, the world currently is a very, very sad place we've come through the whole Libyan crisis and we noticed that what very often happens is after revolutions the situation it's not necesarily better, it's sometimes even worse unfortunately the dreams (turn to waste??) we've seen the Syrian violence and we've seen the terrible consequences of this and once again, we see the same situation unfold that was in Rwanda when millions of people died. The world is a talk show, it doesn't do anything Nelson Mandela, on the other hand was willing to be a minority of one because he was optimistic, he believed despite 27 years of incarceration he saw like a Victor Frankl the meaning of suffering and mysery and he believed that one day he would leave a 3 by 4 cell an it will sail across the waters to mainland of South Africa, and to the borders of South Africa and to the world and would turn this prior state into an example of how people can live together and harvest the tremendous wealth of the diversity, he was a man who has unbelievably courage I know because I saw the inside workings of what happened he was offered freedom on numerous occasions many many years before he was released on conditions that you resign your political belief you go back to where you should live and then you will live there quietly and every time he uttered this profound words "Only free man can negotiate" "Only free man can negotiate" he hold to that, stick (fostly?), he had the courage, when he came out of prison his organization was still absolutely motivated for new struggle and he said No the road to the future is not a road of recrimination it is a road of reconciliation now we need to heal the wounds of the past now we need to build the bridges to span the divides that it deliberately been created by one of the most repugnant ideologies ever he was a man who has empathy in natural reaction, he should have rejected the Afrikaner and yet he embraced them he said, i can understand their fear i can understand their reluctance but it is only by showing my love for them that i will draw them towards me those of you have the privilege of seeing "invictus" would know the wisdom of this old man who was a man who did not seek honor and recognition but his soul to be (stoed??) on others had tremendous empathy he had respect for everyone, everyone it was a wonderful occasion, when he took one of the most righteous leaders of become president and invited to his office the media waited in anticipation off the woods to see how he will lecture this guy on the future of this country as he came out he put an arm around him and he said to the media, this is my fellow southafrican and a man stood next to him who said never ever would it be a black man to lead this country, the blood will flow the bodies will pile up and a man stood there proudly he said because he's my fellow south african But Mandela also have humour wich is a great quality of creative people and on that occasion, the media all pile on top of each other and people had step ladders so they could get good shots good photograps, and one guy fell in the fishpond and his fellow journalist break up laughing, ha ha ha, you baddie idiot and he land on the fish pond with his hassle camera which cost quite a few bucks and this old man with his sole back came down the stairs and everybody went quiet he put his hand on and he help the man out of the fish pond and he pick up his camera, and he said "i´m so sorry sir" and the media silently dissapear the man, Nelson Mandela, goodness Forgiveness, he had Kindness he had generosity and his kindness didn´t only happen in public fora it happen in the ordinary day to day life if we would do a trip with Nelson Mandela and everybody would stand at the bottom of the stairs so the dignitaries could leave there was not distinct of ignoring these ordinary people, he would come to everyone of them and he would know them by name and would thank them idividually it is this man kindness and generosity that today is increasingly written in the DNA of South Africa do not take note of the tempest in front elements ??? that you also have in your society, nobody would change those people that would always be with us but if you look at the majority, something has happened to them something dramatic has happened to them and to this old men, that is why he was given the Nobel Peace Price this is probably one of the most worthy receiptian ever of the Nobel Peace Prize he show respect, he wrote a moral code we always said that leaders should be role models role models for those who follow we live in a world where we are facing the greatest leadership drought ever this man came and taught us what leadership is how we transcend violence and hates to come to reconciliation on my last slide i have put Nelson up there because is the face i think that we never will forget if you want to make peace with your enemy you have to work with your enemy then it becomes your partner Now, this quotation i think its originally scribed to Moshe Dayan after the Six Day war the man with the patch over his eye but that happen with quotations, they often tend to be claimed by many different people the claim seems this will ??? on occasion i want to conclude, ladies and gentleman you know I'm always inspired by the following quotation and when my friend Haddam went down to write the book "Beyond this" at the end of it all we could utter a quotation from George Bernard Shaw who said it was a grand pee old Irish man but he wrote great things he said "you see things that are, and ask Why? I dream things that never were and ask Why not?" may we become whyers and not whynoters i thank you very very sicerely for the wonderful opportunitie to share a few moments with you on the life of a wonderful human being thank you very much

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TEDxEutropolis - David Venter - Nelson Mandela, Negotiation and Conflict Management

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