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Benedict T. Palen, Jr - Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to Climate Change

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In my youth we learned in school that it takes 500 years to built an interval topsoil but there are people who are doing it 5 hundred times faster than average and if this practices were adopted on a global scale, according to some estimates, it could offset all emissions We could begin draw down, like right now but we'd sacrifice agriculture productivity right? No, actually these methods could be as productive or more productive than chemical based agriculture, there's two things tho: that they do require, that represent a profound shift in our agricultural system and our entire society the first is that they are more labor intensive In the United States, approximately 1% of the population is directly engaged to farming that might have to go up 10% as it was in 1950, and maybe if you include gardens, maybe go up 50% And the other, is that in regenerative agriculture what works in one place may not work on another continent or even the next valley over the only way to make them work is to be patient, attentive, observer of that particular land so requires an ongoing internet relationship that is unique between the human interacting with that land and the land itself that does not fit into an industrial model the essence of industrialization is standardization that's what makes it efficient that's what allows a machine to do it in order to have a truly regenerative agricultural system we have to undo that way of thinking and that's another reason, why we be need more people in close relationship to the land.

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Posted by: benedicttpalenjr on Apr 13, 2020

Benedict T. Palen, Jr - Regenerative agricultural practices have enormous potential in stabilizing the climate. What will it take to implement these practices across the board?

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