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Good morning, I would like to interview you as my mother and ask you a few questions Sure Firstly, how was it like when you were growing up? Um, during my growing years we were more free and prone to interact directly with people animals and nature without the distraction of technology we will spend many simple and carefree days outdoors, exploring and frolicking in the gardens, village, paddy fields riverside, seaside,playing games of our imagination and creativity. Parents were not so immersed in work and gadgets, technology gadgets They will actually spend more time with us, um and we kids were allowed to move more independently actually sometimes cycle to a nearby grocery store to buy things for my mother without any incident and things were actually cheaper then about 10 times maybe a bowl of mee was about 5.. uh 50 cents and now is about 5 dollars OK, I remember school was more fun, not burdened with book, homework and tuitions. If you would change something in your life what would it be? I would change my career path, Uh I've always been interested in interior designing and would browse magazines or sketch designs as a hobby when I was younger. Uh, I would've pursued that course but uh many elders were advising against it as it was not considered to be a stable and uh can sustain a good living in our local environment. However, I think things have changed nowadays and it is actually making its mark in Malaysia and becoming a more established. What would you say are your dreams and fears? Um, having reached middle age my dreams have taken a turn, uh instead of pursuing my ambitions, career paths, I now look towards achieving higher spirituality. My dreams would be to gain in terms of inner peace well being and happiness as I head towards my sunset years. This will also provide platform for me to guide my family through various challenges and serve the community including the needy. My general fears are not unlike those of others regarding world calamities, terrorism, being stricken with medical conditions, insufficiency own children becoming wavered delinquents e.g. However, personally I have always feared 3 things which I view now in amusement. The first being the lightning which is understandable as it can be very dangerous The second is a certain animal which I myself cannot comprehend as to why the phobia exists but my reaction towards seeing it speaks volumes of my fear of that particular animal The third was acquired along the course of my life exams. Being a conscientious student often aiming to score in exams could be the reason for the development of this fear till this day I sometimes have nightmares relating to exams although i no longer need to sit for them What would be the challenges you have faced in your life and how did you overcome it? Challenges I have faced are mainly from schooling years up to now when I began shouldering responsibilities The obstacles come in various forms during school or working process of carrying out my duties, organizing events implementing projects, raising funds handling complicated issues and managing people I think people are actually not easy to handle apart from that raising a family sometimes pose challenges especially when kids are hyperactive, have behavioral and medical or schooling issues pet can also be an issue, it can be exhausting when we have to juggle with heavy work commitments or complications from time to time, there were financial struggles and I had to overcome that too In facing all these challenges it was crucial to have mental and physical strength as well as support from love ones My strong spiritual background help me to stay calm and composed enough to think and carry out the solutions to overcome these challenges What is the most important advice you have for me Very importantly I would advice that whatever you do do it mindfully this will go a long way in your daily life conducted in a proper and well behaved manner fortify yourself in facing and overcoming any challenges that you may have Thank you.

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