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Off The Pill - Weird People

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-Hey guys. So today I'm gonna talk about weird people. And I know what you're thinking, you're probably gonna be like, Oh, he's gonna talk about weird people and how they're so strange and how he hates them. Well, that is exactly wrong. I'm gonna be talking about why you should embrace it, kiss it, hug it, [bleep]

Yeah, I don't know why I got bleeped; all I said was... Love it... bi-- So like I was saying in the beginning, I'm gonna be talking about weird people. Growing up, I was always considered weird. I was the weird kid. Hey, guys, can I be your friend? -No way, you're weird, get away fat. -Okay. Everybody called me weird. And you know what? They were right. I am weird and I'm proud of it. Being weird means that you're unique, unlike you normal people. You know who else was weird? Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael Johnson,

Michael Buckley, Michael Wazowski from Monsters Inc. All Michaels are weird. Just kidding, but seriously. They're all weird because they're different. Normal people can't do what they do. Which is being awesome. So why is being weird such a bad thing? So what if I'm talking to a webcam in my room by myself when no one else is around? Hey guys, so today I'm gonna be talking about weird people. -What the f-- -So what if I imitate the sound of a unicorn betting tickled? [whinnying] So what if I talk to inanimate objects? Say, what's up, little lamp?

-Hey, Ryan. -How's it going? -Someday I wanna be big like you. -I thought you wanted to be like big lamp. -It's all right, he moved on. -I wanna have arms and legs... -But you're a lamp; that's never gonna happen. -Stop, don't say it. Let him dream. -Wait, what? -Yeah, don't say it, let him dream. -You're not even a lamp. -No, I'm a lamp. -You're not a lamp, silly, you're an iron. -Yeah, give it up, already man. -Wait, wasn't there one more of you? -Yeah, where's douche lamp? -Yeah, I'm totally hooking up with this outlet right now. -I need friends. Anyway, the point is being weird is not a bad thing. Because without weird people in the world, life's gonna be like vanilla ice cream without sprinkles. It's gonna be a like a sweet white blob that's all boring and melting all over people's hands, making everyone's hands sticky so that when they shake other people's hands, it's gonna be sticky as well. Before you know it, everybody's hands are gonna be sticky. And what happens when their hands are sticky? That's right, they're gonna be climbing all over the walls, and it's gonna be all because of you normal people. So unless you wanna live in a world with webs and spider-mans all over the place,

I suggest you stop being so normal, stop picking on the weird kids so the weird kids can be weird and embrace their weirdness--

I hate spiders! And remember, the next time somebody calls you weird, just say this: I got one word for you: thank you. [whinnys] Teehee! So unless-- so unless you wanna live in a world so unless you wanna live in a world where-- so unless-- so unless you wanna live in a world with-- Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Feb 2, 2011

From nigahiga: A world without weird people is like vanilla ice cream without the sprinkles..

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