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Change Blindness Video 2

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Temasek Poly's annual riddle competition Where we have contestants from all walks of life compete Today we'll have two wonderful contestants joining us which are Wan Ling and Geraldine! *claps* WL: Hello G: Hi! WL: You wanna go first? G: No, let's save the best for last Ok, so. A boy and his father has been exposed To a disease Sadly, the father rapidly develops a tumor and dies The boy survived, but desperately needs an operation and is rushed to the hospital A surgeon was called Upon entering the room and seeing the patient the surgeon exclaims, "oh no!" "I can't do the operation, that's my son!" How is that possible? How is that possible... the father is dead.. wait, let me think.. oh! maybe the father came back to life! that's a stupid response so how? the surgeon is the mother! judges: oh.. that was such a bad joke everyone knows the answer WL: But they don't? G: Okay except both of them... Okay time for my joke! Why was Desmond afraid of washing his hair? Who's Desmond? I don't know but have you met anyone that's afraid of washing his OWN hair? No one's afraid of washing his own hair.. Right?! So, why? Because DES-PA-CI-TO! get it? I think both of our contestants today were very BAD... VERY BAD.. But it's okay, before we jump to any conclusions let's have them say their final statements Okay, I can justify for my riddle My riddle actually has a deep meaning to it, it is showing gender inequality because when you think of surgeons, you don't think of females the both of you also think of males So.. its an educated riddle. Yeah, what about you? I just really like the song..? Personally I think that Wan Ling should be the winner for today because, she's the only contestant with moderately average IQ amongst all our contestants in this competition But, after thinking about it, and hearing it again, Geraldine's joke is kind of funny Like, DESPACITO, so, WOW! I don't even like the song She said she like the song not you Excuse me.. We're still here! Hi? So we have come to a mutual agreement.. And we believe that Wan Ling should be the winner! G: HUH WHAT? WL: Thank you! G: NO! I DESERVE IT I PRACTICED SO LONG FOR THIS EH I DESERVE TO BE THE WINNER, NOT HER Excuse me, the winner is here not her Okay, what are your thoughts about winning this I only want to thank my family and google.. NO

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