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The Pueblo Project is a grassroots organization that teaches natural material-based building skills with an emphasis on traditional techniques to women and youth in rural communities in Central America. When other people invite me to do work in their communities, I feel confident in my work because I have already done it in my community. Now, I am sharing it with others. We started off building a classroom with Liz. She has patiently taught us to build with cob, enzunchado, chorizo, and taquezal. It was very important because we learned a lot. It is very important for women to learn natural construction because if our houses are in bad condition, we can repair them ourselves. I really enjoyed the process, the practical work, and the new knowledge. I know now that not only men can work, but women can too. Natural construction is great when you don't have a big budget. It's not expensive, and you can find a lot of materials nearby. I've gained a lot of experience this way. My dream for my future in natural construction is to become a facilitator and teach internationally and nationally in any job related to construction. My life is not the same. When you don't know anything you feel like you are worth nothing, Now that I have more knowledge, I feel important to my community. Building a team of women builders in a culture where the women are expected to work within traditional roles is challenging. This community is special. The women I work with have shown lots of commitment and tenacity through great economic and social hurdles. I am very proud to be a woman builder. Lots of people are excited for me to come work on their homes. This is my dream: to keep learning, enrich my knowledge, and teach others so that they can have this experience, as well. We can teach others because now we have the knowledge in our minds, both theoretical and practical. This has been a very successful experience for me. It is my dream to keep moving forward.

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Posted by: akespada on Oct 13, 2017

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