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Carl Jung - Shadow projection

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If people observe their own unconcious tendencies in other people this is called a proyection political agitation in all contries is full of such proyection. just as much backyard gas of little groups of indivuals proyetions of all kinds and there's an additional disadvantage in proyecting our shadow if we identify our own shadow a part of our own personality remains in the opossing side the result is that we subconciously or involuntarily, do things behind our won backs that supports this other side and thus we should our enemy if in the contrary we realize that proyection can discuss matters without fear or hostility dealing with the other person's sensibely then theree's a chance of mutual understanding or at least of a truth weather the shadow becomes our friend or enemy depends largly upon ourselves the shadow is not necessarily always an oponent in fact he is excactly like any human being with whom one has to get alone sometimes by giving in sometimes by resisting sometimes by giing love whatever the situation requires the shodow becomes hostil only when he is ignored or misunderstood sometimes , though not often and individual feels impale to leave out the worse side of his nature and to represe his better side in such cases the shodow appear as a possitive figure in his dreams but to a person who lives out of his actual emotions and feelings the shadow might appear as a cold and negative intelectual it then personifies posones judgement and negative thoughts that has been held back so whatever form it takes the function of the shodow os to reepresent the opposite side of the ego and to embody just those quaalities ht one dislike most in other people it would be relatively easier of one could integrate the shodow into the concious personality just by attempting to be honest to one insights but unfortunately such an attemptdies not always work there is such a passionate drive within the shadow and part of oneself that reason may not prevail against it a better experience ocming from the outside may ocasionally help

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