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Student to Student

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Petersen Chem (Transfer Student) Just taking the first steps toward college, it was overwhelming, you know? But later on I just readjusted myself, and it got better each day. Hibo Sahal (Transfer Student): I came from Somalia, and I came here 4 years ago, and for me coming to college and not having confidence in my English -- I did speak a little bit of English but then I had to learn ESL in another college - it was really, really scary experience. I was really scared and excited at the same time. Julie Rowe (Technical Student): I think I felt a little bit disoriented at first because there was so much going on that I really didn't, wasn't aware of before. New buildings and all kinds of activities, I didn't know where anything was or who you talked to about anything. Narrator: It is a difficult decision, as these students can tell you. But the results are rewarding. Kathie Pham (SSCC Graduate): It has changed my direction of what I wanted to do. I came here as a Running Start student, and I got involved with student government here. And before, the reason why I decided to get a Business AA degree here was because my parents were like, 'You know what, you're good at speaking, why don't you do business,' and I didn't really think about what I wanted to do. Nigel Farr (Transfer Student, Pre-Dental): An education behind you puts you in a better situation to be your own boss, to be an entrepreneur, to be a businessman, a businesswoman, so I think that when you give yourself more opportunities, you know, the quality of life becomes better. Narrator: The decision to go to college is one of the most important of your life. Just ask Eduardo Munoz. Eduardo is the youngest of 9 siblings. As a Latino living in Boise, Idaho, he dropped out of high school, feeling like he didn't fit in. But he did fit in here, at South Seattle Community College - and took his first steps toward a successful and rewarding future. Eduardo Munoz (SSCC Graduate): You know, I really didn't know what I wanted out of school, and then also because I had just dropped out I was just really unsure of where I was or where I stood, as far as academics. But I knew that college was something that I wanted, and I knew that it was a way for me to be successful in my future. I know what it was like, and I've seen through my parents' lives... [teacher's voice] ...what a life of, you know, labor, can give you. You know, it can be a good life, but you know one of the things my parents always taught me was they came to the States so that way they can help give us an opportunity to go to school and to go to college. Narrator: Eduardo's sister was the first in the family to graduate from college. She inspired Eduardo to enroll at South. That decision transformed his life in many ways, just as it does for many who choose college. Eduardo Munoz Overall experience you know, just, college is a great time for growth in a person's life. It definitely teaches you to be more confident, and it teaches you to really understand the world beyond what you know from high school and beyond what you know locally. It really helps you understand just the way things work. Narrator: Eduardo isn't alone. There are many students who, like Eduardo, find success at South. Student I'm from Colombia, and I am 45. Student I'm 38. Student I'm 27. Narrator: South reaches even those much younger, even high school students. Leanna Patricio (SSCC Graduate): As I graduated from Cleveland High School, I also graduated from South Seattle with my AA degree so I could transfer to a University. [ teacher's voice ] Narrator: Students from all backgrounds and of all ages are attracted to community college. Extensive academic programs are available to support your decision to transfer to a four year university or college. Technical programs like Aviation Maintenance Technology, Auto-body Collision Repair, Wine-making and Culinary Arts are offered at many colleges and offer valuable training. Your experience at South Seattle Community College can give you what you need to continue your education or start your new and rewarding career. And regardless of the path you take, you won't walk alone. At every step you will find the support you need to reach your goals. Transition Day offers English as a Second Language (or ESL) students and basic studies students in-depth lectures and discussions to help them better transition into college programs and succeed at college life. Support services for students take many forms. Hibo Sahal: Yeah, the instructors at South are always available to you. Like, if you email them, they will reply to your email right away. Or, let's say you see them inside the campus, you can stop, they will stop for you and they will talk to you even if they are on their way to somewhere else. So, I think they are very, like, supportive. Julie Rowe: In my experience, most of the instructors here and especially in technical education which I am in, they have been so generous with their time. And if you have a question, or you don't understand something, if you ask them - most of the time, most of them will go above and beyond what you could ever expect. Narrator: Every student here will tell you, you will have to work hard, you'll face challenges, but the support is here to help you grow academically and personally. George Embry (1st Year Student): At first, you know, you expect it to come to you, but really you do have to go out there and look for it yourself. Narrator: Those who get a college degree can increase their earning potential by an estimated 85-percent over those who only complete high school. Access to better and more exciting jobs also increases, as does your value to potential employers and your confidence in yourself. Eduardo is well on his way to achieving his goals. While at South, he became involved in student government. He had his struggles, even stopped school a few times, but he kept coming back. With the support at South, he persevered. Eduardo discovered the school's art and design courses - and is now pursuing his degree in Interior Design at Washington State University. Eduardo Munoz: Don't be afraid of college. Anybody can do it. Narrator: He's right. Anybody can do it. Students from all walks of life, from many nations and with any number of challenges have been right where you are now, at a point where they needed to make the same decisions you are about to make. Christian Pooi (Aviation Student): Don't wait, and don't let anyone, anyone, it doesn't matter who, tell you what you can do and what you cannot do. Because the only person that's going to stop you from accomplishing the goals that you set in life is yourself. Olga Garces (Transfer Student): I am able to communicate with people better. And I think I said, it's like I told a few minutes ago, the power of knowledge - to understand a second language - gives you a lot of self-confidence and more opportunities. I am very happy. DeShawn Harding (Automotive Student): ...learning is never going to go anywhere and that's the only thing that can make you better as a person, spiritually, emotionally is just to learn everything you can. Latu Telefoni (Aviation Student): Everything is possible and not only that, is never give up easily. Nigel Farr: Don't wait. Get off the couch, get up from in front of the TV, stop making the excuses and just do it. Narrator: Community College students say with the classes, resources and support you'll find here --you can do it! Student: I have learned that I can overcome my fears. For me, this is the best decision I ever made, going to college, because it will open up to many doors, many opportunities later on in the future. You'll have a better future and a better life.

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Unsure if college is right for you? Hear from other students reasons why going to college is a good decision. Making Achievement Possible (MAP) Video Series: MAP is a college success video series designed to help students, potential students, and their families learn to navigate the college system and gain the skills necessary for academic success. MAP consists of sixteen short videos, each with curricular materials for instructional use. All videos were funded by a Department of Education/AANAPISI grant to South Seattle Community College. More information is available at

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